The early ladybird catches the greenfly

Natural pest control

Continuing on my current favourite theme of annoying garden pests, (them annoying me that is) I was out on the balcony today cursing at some greenfly on my courgettes.

Then Mr Ladybird turns up, yippee! Ladybirds love to eat greenfly so hopefully he’ll gobble up this lot and all will be well

He’s over there in the folds you idiot!!

This ladybird is clearly a useless male and can’t even find his own dinner.  I’m off to the pub.

9 thoughts on “The early ladybird catches the greenfly

  1. Val, try putting the Courgettes in a slightly windy spot, this will minimize contamination.

  2. My veg are situated in windy spots (they are blown over many times a day) yet still get infestations periodically. Have you gotten results from Neem oil, Val?

  3. Val, from the photo, it looks like a 7-spot ladybird, which at least is a native species. Over here in Germany, some eco-freaks have been selling Harlequin ladybirds (Harmonia axyridis) as natural aphid-killers. The problem is the beasts are more aggressive than the native varieties and breed like – er – maggots.
    My neighbour decided to use them on his balcony two years ago. Since then, I’ve been anually subjected to a plague of the bastards, with literally hundreds of them flying in through my open bedroom window and settling in huge clumps in the corners of the window frames and between walls and ceiling.
    There was, in the end, only one sad solution to the problem; closed door and windows, the trusted can of fly-spray and a vacuum cleaner to deal with the mountains of corpses.

  4. The neem oil is effective for sure, but like everything you have to keep at it. I figure daily until the beasts are gone, but it does work.
    These plants are in a very windy spot too so that doesn’t seem to make a difference. Plants like nettles will attract ladybirds so it’s good to have a few around. A friend did suggest that I “buy” some ladybirds but it dosen’t seem right

  5. I had an infestation of green fly on my Witch Hazel. Not having bug spray (not that i’d want to use it anyway) the only thing i could do was to blast them off with a hoze. I did have to do it a few times but it worked. While yer on the subject of nettles -

  6. @Nevie I know of using nettles in that way to feed plants nutrients but not as a bug spray. I have some nettle “tea” fermenting so will use it as a spray, thanks for the tip

  7. must bring some of that nettle stuff with me to bangkok ‘ it might keep the ladyboys away

  8. Bit of an infestation on my broad beans at the moment, sprayed with a mix of washing up liquid and water and blasted them off with the hose, seems to have worked. Aphids only do any real damage to tender young shoots so your courgettes should be okay.

  9. Excellent nettle link! Thanks for posting it, wonder if it works as a fly repellant. Bootiful photos too, I love their colours.

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