Pictures of weapons found aboard the Mavi Marmara

I visited the Flickr page of the Israeli Foreign Ministry and downloaded these pictures of the weapons found aboard theMavi Marmara.

It’s a nasty-looking collection for sure and it explains why the Israeli commandos were so afraid for their lives.

For example, here’s a slingshot with the word Hizbullah written on it in English by somebody.  If you turned the other one over, it might say Down with Israel, Signed, the Terrorists.

Pretty damning, wouldn’t you say?  But not as damning as this maniac who speaks in white lettering printed on a photo.  Imagine if this guy ran up to you screaming.

Hold on a minute till I get my glasses.   Could you shout in a bigger font?

Then of course, there’s this very evil-looking guy with a forty-thieves knife, who kindly posed for the Israeli commando-photographer in front of a group of  clapping people.


Very evil and menacing, these Islamic types.

Here’s a picture of rioters initiating confrontation with soldiers who just happen to be innocently boarding the ship while armed with M16s and tear gas.  As with all rioters, this bunch are walking around the deck of their own ship in a clearly provocative manner, asking to be shot.

Apart from the Hizbullah slingshots, the rioters are armed with deadly bullet-proof vests.  They  try to kill the Israeli soldiers by wearing gas-masks and staring at them viciously through night-vision binoculars.



The terrorists are also armed with a deadly angle-grinder, which is an ideal weapon against soldiers when carried into battle along with a generator.  As the Israeli foreign ministry points out, the angle-grinder weapon was also used for cutting bits off the ship to attack the peace-loving soldiers.

Now that’s cunning.  The ship is really nothing more than a collection of iron bars welded together and ready to beat IDF personnel with.

Apart from that, the rioters had offensive Islamic, peace-hating pepper spray, quite unlike the calming, soothing tear-gas carried by the soldiers. As a further act of aggression, the terrorists provocatively left the spray cans in their wrappers, forcing the Israeli soldiers to shoot them.

This is true evil, but there’s worse.  The 600 anti-Israel terrorists also brought a clasp-knife with blood on it …

… and most tellingly of all, a collection of fire axes.  These terrorists came well prepared to fight the Israeli defence forces who are no match for  sling-shots, pepper spray, angle grinders, binoculars and axes.

Anyway, who ever heard of fire axes on a ship? Let’s get real.  I know international laws insist on ships carrying axes, but who obeys international laws?

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I browesed Flickr pictures as well, incl. the ones where some photo-wizz-kids found out that most of the pictures were already taken by Israeli officials in 2003 or later, but certainly before 2010. Too lazy to find the link right now.

Anyway. I don’t always agree with you, Bock, on some levels, and I think that your responses to some posts are sometimes a bit dismissive and patronizing, on others too soft.
But I admire your more or less subtle and intelligent persistence in pointing out and making clear what you believe in. And brilliantly phrased, which I respect even more. The best of campaigning. Really.
Enough fawning? :-)

There should be a BUT, but it got lost. Probably there was none.

As you might have figured out, if you are inclined to do so, I completely agree with your opinion on Gaza/Israel. Including Lebanon, where I have friends and where a close (German) friend used to live during Israeli attacks.

It’s one thing I appreciate in Ireland that there is no historical confinement to critisize Israel and her spins.

Thanks for that.

Coming back to the pictures above:
By now I’ve read and heard several testimonies from international participants on this fateful aid-flotilla and from friends in several middle-eastern countries.
It’s all bollocks what the Israelis try to spin.
But waht’s new?

Did they win a battle once with a small lad with a sling shot? no wonder it put the wind up them.

Carrig — I’ll have to hire somebody to edit my comments. Would you like a job?

The Israelis used to be masters of spin, but their performance in this debacle has been ham-fisted and amateurish. Perhaps they just think we’re all idiots.

The latest cock-up has been the IDF editing their own video to insert cartoon extremist voices shouting in American accents about Auschwitz. They forgot that the original video was already out there.

They have no credibility now.

De Fan — You’re right. They beat the Phlistines’ champion with a slingshot and an angle grinder.

Bock said- “Carrig — I’ll have to hire somebody to edit my comments. Would you like a job?”

Ehm, I didn’t want to edit you, I just wanted to contribute opinion? My own opinion? If that’s okay?

Or maybe we are not on the same sarcastic wavelength?

Anyway. We at least agree, methinks hopefully, that the Israelis learned a lot from Goebbels and propaganda.
There, I said it.
And don’t regret it.

Bock, are you suggesting a hired hand to reply on your behalf? I’d like to see someone try imitate you.
and well it wouldn’t be the same without a reply from Bock on Bock the robber now would it.. a blunt reply at that..

Lovely altogether thank god.. Great rugby match.. long weekend. What more could ya ask for.
I say feck Israel, feck the politicians.. and before anyone tells me I shouldn’t be so flippant.. bite me.

Definitely softer.. never thought I’d get a ‘bless and save you’ from Bock!! Now I’m thinking it’s a hired hand.. :)

Muhahaha.. the softer Block…Don’t. Please. – T’was a bit windy, though, on this lovely day…
Don’t escape to Irish weather small talk, dear.
Bock said: “The Israelis used to be masters of spin, but their performance in this debacle has been ham-fisted and amateurish. Perhaps they just think we’re all idiots.”

I think almost all of their actions were quite amateurish, some way or another. It’s just another spin that Israel’s army and the Mossad are invincible.
Their actions are more often than not obvious, just to prove a point. But not really intelligent, if you analyze them.

And yes, I think they consider the rest of the world idiots.
But they are past their time. The world changed, but Israel still thinks they are the Chosen Ones.
Always a sign for a painfull downfall sooner or later.

Something in the form of knives and so forth. Pathetic really, but not exactly Ghandian either.

True. And in light of the recently-exposed nonsense from the IDF, not exactly connected with the ship either, except by the word of liars.

What’s crazy about these photos, other than the fact that they’re FAKE, is also that the man carrying the “forty thieves” knife is also a Yemeni who was on board this ship. Yemenis carry these knives every day in their belts, every man does it. They are a fashion statement and a symbol of Yemeni culture, meaning that this photo could’ve been taken anywhere, as the man most likely carries his “jambiyya” with him every day.

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