Bock Pics in Sunday Times

The Sunday Times did an article on the redesign of the Limerick Milk Market, and used pics by old Bockalorum to illustrate it.

I’m quite pleased.

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Wow, any chance of a loan? :)
That’s great then.. Sunday Times! Well done. I’ll have to check it out.
Actually what I am saying I was reading the Sunday Times yesterday.. I remember a text poll they were doing on Anglo and reading about some Nama clients at the K club sponsoring FG and suicide rates up over the recession.. that kind of thing. Oh and Grainne Seoige on GMTV.
Will check it out closer tonight. Well done to you!

Nevermind.. it was the Sunday Independent I was reading. I got the Sunday right.

Have to check it out.

Heard the boys from the locals send in some stuff to News International also but were told that no one has any interest in pics of Rosin, and it’s always fucking Rosin, and the bloke that’s shagging her at a 21st in the Horse & Hound. Some pics of our new mare didn’t make it either I heard.

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