Bob Dylan at Thomond Park, Limerick

Music legend plays in local stadium

It looks like I’ll be the only one of my people left in town tonight.  Everyone I know is going to Bob Dylan except me.


I saw him last year at the Point, and that was enough.  He was good but he didn’t engage with the audience the way Cohen does, and today I just don’t feel like looking at him.  Anyway, he’ll probably hide in the dark as usual and play a 45-minute set before sliding off into the shadows without a word.

I just don’t feel like going to Bob Dylan, though I’d probably have enjoyed Alabama 3 and Seasick Steve with his three-string guitar made from old fish boxes and pieces of baling wire.  Imagine what he’d be like if he could afford a real guitar.  David Gray I could miss without too much regret.

I wouldn’t mind hearing local band Last Days of Death Country.   Among their influences, they cite A Perfect Circle, Tom Waits, Sigur Ros and Biffy Clyro, so I suppose I’ll have to forgive them Radiohead.  These guys are on the way up.  Better catch them in their last few local gigs before they’re gone.

Anyway, I’m not going to Thomond Park.

However, I’m sending a mole.  Dylan’s people have issued a strict embargo on people bringing serious cameras anywhere near the great man, so I’ve supplied a dedicated snapper with a little Canon G11.  Let’s see how our covert photographer gets on.  If he comes up with any decent pics, you’ll be the first to see them.


26 thoughts on “Bob Dylan at Thomond Park, Limerick

  1. dylans tends to avoid chatting with the audience although have found him to be much better outdoors than inside. the set list his been playing lately is pretty good, though seems his playing only a few songs on guitar, so if your in the wrong position you’ll see very little of him.

  2. if i never get to see him or hear him again it would be to soon ‘he is crap and so is his music blowen in the wind me hole

  3. Awa! Now Bock Mr. Zimmerman is no longer young. How many of us will still be rocking at sixty nine??

  4. Ann friend — I must have been wrong about liking his music then. Note to self: stop liking Bob Dylan’s music.

    Gary — Leonard Cohen is doing it at 75. Neil Young is 65. Lou Reed is 68. Mick Jagger is 67.

  5. yes to neil young and mick jagger . neil young can sing for starters as for jagger just about ‘ well its all down to what you like’ i dont like the other fucker lou reed’ put years on yeah

  6. LL, All along the Watchtower is good. All though I prefer Hendrix version.
    Lay lady lay is good too.. That turns me on for some reason.

  7. Acoustics are weird in Thomond Park but his band were beyond brilliant, so tight.
    Dylan does’nt engage like Cohen because he’s Dylan and Cohen is Cohen.
    I was given tickets and really glad I went, The atmosphere on the ground i would say was way superior to the stands.
    Dylans music, poetry, brilliant use of language has resonated amongst such a diverse audience and that was very evident to-night.
    But it was Dylan in Limerick so I could’nt miss it, I expected no engagement so was’nt dissapointed but those stands were bloody freezin and i thought i was prepared….but not.
    Got the end of Alabahma 3, Seasick Steve, brilliant.
    I was with someone with a good camera, I can ask him to pass some pics on to you ?

  8. Bock I take the point. However some might be of the opinion that all listed are past their “best before” date?
    They were all great. Sometimes old soldiers should fade away?

  9. dylan is doing over a hundred gigs a year and still writing new material, some going for a man nearly 70.

  10. I thought it was a great gig, saw him and van morisson years ago and they were bad, so I wasn’t expecting much, I mainly went to see Seasick Steve and Alabama 3, so I wasn’t disappointed, Dylan played a blinder for a man pushing 70. Great day for such a high profile gig for Limerick, hats off to all concerned.

  11. It has nothing to do with age or how he came across in Thomond Park !!!
    Dylan is the greatest song writer of our time. His throw away songs are better than most other writers finest work. THEY know it and so does he !!!!
    Lennon and McCartney wore out his albums from listening to them. John Lennon, Johnny Cash and lots more said he is the greatest song writer ever !!
    So if you really do think he is “crap”……………………….keep taking your tablets. There is still hope for you.
    All of his bootleg albums have now been released by his record company. That alone says it all !!
    “” I’m a poet……….I know it……………….I hope I don’t blow it “” Bob Dylan.


  12. yea you would need to take tablets to listen to the cunt’ lennon and mac wore out his albums what a lod of bollix man

  13. So you were the woman he wrote these words for……………………ann !!
    “” Sugar Baby get on down the road, You ain’t got no brains any how “”………..Bob Dylan.


  14. Friend — All right. You made your point the first time and everyone knows you don’t like Dylan. Leave it at that.

  15. Bob rang me after the gig wanting to know was Daffy’s still open. Alas Bob, I replied, alas.

  16. Super Gig Bock…..yea missed it! I was at the point as well last year and it was OK. But Thomond park!!! He was just brilliant. Was there with all the Brothers and they loved it as well. We had a few drinks as well, don’t you Know! Dylan will never say “It great to be in Limerick” or ” I love you all” or even “this next song is about” Its just not the way he operates. But the songs said it all anyway. Lay lady lay, tangled up in blue and Just like a woman, one after the other!!!! Ah referee!!!!!!

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