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Every time I write about Gaza, somebody on the Israeli side jumps in and demands to know why I don’t write about other injustices elsewhere in the world.

Why aren’t you talking about Afghanistan?  Somalia? Darfur?  Korea? You’re anti-Semitic.

Very well then.  Let me tell you why I write about Gaza.

Many years ago in London, I had a friend called Henry Glanz.  Henry was a Jew who had been evacuated from Northern Poland as a child in the Kindertransport.  He was a quiet decent, cultivated man who spent two years trying his patient best to teach me German and I came to love him very much.  He opened my mind to philosophy, art, music, science, history and he even managed to hammer a bit of German into my thick skull.  He was an all-round cultivated and kind man, who exemplified in my mind the sort of people Hitler had exterminated in his hateful murder campaign.

To me, Henry was a vestige of the cultured soul of Europe that had been destroyed by the Nazi beasts.

His parents and family were murdered in Auschwitz.

I haven’t seen Henry in many years but I had the opportunity to visit Krakow in December 2008, and of course I went to see the Ghetto made famous in Schindler’s List.  The remnants of that vile boundary wall will stay in my mind forever, shaped like Jewish gravestones in heavy-handed German Nazi humour.  A place where thousands of decent people were forced to live in squalor and ultimately murdered by unfeeling brutes.  An obscenity.

As we were in Krakow, I went to Auschwitz because it simply isn’t possible to be that close to the heart of darkness without confronting it, and because I wanted to honour the memory of Henry’s family.

It resulted in this post on the 6th December 2008.

As long as I live, I will never forget the feeling as we walked through the gigantic Auschwitz murder factory.  I will never forget standing at the rail-head in Birkenau, on the very spot where Josef Mengele selected his victims.  I will never forget the thought of those terrified people, dragged from trains, harried by dogs and clubbed by uniformed thugs, as I stood there on the precise spot where the man who decided their fate used to stand.  I tried to think my way into the vacuum behind his eyes, and I’m glad to say that I failed.

I went to the stilling pond where the ashes of Henry’s parents had been hosed after their extermination, and I paid my quiet respects, without a prayer since I have no religion, but with good wishes, wherever they may go.  It’s said that wherever you walk in Birkenau, you walk on human remains that flew from the chimneys.

Auschwitz left its mark on me, as it does to many who visit, and it stays with me today.

Less than a month after I went to Auschwitz, reports began to appear on the news of other people crammed behind a wall in appalling, insanitary conditions, guarded by soldiers and short of food.  Stories began to emerge of a bombardment by a gigantic military power against these people.

The Jewish British MP, Gerald Kaufman, whose parents survived Auschwitz and Maidanek, compared Gaza to the  Warsaw ghetto, but I was thinking of smaller things.  I was thinking of kind, decent Henry Glanz, my dear friend, and what he would think of the things being done in his name and the name of his murdered parents.

I thought he might be baffled that the descendants of those Jews who had been so persecuted could be so indifferent to the suffering of people.

That’s why I write about Gaza.


Gerald Kaufman:

Also on Bock: Auschwitz

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    BOCK; you still my anger.


    Pleasure to read.


    You also speak and write for many of us who are far less articulate, Bock. For that, I am grateful. I have never felt your writing to be anti-Semitic. I have always understood your words on Gaza to be fair, reasonable and selected with care for clarity and precision.

    I hope you will continue to write about Gaza with the same vigor and passion.




    Excellent post, Bock.
    Please keep writing about Gaza and everything else you write about.


    Lets not get too hasty in our comparisons. Conditions in Gaza, Judea and Samaria have always been better for the Palestinians when compared to their counterparts in supposedly free Arab countries like Egypt. In areas like life expectancy, access to education, healthcare and income, Arabs in the disputed territories fare noticeably better than most Arab nations. Even in Gaza today, conditions would be no worse for the average person than they are on the streets of Cairo, where half the population live on less than $2 per day.

    Only two Muslim countries, very wealthy ones, have a higher life expectancy than Palestinians:

    Life Expectancy by Country in Years

    Oman 75.6
    Bahrain 75.6
    West Bank and Gaza 73.4
    Saudi Arabia 72.8
    Jordan 72.5
    Algeria 72.3
    Turkey 71.8
    Egypt 71.3
    Morocco 71.2
    Iran 71.0
    Pakistan 65.5
    Yemen 62.7
    Sudan 58.6
    Somalia 48.2

    Also, I thought Gerald Kaufman was born in the UK? I don’t believe he or his parents are Holocaust survivors.


    TSW — This post is about my feelings. Are you now telling me what my feelings ought to be?

    I’m wrong in saying that Kaufman’s parents were murdered in the concentration camps. In fact that was his grandparents. His parents were imprisoned in Auschwitz and Maidanek but survived. I have corrected this.

    If you would like to hear Kaufman’s statement, it’s here:


    Believe me, every Jew in the UK has heard that speech already.

    Excuse the mistake about his parents at comment no.6


    Why do you focus on what Gerald Kaufman said? That was a small part of the post.

    Why don’t you address what I said?


    Lovely piece Bock, I too have never seen your writing to be anti Semitic no matter what certain individuals would say, you approach it with the eyes of someone who sees the indifference and persecution of the people of Gaza as simply wrong and unjust, which of course it is.
    It is a concentration camp to the people of Gaza who’s lives are controlled in so many ways by Israel who have build walls to keep them in, deprive them of basic spices, financial freedom, building supplies so they can rebuild after they had theirs homes had been bombed to smithereens, their children of an education, punish them for supporting the (wrong) political party and mostly their right to liberty and peace. Israeli spokesmen, the Israeli press and its propaganda machine have filled the minds of Israeli citizens with hatred and contempt for their Muslim neighbours and shown them to be nothing more than pigs or vermon and less than human.
    (That reminds me very much of the sentiment in Germany some 70 years backs to themselves).
    Is it no wonder they throw stones and try source grenades to throw over the wall at Israel? I think not. How else can some who have lost family, neighbours and homes express the anger and hostile feelings towards a oppressing neighbour who comes with tanks and war planes into their towns and cities who would rather see them all dead or gone else where so they can continue in peace building settlements all day long.
    Correct me on any thing that may not be clearly portrayed, but that’s my take on what’s happening.
    Its also Israel’s utter lack of respect to the UN and European countries in relation to their disapproval of their actions in Gaza and breaches of human rights violations. It further pisses me off that nothing is done to punish or correct this by the greater world. Not including the U.S, of course as they fully back what ever atrocities committed as it gives them a continual source of “Terrorists” and enemies to battle to keep their own economy afloat, Israel does what the U.S. cant do directly in the middle east and Europe wouldn’t want to step on U.S. toes for also being classed and “enemy state” or be seen as “supporting terror”.

    Keep on reporting Bock, your doing us all a great deed in putting into words and context of what is happening.
    @TSW just drop it already, your only digging a deeper whole for yourself and loosing credibility with the way you constantly try and redress the actions of Israel as being just and a reasonable and pick on menial points to debate which robs from the point and focus Bock is making.


    Bock: ‘Why don’t you address what I said?’

    You asked who I was to tell you to what your feelings ought to be. I didn’t say that, however, I said ‘not get too hasty in our COMPARISONS’. I ignored the point. I have no desire to influence your emotions. Emotions have no place here or in any argument, as they interfere with rational thinking.

    By the way, could this article be construed as a critic of Israel playing the ‘Holocaust card’, as Israelis are often accused of doing? How would you respond to that? I’m not making that criticism myself, just pointing out the possibility.


    Consider the possibility that there might be parallels, if not equivalence, between the things done to the Jews and the things done to the Palestinians.

    That really is all I ask. Find the similarities, not the differences.

    That’s the basis of rational thinking, which is a gift given to Europe by so many clear-thinking Jews.


    Ouch: you must live in a parallel universe. Stones and trying to source grenades ! Read the Hamas charter and explain why a political party in this day and age needs to have the Protocols of the Elders of Zion included in its charter ? I’d love to know. When the blocade is lifted – and it will be – can I come back and hold your feet to the fire when a sophisticated rocket lands in a built-up zone in Israel ? Or will you have pre-empted me by issuing a piece on a blog somewhere regretting the deaths ? Get real ffs ! There are lots of organisations within Israel that need support but not with waffle like that.


    Lapsedmethodist: this is about the civilians.

    We can discuss Hamas later, but this is about an overwhelming military force. Keep it focussed. We can talk about your point another day if you wish.


    Well said Bock and very poignant.
    I usually read all the comments, but I’ll stop reading TSW’s as he is constantly just trying to distract from your posts on this subject with his prejudicial one-sidedness which is becoming boring.


    This was a wonderful post Bock and it summed up my feelings on the situation in a much better way than I could have.

    I find it incredibly hard to understand Israeli apologists especially since less than 100 years ago their families and ancestors were going through a very similar ordeal. How short are their memories? The Holocaust is often regarded as one of the worst events in human history but for me the fact that this kind of torture and ignorance is still going on is much more tragic.

    TSW – I know you are an Israeli apologist but can you not see sense in what Bock is writing about? No side is innocent here but surely you can find some sort of way of empathising with the Palestinians? Actually I’m afraid of your answer…


    Yes, Bock, a good piece above and your feelings are appreciated.
    You see, that’s what happens all the time when it comes to critical discussions about Israel’s politics and actions: Everyone starts to explain at some point that they are not anti-semitic. Because every Israeli or friend of Israel plays this card immediately when someone dares to critisize their actions and politics.

    Nobody here would ever assume that you are anti-semitic. Nobody would ever think that you are not touched and disturbed after your visit in Auschwitz. But since even that is not enough for Israelis. you have to explain yourself.
    Your are against Israels actions? You are anti-semitic. Full stop.
    And you then tell the story of your Jewish friend and your visits in Krakow and Auschwitz.
    You fell into the trap.

    It works fine in Germany, of course. Even in the most critical circles Israel is still treated with kidgloves, pussy-footing around a “sensitive subject” – more like a sensitive, manipulative and arrogant ego, imo.

    So, I gave up telling people about my (former) jewish friends and collegues in Germany, who were far more civilized and intellectual than Israelis apparantly ever can be, by the way. I gave up talking about the difference between an ordinary jew whereever and an fanatical self-righteous Israel. I don’t care about religion. And Judaism is just a religion, though one which is used by Israel to define their politics and actions.

    Bock, you don’t need to justify your anger about Israel and your outrage about the situation in Gaza by declaring you are not anti-semitic. Don’t play their blackmailing game.

    TSW: Shlomo, is that you? Sounds all too familiar…


    Carrig – I fell into no trap. This is me telling anyone interested why I write about Gaza. It needs to be put on the record in this site for future reference.


    Bock I find your comments interesting. I appreciate your empathy, i am Palestinian, born and raised in the USA, and I have been to Israel many times now. Many people want to just blame Hamas for the problems but there is plenty of blame to go around. There are quite a few radical groups on both the Israeli and Palstinian sides. the 2 main groups are Fatah and Hamas, which can’t agree on anything. Once the Palestinian people started to see the corruption within the ruling Fatah party hamas was elected by the majority of Palestinian voters to take over. Due to the fact that Israel and many other countries in this world recognize Hamas as a terror group their parties elected officials were disreguarded in the “democratic-like” elections, and since then Israel and Fatah have been working together to “get rid of them at all costs”. The comments I have seen about the rocket fire shows the ignorance of people in situations, many are forgetting that “news outlets” are only as factual as their controlers want them to be. Meaning whatever propaganda Israel has will be on its station and skew its broadcasts and just the same ocurrs with Palestinian and other “new” stations. To say onl Hamas fires missles is incorrect and to say that Israel sits there as a victim or antagonizer is also wrong. The truth is hidden within all parties. I am for one disgusted by what happened to the Jewish people in germany and Poland. I in no way shape or form agree with anyone that feels that they are superior to another and choose to supress others. I find it repulsive that people can consider this an ok thing. To me I believe that GOD is our judge. I truely hope for a solution to this crisis. i truely want people to stop turning everything into politacal agendas and focus on what really matters, reguardless of who did what or who started what there are many mant people going to bed cold, dirty, and/or hungry every night. We will never get the truth about what happened on the flotillas but I do know one thing, the people that did perpetuate the violence have the injuries and blood of those killed on their hands. Many people forge that Egypt is just as guilty as Israel is for the starvation and pligh of the Gaza people. If they would authorize free movement across their borders and inspect shipments than alot of aide and relief could actually the citizens of Gaza. may be if they open up their waters to the future aide ships conflict and death can be avoided :)


    A friend posted this link on facebook.

    Thank you for writing this, and for continuing to deal with idiots who try to knock you off your soapbox by “proving” that you’re an unintelligent person by bugging you about Every Other Atrocity On the Face of This Planet.

    Unfortunately, for those who will accuse you of anti-Semitism, there is little to be done, because their minds are probably already made up, and no words will ever appeal to them.

    I face a similar problem. I am a Tibet activist, and the same rhetoric has been used against me, sometimes even by people who are pro-Tibet, but want to somehow trip me up by demanding I tell them about the atrocities going on in Darfur. At one point, you just want to turn to them and say, “I’m sorry, I’m doing my own work, over here… if you really want to know about something, why don’t you go do the legwork yourself?”

    We know our hearts are in the right place; it’s just getting our words to move there too that is often the most difficult thing.

    Thank you for this post. I may write one of my own; if I do, I’ll link to yours as inspiration. :)


    Incoming mortars by Hamas, You seem to have forgotten to mention them lately.


    Sonia, I’m Irish.. born and raised in Ireland.. go figure :)
    Speaking of propaganda did you hear the aid convoy was actually a “hate boat, capable of smuggling large amounts of weapons, not a love boat. ” There isn’t too much ignorance or gullibilty around these parts Sonia.


    Niamh — Did you read this post at all? Are you capable of understanding it, or are you simply programmed to respond with empty-headed knee-jerk nonsense?

    I suspect you’re a very young person on a mission, and I don’t blame you for that, but you need to inform yourself about the world of grown-ups and how they speak to each other.

    If you want to comment on the topic, feel free. Otherwise, go away and interrupt someone else’s conversation.

    UPDATE: And then I realise from subsequent correspondence that Niamh is actually David O’Sullivan. Or maybe David is Niamh. Who can tell these days? Either way, David / Niamh is a spammer who runs a hen-party and male stripper business. Go away.

    UPDATE: And then I discover that both David and Niamh are pseudonyms for another character.


    Bock me ould hand.. if the Israelis didn’t have overwhelming military force there wouldn’t be any Israelis now would there ? As much as I dislike the treatment of Gazans I am perplexed as to how the militarist factions among them can be isolated, because you can be damned sure that they won’t have your scruples. I fail to see why Hamas can’t be told that their world view is repugnant and counterproductive: let’s face it we tell the Israelis that all the time don’t we ? Instead we see George Galloway standing there , worry beads in fingers, telling Hamas – not the ordinary people – that they’re the absolute dogs bollix and the people of the world are with them. The people of the world aren’t behind them at all.
    I acknowledge that you’re concern is for the ordinary people in this post, but in my opinion you’re putting the cart before the horse.


    In my opinion, this is me telling you how I felt when I came back from Auschwitz.


    this is honest


    ‘[I]f Israelis didn’t have overwhelming military force there wouldn’t be any Israelis now would there’


    Pointing out Israel has a strong army means very little. Its only so useful when your country is a couple of dozen kilometers wide in parts, and home-made rockets fired from the West Bank could easily hit the only international airport and paralyze the county. If Israel did not have a strong army, we would be dealing with five armies breathing down the country’s neck rather than a terrorism problem. A strong army brought Israel’s enemies to the negotiating table. They realized they could never defeat Israel militarily, so they had to make peace, or fund terrorists to do their dirty work.

    On Gaza: I implore people who visit Israel to travel along the border with Jordan. I was heading to one of my favorite swimming holes in Israel once, by Menachamiya. This entailed travelling along west of the Jordan River. I remember vividly being able to make out the class of cars on the Jordanian side. Once, this would have been a scary, fortified place. There were no traces of a conflict at all now. I could have swam across the river and walked to Amman if I wanted. Wandering in the nearby hills off the beaten track, I stumbled on some old look-out posts, collapsing from decay and disuse.

    There is no reason the border with Gaza cannot become like this. It requires a strong Israel, and the elimination of the jihadist ideology to achieve it.


    With added bits about you wondering how those so persecuted could treat people in such a similar manner. Which is paradoxical only if the people on the receiving end of Israeli – or Jewish – heavy handedness were simply going about their business as the Jews of Europe were. But they’re not. They’re hostile to the very existence of Israel.


    Your failure to understand this post says all there is to be said about you.


    Great stuff Bock – keep it up. The anti-semitism card will always be played. There are sophisticated PR mongers at work all over the internet – however you have NEVER had a go at Jews, just the Israeli system. In my humble opinion this is obvious to anyone.


    I’m learning lessons from this. People are incapable of abstracting the essentials from any argument, which accounts for the complete inability of humanity to reach agreement on anything.

    Enlightened but a little disheartened, I’m going to bed.


    FME, “the boat was capable of smuggling large ammounts of weapons”, yeah anything is possible but the large amounts of weapons were not aboard, other than the cement, i have yet to see any written reports of banned or prohibited items by Israel on the boats.

    to lapsemethodist: let me come over to your home declare your home and property as “uninhabbited”, kick you and your family out, and beat you up or kill you if you try to come back to it, and then lets see how happy you would be about my existence. :) I have been to the rubble of my grandfathers childhood home and even have papers to prove that my family has legal ownership to the land. there is a Jewish man that paroles that area with his sons and they themselves tell you which family own what, but they will go on to tell you that that doesnt matter because they are jewish and have right to that land and not to count on anyone anytime soon making them go anywhere. many Israelis feel that palestine is theirs because they are given a promised land in their holy book, and that they also feel like they deserve it because of the Holocaust and the trajedies and displacement that ocurred.


    Sonya’s input began so well, but then she lost it; however, she is a commentator to note.


    Have you read what you wrote? You wrote about a visit to Auschwitz. You wrote that your friend would be baffled by what you knew to be happening in Gaza insofar as you characterised it as the product of indifference. That right there is a value judgement. Indifference is your take on things. There’s no way you can know what’s hidden behind the need for security and while indifference may be the attitude of some, I sincerely douby that it’s the attitude of all.


    I enjoy your blog and I understand what you are saying, I feel bad, that so many folks want to tangle the politics instead of looking at the innocent civilians that are taking the blunt of the situation. It is too bad, the folks can not see the faces of those caught in the middle because of where they live, I understood exactly what you were writing about, Keep it up,,
    Voices must be heard, to be silence is to condone,,,


    Lapsed Methodist — No. I never read what I write. I rely on you to explain it to me.


    It was one of your posts on Gaza which drew me to this site initially.
    Since then I have discovered much thought provoking and inspirational debate and commentry in this place.
    Thank you very much for sharing your reasons for writing about Gaza with everyone, The beauty, value and tenderness of the relationship with your friend has been expressed with the utmost regard .
    You have beautifully provided the possibilities for everyone to eplore and expand through the journeys of friends we encounter in life, Not just to store their experiences in our hearts and minds but to explore the sources for ourselves and expand the journey for the benefit of others.
    Many people are drawn to the plight of the Palestinian people for a myriad of reasons, It is entirely unique in it’s struggle to establish the most basic rights, which we take for granted.
    Thank you very much for sharing such a personal journey.


    If you have the stomach for it, I would say go to Auschwitz if you are in the Krakow area. It’s a visceral experience – I can still remember the smell of the banks of human hair preserved there.

    And, please remember, that the Netanyahus and TSWs don’t represent the totality of Israeli or Jewish opinion on the devastated open prison that is Gaza, any more then Hamas represents the totality of the Palestinian diaspora. There are many people, Jewish and Palestinian, within Israel itself working for a humane solution. The problem is they are not in power in Israel or the US, and the rest of the world states won’t stand up to those in power.

    However the heroes and heroines of the flotilla have shown us that people can stand up and make a difference where states, and federations of states like the EU, abdicate their responsibilities.


    Pope makes a very good point about the hardliners like Netanyahu.

    Here’s an Op Ed from the daily Ha’aretz newspaper:



    Just to give you a flavour of the conflict within Israel between the right wing/fascist elements and those who want to preserve a democracy in Israel, here’s a cutting from the British Independent:

    Freedom to oppose Israel’s right to exist among acts that right-wing politicians are attempting to outlaw
    By Donald Macintyre in Jerusalem
    Saturday, 30 May 2009

    Israeli Arab leaders have called an emergency meeting today to discuss their growing alarm over a series of “racist and fascist” bills being promoted by right-wing members of the country’s parliament. One of the bills has already brought fierce accusations from two prominent Jewish Knesset members that its backers are trying to create a “thought police” and “punish people for talking”.

    . . . the Committee is also protesting at another bill, which was given its first reading in the Knesset this week, that would make it a crime to negate Israel’s right to exist as a “Jewish and democratic state”.

    It was during a heated debate on that bill last Wednesday that Haim Oron, leader of the left-wing Meretz party, declared: “Have you lost all faith in Israel as a Jewish and democratic state? This crazy government, what on earth are you doing? A thought police? Have you all lost it?” And Roni Bar-On, who was the centrist Kadima finance minister in the last government, asked the promoters: “You want to punish people for talking? Soon, will you want to punish for thoughts?”

    A third bill which is expected to come before the ministerial legislative committee tomorrow would enforce a “loyalty oath” on those seeking Israeli citizenship. The idea of the oath was a centrepiece of the election campaign waged by Avigdor Lieberman, leader of the hardline Yisrael Beiteinu party who is now foreign minister.

    Think about that. Many people on this blog and others have remarked in passing that, given what FF/Greens have done to this country, perhaps we would have been better off if we’d stayed part of Britain. Now, I don’t subscribe to that opinion, any more than I believe that Israel could or should be wiped of the map, but if the kind of law being proposed in Israel went through here – well a good number of youse could expect a knock on your door in the night.

    (Unless you have been clever with your online anonymity – and that’s harder then you think, though not impossible :-))


    A powerful video.


    Well said Bock. Well said. History is written by winners.


    Netanyahu, by Palestinian standards, is an absolute Gandhi.


    Now it’s getting ridiculous, TWS. You’re like a yapping, single-minded, car-chasing terrier.


    “Netanyahu, by Palestinian standards, is an absolute Gandhi.”

    Interesting, seeing as Gandhi, by Israeli standards, would be a absolute Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.


    There has never been a Palestinian Gandhi or Mandela. I’d love it if there was, believe me, but I doubt the person would survive very long.


    Bock – 31.. Don’t be disheartened. Lots of people can get the essentials of what you write.
    I think it’s people who cling to their beliefs so tightly that can’t.. even when you’re on their side.
    “Belief means not wanting to know what is true”.. Friedrich Nietzsche.

    Sonya – 32.. Just to clarify I did say speaking of propaganda.


    Spoke to P.D. He is well up for the Gig for Gaza. Maybe we could get TWS to MC it??
    What ya think G.W? oop’s sorry meant T.W.
    You can sail your boat right up the river T.W.S. and we will greet you with open arms.
    Shiver me timbers!
    No seriously though Bock, You can drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.


    I’d like to see an Israeli Mandela or Gandhi.

    However, the real Mr Mandela has already condemned the attack on the Turkish ship, so perhaps he might not last too long in Israel either.


    @Pope Epopt. At the risk of being offensive, I am assuming Pope is not your real name. If it is, I apologise. I don’t understand all of the ananomity thing. Unless Bock is a Fianna Fail insider who is playing whistle blower – then he has my full support regarding his nom de plume. Pope, we already live in that country you were forecasting. Go to Limerick or some parts of Dublin and stand up for what is right and good. You won’t get the knock on the door. you will just be burnt out. Few good men is the problem.

    Darren Williams


    Go back to Auschwitz say the brave freedom fighters on the Marmara to the IDF navy.


    That’s a still photo dubbed with audio. It’s a fake, and a pretty sad one at that. Comments have been disabled to prevent people pointing this out.

    Here’s the real video from the IDF


    Do you expect anyone to take that crap clip serious.A still pic and voices !!!.Jesus I could put that together myself.Oh and like the way the Israelis and the Turks both have American accents


    If it is a fake the Jerusalem Post have ran with it.



    It’s an obvious fake. Look at the IDF video.

    Disgusting, wouldn’t you agree, to use the memory of Auschwitz in this way?

    Once we’ve had a chance to agree that it’s vile propaganda, I propose to delete it if you wouldn’t mind. I wouldn’t want anyone picking it up from this site and believing it to be real.


    If a Jew were to invoke the death camps for the sake of PR it would indeed disgusting. It’s gathering legs now, Sky blog are running with it. If it makes CNN, Reuters or the BCC then we have a yarn. delete it if you wish.


    I hope everyone will be outraged by this clip. It’s an insult to Jew and Muslim alike. If the IDF really did release this, they’re complete idiots.


    It originated from the IDF blog.



    In that case, I’m afraid they’ve just discredited the entire Israeli version of events.

    If the IDF are prepared to use the memory of Jews murdered in Auschwitz to construct this amateurish lie, then they’ll sink to anything.

    You can believe nothing they tell you.


    Is this the O’Luain that commented on a post on yours on Fianna Fail last year?

    Mr Lane also alleged that Irishman, Fiachra O’Luain, and Irish American, Ken O’Keefe, had both been hospitalised as a result of beatings they received as they were deported from Tel Aviv airport.

    Sky News


    Yes. I’ll see if he’s prepared to give us his account.

    (It’s Ó Luain. No apostrophe. That was given to us by the Brits).


    Seconds Out: the Palestinian Post states in the very first line that it was a video released and posted by the IDF, they are in no way making claims that it is true. I think I could do a better job of dubbing a better video. The voices that I have heard on numerous other recordings is that of the IDF soldier and the voice of the woman saying they have permission to enter Gazas waters, other than that I havent heard the others on any other recording other than this fake. I am a Muslim Palestinian and am appalled at the fact that both 9/11 and Auschwitz were used. It is disgusting what people will sink to. Both were grave human trajedies, and i dont think that any individual that chooses to mention them in this manner understands the true gravity to them. People need to understand that killing another human being is WRONG!!!!!!!! It doesnt matter what religion you are the taking of anothers life is a grave disrespect to GOD and a major sin. Everyone keeps forgetting that SOMEONES CHILD lost their life, a brother or sister, mother or father, aunt or uncle, grandmother or granfather lost their life in the tragedies of the concentration camps, 9/11, and the Flotillas. It is horrific how these ,matters become twisted political agendas with everyone forgetting the poor souls that lost their innocence and lives. This is what should be foccused on, this is what we NEED to understand otherwise history is doomed to repeat itself.


    As I former pupil of Henry Galnz I was touched to read your description of him – which is exactly my own experience too. A kind decent cultured man who taught me a lot more than german.

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