Dolans Limerick

A bit of music

Here’s one from the archive.

Our own John Steele, along with Joe Browne and the Dirty Dawgs covering Grant Lee Buffalo’s classic Jupiter and Teardrop.

Recorded at Dolans, Limerick just under a year ago.

5 replies on “A bit of music”

With all due respect to steely, listen to Dave Keary on guitar. Super player. The song would of been average without him.

John Steel is brilliant. Dave is a really great guitarist but John brings passion energy and soul to his music. I work with him and he is a very quiet profesional guy. When he goes on stage he is amazing. Such raw energy and I love this song he does it best.

Daves doing some great fills in that song but it belongs to Steele. He nails the song as he does with the vast majority of songs he does. Its not right to point out one backing muso when you have another muso singing and driving the song. You could say that with no drummer the song would be average. Or the bass player. I heard Steele do this song with a 3 piece band and it was awesome. Dumb statement Shaz. Kudos to Bock for posting this. Awesome song.

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