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Read more on Bock about the Limerick Milk Market

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    Excellent well done to Val.. ten times better presenter than anyone on RTE.


    That’s very well put together Val and an excellent reflection on the milk market. Love the music and the love limerick thing, the continuity and the editing . Great talent and vision and the best of luck with it.


    @FME and Sniffle thanks for the positive comments, the team are great and I’m really proud to be part of it


    Great piece Val.
    It looks as if it would give the English market in Cork a run for its money.
    What with music in Bock`s item on Johnny Bottleneck and the house band, Limerick is due a visit soon.
    I hope Limerick tourism are paying yourself and the Bockmeister well.


    Really nice! thank you.


    @MD I do it for the love and cos it’s a great way to get on screen experience of course :) I don’t feel that money is the most significant reward, good things come from good things, and thanks


    Enjoyed that report. Very professioanlly done.


    Pity about the gratuitous shot of Willie the perjurer.


    Val an excellent report. You should try to get Nationwide on T.V. well done.


    Lovely and loving report.

    Can’t go too wrong with love.


    Great report, I’m on my way to get a Bap with some of that Black & White Pudding and brown sauce.
    Mad jealous!


    An excellent tour of the market Val, interviews were to the point which made them interesting to watch, so glad you did not interview Willie O’Dea he would have spoiled the whole experience for me and I’m sure for most Limerick people. If you do happen to come across Willie will you please ask him to retire from politics Limerick gets enough bad press without the embaressment of watching Willie in the Dail mouthing out of him, bring some jobs into Limerick Willie, dont let the DAA dictate how shannon is run, do the job the people who voted you for, instead of always holding the party line.
    Sorry Val for going off the subject, excellent job done for I LOVE LIMERICK


    Good video with some nice uplifting comments from some of the people.
    Myself and Mini-Me love heading down there on a Sat morning. My fave stall is the Green Saffron spice stall followed by the French pate and sausage stall. You can’t beat good quality real food;-)


    Thats gas, i’m gonna be trading on Fridays and Sundays, reporter: I hear there market has 6-7,000 through the market on Saturdays so that’ll be good for you! :)


    Totally agree with Gary, that piece should be on Nationwide, hope you find a way to make that happen, really excellent piece!


    Nationwide are doing a whole programme on the market soon, they have their own presenters though, we’ll keep at it


    Val do keep at it. You are way too good not to be on national T.V.


    …tanx for bringin da market to ME (in my “own home” .. ) Valerie…. and yes, very well done, lovely piece.
    I see all da regulars (busking fraternity that is) out there too, so i may return…
    with a recommendation from the Clare Fleadh to go on to the Munster in mid-July believe it or not!
    (i know, what are these people thinking!)
    i can see from the photos, let alone the vid, that the atmosphere will be fairly overwhelming!!
    Bain sult as an margadh nua !! xo

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