Senator Ivor Callely and His Expenses

Ivor Callely is not a public representative.

Can we get that clear now?  He’s a political appointee of Bertie Ahern after the electorate kicked him out in 2007.  They couldn’t stand the overbearing, self-important little twat any more, so he tried to win one of the rigged Senate seats instead.  Even that didn’t work, so he turned to Bert for a dig-out and ended up in the Senate, as a Taoiseach’s nominee,  that safety net for political failures, bozos, arseholes and general gobaloons such as himself.

Despite Bertie’s gift of the Senate, Ivor was so emotionally shattered that he moved his domicile  to West Cork, as far away from his Dublin base as he could find, and sought solace on his yacht.  It was just too painful to continue living in Clontarf after his rejection.

I know, Ivor.  I know.  Cry if you like.  You’re among friends.  Rejection is hard.

And even his appointment to the Senate by Bert didn’t assuage his emotional heartbreak, as Ivor continued to commute from his remote Cork eyrie to the Senate to carry out his vital  work representing no-one.  And of course to keep up his constituency office, even though he didn’t have a constituency any more, but Ivor wouldn’t be the first one to carry on a dead relationship when all his friends know it’s over.

It’s over, Ivor.  Stop buying a take-away for two.  Get on with your life.

Ivor Callely was elected by nobody and represents nobody except Ahern, the worst prime minister this country has ever seen.  He does nothing.  He achieves nothing.  He represents nobody.  Ivor, like most of his Fianna Fáil colleagues, has no qualifications in anything at all.

He simply collects his salary and expenses, which is hardly surprising for an appointee of Bertie but I suppose we should be grateful  for small mercies.  At least his salary isn’t thrown off the back of a speeding motorbike, and his expenses are in one currency.

God bless that public salary.  It permitted Ivor to buy his holiday home in Clontarf and his fine house in West Cork where he lives all the time, except when he attends his constituency clinics in Dublin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

And that public salary, God bless it, allowed Ivor somehow to scrape together the money for his yacht.  Isn’t it a pity that  the young ladies Ivor chose to entertain on his publicly-funded yacht didn’t have a better grasp of the control knobs?  So to speak.

Sensible old Ivor, finally getting dressed in a kimono instead of that embarrassing little towel, and admitting to the Sherkin Gardai that it was indeed his yacht that had damaged the boat belonging to George and Imelda Barry, even though he might not have been at the helm, so to speak.

Ivor, as everyone knows, lives in North Dublin, but he’s been claiming travel expenses from his holiday home on the most westerly tip of West Cork, and of course, it’s only human nature, if the system permits it, to maximise one’s return.  No?


Not when you’re a member of the ruling political party that has imposed savage cuts on the taxpayer and the public sector.

Here’s an extract from Ivor Callely’s statement to the Seanad regarding his €80,000 expenses.

I have always indicated that I have a West Cork residence, a Clontarf home and a Constituency Office in Dublin North Central and travel from all three depending on circumstances to fulfil my Seanad duties. I understand that I have complied with the regulations.

Read that again now.

A constituency office, did he say?

A constituency?

Folks, Ivor doesn’t have a constituency, so why would he need a constituency office?  He’s not a member of the Dáil.  He doesn’t have a constituency, and therefore he doesn’t have a constituency office. He’s a Senator, like all the  other useless Bertie-appointed placeholders.

He has a home in Dublin and a holiday cottage in Cork.  He lives in Dublin as his own website confirms:

Married to Jennifer, they have three children.  He was educated and continues to live in Dublin North Central.

Ivor, you fucking eejit, you don’t live in Cork.  You live in Dublin.  Give back the money and quit, you miserable git.

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“It’s over, Ivor. Stop buying a take-away for two. Get on with your life.” LOL
Bock it doesn’t matter how many take outs they buy.. it’s on us sur!

I remember calculating the average expenses from the figures you posted recently of the top ten highest senator expense claims and it worked out to €1,500 a week average just for expenses.. we are a generous bunch on this little Island. Great work if you can get it! Paid to show up to work – I mean to do nout.
He probably drives a Mercedes too, synonymous with crooks and drug lords in third world countries I heard someone say on Vincent Brown last night.

Belonging as I do to the simple minded peasantry I would have difficulty understanding why this person is not simply jailed for larceny, theft or embezzlement.
People, under financial strain, are being jailed for not being able to pay monies on foot of court orders. WHile this is happening these people are being found to have very obviously stole from the taxpayer.

Lynch mob anyone?

Expenses in the normal course of employment make sense. If an employee has to spend money going to different jobs, they should be reimbursed. However, I suspect these boys were treating it differently.

Expenses for travel and overnight stays are one thing, did they ever hear of car pooling? Getting a daily attendance allowance is a bit ott in this day and age. Bertie put in for approx €2k last month alone and he only lives a puck of a ball away in Drumcundra. If I was getting €80k in expenses like Ivor my salary would be banked and remain untouched. Such rewards for such a lack of talent.

“No stranger to controversy, Mr Callely lost his post as a junior transport minister in 2005 following scandal over work done on his house.

John Paul Construction had paid for the painting of the Senator’s home in Clontarf during the early 1990s. The construction company paid sub-contractor Philip Lambert directly and the connections brought an end to Mr Callely’s junior ministerial career.

The Senator was also embroiled in a garda investigation after his yacht was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run in Baltimore harbour, off Cork.

His boat Serendipity II reportedly collided with two vessels and caused €40,000 worth of damage. It is understood he was tracked down, helped with inquiries and passed on his insurance details.”


Now who is surprised?

Apart from that, I keep wondering how you can have travel and overnight expenses (in your own holiday home) from West Cork to Dublin in two years (was it two years)?

I know that I have travel expenses now and again. But I am actually a travel writer (well, guide books, promoting Ireland) and am entitled to them, tax-wise at least (not that anyone will ever completely reimburse me, being a freelancer), but in my whole career I never spent that much money for all my expenses. Not even near it.

This a very generous country indeed. For some.

The reason Ivor has so much travelling expenses is this.

He runs a constituency clinic in Dublin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That means driving from West Cork to Clontarf three times a week.

There’s only one slight problem. He doesn’t have a constituency.

Trilocation, so let’s divide the expenses in three to get a mean differential. If he has no constituency, as he was nominated, then his constituency is Ireland republic of. Just as methodist John Wesley considered his parish to be The World. And the good preacher travelled the byroads of Eire by coach and on foot, being paid expenses according to ongoing needs by members of his faith-smitten congregations. Let Callely be inspired by the example, if not the faith, of the great Wesley. The first step is repentance. His national congregation awaits the example of the Deed following the preaching of the Word. Then in the best methodist tradition we will raise the rooftops with songs of praise. Don’t pass the collection plate during hymn number 112.

“It’s over, Ivor. Stop buying a take-away for two. Get on with your life.” I’m still laughin at that.. I know I’m easily entertained..
What I don’t get is why the hell are we not marching the streets over this.. when is this (excuse my language) cunt going to resign. They are just shameless.. absolutely shameless, brassed necked gombeens.

Driving you say.. Get the fucking bus or bike it ye cunts.

I see where Biffo has sought a written explanation from said Mr. Callely about his love of the the greenbacks.This from the same man who only a few short months ago stood up in the Dail and defended the exact same type of behaviour from the Bull O Donoghue. Who are these people trying to cod? The president of this little island is on a salary 0f E325,000(less the 10% cut she made a big deal about taking)and expenses for everything under the sun. Imagine the shameless condescension of this woman telling us she was switching off all unnecessary lights in the Aras;was she expecting a brass band to strike up a bar or two of “Congratulations”?She has also deemed it appropriate to set up two prizes of E100,000(presumably from taxpayers money because its easy to get)for the best ideas on how to get the country up and running again or some such nonsense.And there was I thinking that the politicians were elected for that very reason. Is it any wonder herself and the husband are always smiling. Now you know why. And be sure of one thing,when this elite close their doors at night they laugh their collective bollox off,because they know they are getting away with it. Revolution Rob? Dont make me laugh.
…On second thoughts do make me laugh because if I dont laugh I’ll surely cry.

coruption has been part of politics in the south for years ,charles haughy was a disgraced politician who was given a state funeral (be it no public figure from another country attended ) then you had haughys apprentice bertie who looked after himself and his friends ,,one of his friends being ivor callely ,i can not understand why the people in the south allow a thing know as the senate (unelected people )to have a say in anything ,if there was ever such a thing as a budy budy system this is it

I think he needs the money.
If my memory is right he bought a couple of houses on the Clontarf Road for 4 or 6 million, intending to develop the site, at the very top of the boom.
So I’d guess the banks are after him.
I’d say the wife (the real boss) has really kicked his arse this time

Would he not sail his yacht around The Horn Of Plenty instead of driving? that way he could do away with the nasty cars and trains and itd be greener too..Plus theres a chance that the insufferable little bollix would wrap himself around a lighthouse..

A number of years ago as a junior employee in London I shared desk space with a lad from Sri Lanka. We were not generously paid but the craic was good. His uncle was/is a TD/MP back in Sri Lanka, we both earned more than the uncle. Ivor and Co. might take a lesson from their Sri Lankan colleagues. I doubt it said Croker.

Ivor played the system, so what. It`s hardly a surprise that poluticians are on the take. That is part of the culture of Irish Politics.
The question must be asked however what incompetent civil servant signed off on Ivors expenses?
Why did they not do their job?
What the fuck are they paid for?
By highlighting the corruption would they draw the spotlight onto themselves?
Hopefully Calelly will get the boot and the civil servant with the blind eye who sanctioned the expenses will follow.

seredipity II,,,hmmm reminds me of John Martyns song, “sweet little mystery”.
As was said before about some other crooked politician,,,he has done this country some service if only by being such a suitable subject that we get to read the above article and get a feckin laugh or two. Hardly great value for moey though
Having spent many years in a very large semi state, I can confirm that the expenses system there too is purely a salary/wage boosting tool. I cannot imagine that the civil service that Mel Drew refers to are any different.
In the mid nineties our manager was the highest earning manager expenses wise in thecompany. He flitted between various locations racking up the miles, but was rarely to be seen in any location for any lenght of time. His expenses in one year eclipsed his salary, his salary would have been circa 100000. He reputedly stored his caravan onsite at one of the remotest locatios also. Each of these locations would have had a full compliment of managerial staff in house also.
My involvemet with said company, came to an uhappy end, following a row over may issues but oe of them was the witholding of expenses facilities.
In my despair I turned to amongst others, some local politicians, including one FF man who I went to school with in the eighties. The only help I received from any of them was the advise to get a good barrister. A local labor lady though did send me a christmas card though, two years later after I complained to her NEW leader that she had ignored me,,,,her contemporaneous leader had ignored me too. So, my question would be,,,,exactly what do they do, when in their constituencies, that makes it such vital work that they must race around the countryside for. Surely there canot be that may potholes to “sort out”.
And that is when they do have a constituency
The revolution could start tonight…. I am not a socialist or any ist,,,but I do have an admiration for any politician, that refuses to jump on the band wagon.
Joe Higgins talks in Limerick tonight,,,,anyone going.

Excuse my ignorance but I still don’t quite get it. I’ve done a round trip to West Cork (Slane to Turk Head) on one tank of Diesel (roughly €50). So even if he did that trip every day, 365 days a year its still less than €20,000 a year. What kind of travel expenses was he getting paid for?

mileage/travel is only the start of it, Ruth,,,,subsistence/ overnight accomodation/ meal allowances/ on site eating allowances, high teas, low teas////despite subsidised canteens, phone payments,,,,oh and there was higher rates for managerial staff compared to plebs, both for accomodation and food, (never the twain etc.,),,,,and also bigger car owners could claim higher rates if I recall correctly, the trick was to claim mondeo but drive micra, or bus etc.

think the mileage rate paid was 24cents, (equivalent per pence), per mile, at the time, a lot more than was actually needed, even if you went in the BIG car,,,,,think this was expected to cover maintenance and wear and tear as well, though so nothing extra to be claimed there then

Did you hear Newstalk Breakfast show this morning? Apparantely they sent a journalist down to Bantry with a picture of the Bould Ivor and asked neighbours did they recognise him. Not too many positive answers!

Snouts in the trough. Inco has it right.
The corruption is endemic. Poluticians, many civil servants, semi state company staff, IBEC and Union reps on the boards of quangos. It goes on and on. The gravy train rolls on.
Political patronage and jobs for the boys, nothing has changed. While a few journos and the great unwashed decry this wrong doing the insiders , snouts firmly in the trough, continue to milk the system at every opportunity.

Its not a political thing. Its an Irish thing. Greedy little goblins who still live in post-colonial mentality. We blamed the English for stealing from us; but as soon as the English left, the Irish started stealing from eachother. Perhaps independence was a bad idea after all. We kicked out the English, but they were just replaced with another bunch of ruling class. At least the English had some style. This bunch of wankers still stink of the bog. They have gotten rid of the sheep under the arm and they no longer have children with their daughters, but the emotion is still the same: “I’ve got a bigger barn than you”.

Your right, FME. We won’t bother with the revolution. Imagine the next generation of carpet baggers.

Darren Williams are absolutely right,it is an irish thing.I have lived in many parts of the world and the people of Ireland are the most dishonest I have ever met.In fact it is the only country I have ever seen where dishonesty is admired.The “cute hoor” is a source of admiration and wannabee envy by the majority.In other societies such people are on the margins and looked down on as Scammers.In Ireland if you meet someone who is truly honest they stand out as something rare and exceptional.To those who will disagree with this statement,I say just think about the amount of times you have been ripped off and generally scammed in Ireland.And indeed how many people do you know that you can genuinely trust.

What surprises me about this business is that some people seem to be surprised! Just another F.F. snout in the trough . What is new about that?



Feel like starting that revolution yet, FME. But really. Ivor? You would have to shoot him. Surely. If not just to stop his kind re-producing.


Darren, I believe the likes of Ivor should be punished where it hurts most.. their pockets.
That’s some “cottage” he has in Cork isn’t it. Must be at least 3000 Sq Ft. The CAB should be repossessing it. It was purchasing through funds that were gained through illegal claiming of expenses.

I think the amount Ivor claimed though is not any different from what the rest of them are claiming.. it’s endemic. I have to laugh where it says above, he was recognized for his work ethic. These people have no ethics full stop.

Did you know the Oireactas even have a commitee called the Committee on Members’ Interests. What the fuck is that for.. there’s no fear of their interests now is there!

We have a revolution every 4 to 5 years. It’s called a General Election. What we need to ask is, what makes, let’s face it, the older people continue to vote for Civil War parties and the young people either follow their parents or not bother at all.

It’s amazing that, throughout the history of the State, the ex-“Official” SF politicians have fleeced the voters who vote for them and, even so, like buying a ticket for the Titanic, they continue to vote for them.

The “pain” of economic hardship in the country has always been shared out evenly, but only amongst the lower paid – Cowan fodder at the moment – whilst the “elite”, those who “still stink of the bog”, as Darren so aptly put it, and their friends continue to be more equal than others and, like the pigs in Orwell’s “Animal Farm” reserve the best for themselves.

Actually, the parallels with “Animal Farm” don’t end there.

In the book, Major was an old boar who dreamed of a time when the animals would take over the farm – not entirely unlike Arthur Griffiths’ demands for independence from Britain (“Animal Farm’s” Mr. Jones). [Yes, I know Griffiths eventually fell down on the side of the treaty but let’s not spoil a good story.]

Major died and two other pigs – Snowball and Napoleon – decided to set the overthrow of Mr Jones in motion but each had a different idea of what to do next – echoes of the second Cumann na nGaedheal and Cumann na Poblachta there.

Now, admittedly, the metaphor gets a bit shaky here because, of course, the pro-treaty side defeated the anti-treaty side in the Civil War and, with all my might, I can’t but see the similarities between Napoleon and Fianna Fáil.

However, whilst the mass of the Irish population (the animals that were not pigs) worked hard to eke out a living from nothing, the politicians/IRA factions (the pigs) fought it out between themselves and we ended up with the Civil War being transferred to the Oireactas. And still it goes on.

It does have to be said, though, that unlike “Animal Farm”, which ended with the pigs being more equal than the other animals, the Soviet Union, on which the book was based, did ultimately fail.

Whether people like to hear it or not, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have the same mother and father. The FF sibling certainly seems to be greedier than the FG sibling but there really isn’t that much difference. Someone once said to me that they vote for FG because “they aren’t as corrupt as Fianna Fáil”. Which is the same as saying corruption is OK but not if you’re too corrupt – William’s “cute hoor”, but not too “cute”.

But it’s not just that “we the people” vote for “our” party’s politicians. We go out of our way to elect the likes of Beverley Flynn, Michael Lowry, Charles Haughey, Bertie Ahern (have you ever won £23,000 on horses – and then forgotten their names?) and, I’d wager, Ray Burke if he ever decided to stand again – nothing better than cheating the taxman after all. On the other hand, other political parties are also available.

I hope Ivor Callely will be made to pay back all the money he took from us on the pretense of expenses. I hope its the last we will see of him and his type.

I understand this man was chairing a Human Rights Committee in Parliament. Perhaps he still is.

Doesn’t anybody realise that Fianna Fail should not be called a political party anymore? What separates them from the gang of criminals under John Gilligan? Not much. Both are organised crime outfits in their own way.

I was left with a bad taste of Irish politics when I saw corruption first-hand among Local Councillors in Cork South West, over a memorial monument that saw the exchange of bribes right in front of my face. The political system in Ireland is merely a front for theft on a massive scale.

I cannot believe that Ivor ( and his mate Larry Butler ) can walk away from this alleged expense-fiddling controversy by simply relinquishing the Party Whip. There are young men and women locked up in our prisons for larceny from shops , maybe involving a few blouses or jackets. These unfortunate men and women are probably drug addicts and desperate for money to feed their habits. Ivor and Larry are not from deprived backgrounds ( Clontarf and Foxrock are not on too many files in Mountjoy. ). They are not on any mood altering substances that I am aware of, and are in well paid jobs. The Gardai should investigate the allegations and, if a case is legally sound, charge both of them with taking money from the pockets of us taxpayers. They should be made an example of, we have been tolerant for far too long.

Ah leave poor Ivor alone! Sure doesn’t he have a huge repair bill for the damage he did to a boat in Baltimore last year that he tried to wriggle out of the good for nothing cunt….

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