Items Israel Prohibits from Gaza

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I was interested to see what sort of things Israel prohibits from entering Gaza.

Sage, cardamom, cumin, coriander, ginger and nutmeg are forbidden, as is  fresh meat, although za’atar spice, black pepper and sesame are permitted.  Frozen meat is also allowed, along with flour, sugar, rice,  pasta and kidney beans.

This security measure,  presumably, is designed to prevent the pesky Palestinians from rustling up this tasty meal.  I didn’t realise how much of a threat curry recipes posed to the Israeli authorities.

If you live in Gaza, not only are you prevented from enjoying a  terrorist beef curry, but after your permitted dinner of frozen meat, pasta, rice, semolina and lentils you can’t have biscuits, sweets or chocolate, for these too are forbidden.

Why? I suppose it’s because chocolate, sweets, biscuits and crisps are highly explosive and can be mixed together to make rocket propellant.  For many years, NASA has used chocolate and biscuits to power the space shuttle, and Hamas know this perfectly well.

The also know how to make a fruit-preserve bomb, using seeds, nuts, dried fruit and jam.  When combined with flavour- and smell-enhancers, this is a deadly explosive mixture, known to terrorists everywhere, which is why Israel has banned these foods from Gaza.  The deadly chemical, vinegar, is used as a detonator.

Of course, terrorists can’t build rockets and bombs without houses, and this is why Israel has wisely pursued a two-pronged approach, flattening Gaza in Operation Cast Lead, and preventing the import of plaster,  tar,  timber,  cement,  iron and tarpaulin sheets for huts.  You can’t have a million potential terrorists putting roofs over their heads.

Who knows what sort of jam rockets they might build out of sight of the satellites?

Apart from that, there a a few other well-known terrorist things that Israel has banned from Gaza.

Things like fabric for clothing,  fishing rods, fishing nets, tractor parts and irrigation systems.  Things like razors, sewing machines, horses, donkeys, goats and cattle. Things like paper writing, newspapers, pens and pencils, notebooks and toys.

And musical instruments.  You never know what those Palestinians might do if they got their hands on a guitar.  Can’t be too careful when dealing with terrorists, but of course, the real worry is that they might somehow manage to acquire Soviet-built attack accordions.

Imagine what would happen if all these items were allowed into Gaza.  It’s perfectly possible that Palestinian terrorists would form a cavalry regiment and charge the Israeli forces on their horses, donkeys, goats and cattle with razors and pencils tied to the end of their fishing rods while playing banjos and firing chocolate-powered biscuit-bombs.

When you look at it this way, you can see the logic of the prohibitions.  Can’t you?






cooking oil






kidney beans



Burgul wheat


lupini beans

powdered milk

dairy products


hummus paste

frozen meat, fish, and vegetables

vitamins and oil for animal feed

empty bags for flour

medicine and medical equipment


feminine hygiene products

toilet paper

baby wipes

shampoo & conditioner



laundry detergent

fabric softener

glass cleaner

floor cleaning fluid

cleaning liquid for bathroom


insecticide for household use

farms coffee


salami meat

canned meat

canned fish

sponges for cleaning dishes

toys for washing

mopping rags

cleaning rags

canned food except canned fruit

za’atar spice

black pepper


powdered chicken stock








trash cans




wastewater purification powder

glass – 200 trucks

water coolers + heaters

mineral water

Tahini (sesame paste)

hair brushes

hair combs



wood (for doors and window frames)


soft plastic bags




fertilized eggs

pesticides for agriculture

soil for agriculture

particles for soil dilution

chemical fertilizer

plastic buckets

plastic crates for fruits and vegetables

plastic chicken cages

egg cartons

cartons for transporting chicks

fiberglass and plastic trays for planting

various kinds of agricultural seeds

eggs (for eating)

greenhouse nylon

various kinds of veterinary medications and products



animal feed











fruit preserves

seeds and nuts

biscuits and sweets

potato chips

gas for soft drinks

dried fruit

fresh meat



wood for construction




industrial salt

plastic/glass/metal containers

industrial margarine

tarpaulin sheets for huts

fabric (for clothing)

flavor and smell enhancers

fishing rods

various fishing nets


ropes for fishing

nylon nets for greenhouses

hatcheries and spare parts for hatcheries

spare parts for tractors

dairies for cowsheds

irrigation pipe systems

ropes to tie greenhouses

planters for saplings

heaters for chicken farms

musical instruments

size A4 paper

writing implements





sewing machines and spare parts







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    Very interesting to see that they allow chlorine along with various cleaning products. Very interesting indeed.


    Hanin Zoabi. Look up this guy. He was making a curry on the ship I presume – member of the Israeli Knesset who was on board apparently and has ‘spilled the beans’ brave man.


    especially as she is a WOMAN duh!


    Do you mean Hanin Zoabi, the MK from Nazareth?

    She is most certainly not a guy.


    @Irate Chemist

    “Very interesting to see that they allow chlorine along with various cleaning products. Very interesting indeed.”

    Indeed. I seem to remember from my schooldays that Chlorine compounds are very volatile in the presence of certain commonly-available hydrocarbon compounds. Ideal basic ingredients for an IED, in fact. So much better than chocolate or nutmeg. What do you say?


    I don’t know what to say, it’s baffling. It is a highly reactive gas, a strong oxidant. It is very versatile and can be used in many simple ways to make a weapon. Or you could do nothing at all and use it as is, chlorine gas was used by the Germans in WWI, it leads to hydrochloric acid to form and build up in the lungs.
    Its almost like they were denying people simple luxuries.


    The point of the blockade is not just military, it is to prevent economic development and overthrow Hamas. Obviously, spices have no military significance. The point was summed up by one politician: ‘No humanitarian crisis, no economic development’, or something like that.


    Right. That would explain why no pens, pencils or paper for schools are permitted.


    that’s quite a list. Good work Bock! As far as I recall from my days as a conscript, sugar, cooking oil and manure makes great poor-mans-napalm.


    You are some tit. Do you know how many innocent people Hamas have killed. Go get some education before putting forward your ill-informed opinion.


    Don’t worry, the United Nations will sort this out.*



    A few years back when the brave freedom fighters of Hamas took over the Strip, democratically some say, they (as reported) shelled a girls school. They quite properly leveled the beastly building, going forward. There was no particular reason for this, unless you subscribe to that fine gentleman Mr. Sharia and his 11th (whatever) century idiosyncrasies. And least you get the impression that this is another anti Mr. Sharia rant, he did ban women from driving. Such was his foresight, operating as he was under the auspices of the equally great prophet Mohammed, who leveled Smokin’ Joe approaching the final bell of their epic trilogy, that he actually banned birds from sitting behind the steering wheel of an internal combustion engine one million years it was invented, anticipating as he did, going forward, that Henry Ford would mass producte the Thin Lizzy. Anyway, the boys were back in town and there was no need for pencils, for girls anyway. Why would you need pencils for females anyway, seeing as there were no girls schools, unlike those Godless schools across the border


    Lucky nobody here is supporting Hamas then.



    I’m a tit too. I was hoping to get educated by media broadcasts from the ships that were boarded, but the signals were jammed. In the end, all I could get were IDF broadcasts of poor Israeli commandos being terrorised by tofu and hemp blankets. Disproportionate? David and Goliath my arse.


    Let’s not call a spade a piece of soil displacement technology.

    The blockade of Gaza is an arbitrary punishment of an entire population for voting for Hamas, and as such a war crime under the Geneva convention. It has lead to death through malnutrition, lack of medical supplies, and lack of shelter.

    Hamas are a vicious, misogynistic, murderous bunch of tools, locked into a fiction of Islamic purity invented in the late 19 and early 20C. However, they have been very useful to the (currently in power) section of the Israeli elite, whose end game is the expulsion of all non-Jews from what they see as greater Israel. They serve the function of dividing the Palestinian government into (at least) two warring parties. If Hamas did not exist, the ruling right-wing elite in Israel would have to invent them.

    So both parties, the Israeli and the Palestinian, have elected governments deeply inimical to their future prospects. Similar political processes have happened close to home here, and are the result of refusal to negotiate and a zero-sum game mentality.


    I nearly choked on my cup of tea yesterday evening when on the News
    our great leader threatened to declare war on Israel.
    Call up the FCA and get the cruise ship back from South America.
    I’m still laughing.


    Why didn’t Brian Clown pose a more meaningful threat? All he need to do is offer his help and assistance with the pesky armada. Maybe some “going forward” advice. That might worry them.


    Further testimony from the filmmaker Iara Lee:

    “We expected them to shoot people in the legs, to shoot in the air, just to scare people, but they were direct,” she said, in a separate interview with the Folha de São Paulo newspaper. “Some of them shot in the passengers’ heads. Many people were murdered – it was unimaginable.”

    And the Wallender creator, Henning Mankel’s (also subjected to piracy and kidnapping in international waters) conclusions:

    “I think we should use the experience of South Africa, where we know that the sanctions had a great impact. It took time, but they had an impact.”

    [Source: Guardian online]


    ‘Brain’ Bankersbitch Cowen can take several effective actions:

    1. Make sure the Irish Defence Forces don’t buy 10 million rounds of ammunition from an Israeli firm.
    2. Break off diplomatic relations with Israel
    3. Press for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement

    But, instead he will make pathetic shapes.


    On the dance floor?


    Well Bock,

    as Dov Weisglass, former adviser to Ehud Barak put it: “the idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger*” so it’s collective punishment for not toeing the Israeli line.


    And apparently, the list of prohibited changes arbitrarily so what is “permitted” one day may not be permitted the next day.

    *I wonder did any Gauleiter in Warsaw say anything similar about putting the Jews stuck in the ghetto on a diet?



    Don’t cross the line into Godwin’s law (look it up) territory with this lot! It’s counterproductive. To quote the man himself:

    It is precisely because such a comparison or reference may sometimes be appropriate, Godwin has argued that overuse of Nazi and Hitler comparisons should be avoided, because it robs the valid comparisons of their impact.


    In general I’d like to avoid Nazi references, because, as Godwin says, they weaken the argument even if they happen to be appropriate.

    Sometimes, unfortunately, the Gaza situation has historical resonances. Where 1.5 million people are confined in a small area with inadequate food and sanitation, surrounded by walls and soldiers, it’s hard to find neutral words to describe it .



    Do you know how many innocent people the Israeli government has killed? Share you education with us why don’t you?
    Let’s try Operation Cast Lead – Israelis killed 13, Palestinians killed over 1,100.
    Now the Israeli Foreign Ministry calculates that “1,188 people have been killed by Palestinian violence and terrorism since September 2000.”
    So for your stance to be correct, Israeli forces must have killed very few Palestinians outside of Operation Cast Lead in that timeframe – is that what you believe? Or are you a tit with an ill-formed opinion?


    Willy o dea expects to be called in to command the invasion of Israel.
    That really would scare the IDF.
    General Willy with a gun would bother me
    If he can’t find the gun he had in the photo he might be able to get a loan of some not being used in Limerick at the moment.
    In a time of crisis steady hands are needed on the levers of power.


    Of course everybody knows Pencils and paper are “weapons of mass destruction” . Education gives too much freedom. Israel can not be expected to tolerate that now can they?


    For me it all boils down to the question of how bad the humanitarian crisis is. The Palestinians say it is dire, the Israelis say there is no crisis. I am not willing to believe either just because they say it. I want hard evidence and facts, not biased rantings. The Israelis are entitled to blockade Gaza give that Hamas controls it, but they are obviously not entitled to starve the people. Again, I want some hard facts.

    As for the siege itself. I want it to end. But really, anyone, please, is there any point if it just triggers a war 3 months down the line when Hamas has rearmed.



    Boycott all Israeli produce in the shops – Hit them where it hurts, their pockets.


    GW — Will you believe John Ging of UNRWA when he says the situation is desperate?



    It depends on what John Ging (whom I think is a great Irishman) means by desperate. The situation in Moy Ross is desperate but it’s not a humanitarian crisis. If there is not a humanitarian crisis in Gaza then I don’t see the point in ending the policy of preventing Gaza from developing economically if it just leads to a renewed conflict. The ending of the siege on those terms would be a great victory for the flotilla organisers but would do nothing for the people of Gaza. Ending the siege in the context of a wider agreement is what we should be hoping for.



    I think a lack of water, lack of sanitation, lack of shelter and shortage of food as Ging describes is a pretty desperate situation.

    If you don’t think so, maybe we should just leave it at that. Obviously we’re not working off the same baseline.

    Here is what the UN’s Goldstone Report said about the blockade before the Israeli military assault of last year made things even worse for ordinary Palestinians:

    the policy of blockade that preceded the operations … amounts to collective punishment intentionally inflicted by the Government of Israel on the people of the Gaza Strip. When the operations began, the Gaza Strip had been under a severe regime of closures and restrictions on the movement of people, goods and services for almost three years. This included basic necessities of life, such as food and medical supplies, and products required for the conduct of daily life, such as fuel, electricity, school items, and repair and construction material. These measures were imposed by Israel purportedly to isolate and weaken Hamas after its electoral victory in view of the perceived continuing threat to Israel’s security that it represented. Their effect was compounded by the withholding of financial and other assistance by some donors on similar grounds. Adding hardship to the already difficult situation in the Gaza Strip, the effects of the prolonged blockade did not spare any aspect of the life of Gazans. Prior to the military operation, the Gaza economy had been depleted, the health sector beleaguered, the population had been made dependent on humanitarian assistance for survival and the conduct of daily life. Men, women and children were psychologically suffering from long-standing poverty, insecurity and
    violence, and enforced confinement in a heavily overcrowded territory. The dignity of the people of Gaza had been severely eroded. This was the situation in the Gaza Strip when the Israeli armed forces launched their offensive in December 2008. The military operations and the manner in which they were conducted considerably exacerbated the aforementioned effects of the blockade. The result, in a very short time, was unprecedented long-term damage both to the people and to their development and recovery prospects.

    On the other hand, maybe Mr Justice Goldstone is just another lefty, pinko, liberal, self-hating Jew.


    There are hundreds of aid workers in the flotilla.
    What are hundreds of aid workers needed for and why did they choose this way to travel?
    Can’t have been the cheapest way.


    John: If you are interested, 50,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israel since the War of Independence. Around 25,000 Israelis have died in the Arab-Israeli conflict (military and victims of terror, not including civilian victims of military forces). The casualties are remarkably low compared to other conflicts of a similar nature, for various reasons. Though in terms of symbolism, this particular conflict means a lot more. Many Jews were also killed in the Mandate era by Arab mobs led by people like the Mufti, the notorious Nazi collaborator. I would put the figure at a couple of thousand, but its hard to know for sure. The main Jewish militia, the Haganah, followed a policy of restraint. Many members of the Irgun, a much smaller force, did not and responded with sporadic attacks, but the casualties those days were overwhelmingly Jewish.


    Christian they are most likely communist, nazi, Jew hating people with a suicidal death wish. At least this would be Israel’s stance.


    While the UN Security Council has expressed its hope for the economic blockade to end, it supports the existence and further strengthening of the military blockade. Which means boats like the Mavi Marmara would still have to be searched and barred from sailing into Gaza anyway, as I said on another post.


    T.S.W. I wonder has it occurred to you that your defence of the this act of piracy on the high seas makes you no friend of Israel? The world is united in condemnation . Even your “big brother” America it seems is having second thoughts .


    Israel should have been given Germany in the first place. However the facts are they weren’t, in 1948 all the Raghead nations left Palestinine to be a martyr and everytime they fire missiles into Israel during peace talks and get twice as much violence back well I say let them be martyrs. Hamas are terrorists and the people side with them and hide them. I’ve lived with that kind of crap for too long in Northern Ireland and while I don’t agree with Mad Dog Israel we fight a common enemy so go deity killers!


    Damn right. Down with Provos, loyalists, Hamas and IDF killers!


    Israel can do what it likes, whatever it likes, whenever it likes,because the ‘Man’ says so.How do you stand up to the ‘Man’?


    My take on The ‘man’. He needs our stupidity, plus there is only one of him. The ‘man’ depends on us accepting things without question on a whole range of issues, and the ‘man’ expects us to look to authorities instead of doing things on an individual scale (eg, what we buy and how informed we are about events from a range of sources).
    If you did want to boycott Israeli goods apparently the country of origin on goods is shown up in the barcode – Israel is 729. But its not that simple either, many of the major corporations fund Israel, so, even buying from smaller places eg not a certain major Israeli owned supermarket, would make a massive difference if enough people did it.


    Where did you find the list? I’m looking for a primary source for it if you have one. Thanks!


    Of course I should have mentioned the source. Apologies. It’s the Israeli human-rights group Gisha who are currently pursuing a case in the Israeli courts to force the government to disclose the full list.

    The list here is only a partial one. Other items are also banned.

    You’ll be glad to know that shoes are now allowed into Gaza having been declassified as dual-use items capable of military application.


    Here is a poem writing by Richard Tillinghast, a poet who lives in Co. Tipp
    about what is allowed and not.


    Just when you think the poetry of pro-Palestinian activists can’t get any schmaltzier…


    Unlike the high art of the song you sent us that sneered at Palestinian hunger?


    That was a piss-take like the countless YouTube popular song spoofs. The other man fancies himself as a poet.


    That was the people of a swaggering power laughing at those they dominate. Blockheads.


    What is WRONG with us? When are we going to become independent of Israel?

    How has such a puny, insignificant excuse of a country with an addiction for atrocities managed to hijack our foreign policy? When are we going to grow a pair? This parasite—and make no mistake of it, Israel is America’s tapeworm—habitually spies on us, has killed Americans, siphons billions of dollars from us, spits in our faces, has attacked out navy (remember the USS Liberty?) and its admirers keep harping that Israel is our friend. It wouldn’t last two minutes without sucking us dry.

    And the worst part are all the traitors in this country that would put that country’s benefit over ours; no matter what atrocities the Israelis commit, they find some justification for those atrocities—usually by blaming the victims. Or, when all else fails, they bring forth their precious Holocaust.

    I’m sick of it, and I’m ashamed of it. If you have any doubts that Isael controls our country, either directly, or indirectly, I challenge you to find a magazine article, a newspaper article, a TV news item or a Hollywood film that condemns Israel, or takes a compassionate view of the Palestinian victims.

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