Posh Mash

We all love the mashed spud, or poundies, as our northern brethren call the stuff. For us Limerick folk, we’ll stick with the Cockney pronunciation and continue to call it Pandy, just like our fathers and grandfathers.

However you say it, mashed potatoes are delicious and I won’t insult your intelligence by telling you how to boil a spud. Here’s a slightly less healthy version.

Chop up your spuds as usual.

And steam them until they’re ready to mash.

Why can’t someone make a masher with a flat end to push against?

When you’ve finished mashing your spuds, grate some cheese of your choice.

Then gently warm some cream.

Gradually add the grated cheese .

Stir the cream and cheese into the mashed  potatoes.



Season to your personal taste and serve with something delicious.

23 replies on “Posh Mash”

Ahh shite, yer mekkin me hungry boss, Looks brill mon .
Actually in regards to the masher..
I’m a wee bit hard on de damm things, I have yet tae find one that doesnae bend under the pressure of trying to pound enough spuds fer a family of five without bending intae an approximation of a bezier curve in some part or other of it’s frame.
Does anyone know where I can get one that’ll tek some abuse? been through four in the last twelve months.

Yes. That’s an improvement, but I could do much better with the design, and I’m not even a masher specialist. What would be wrong with an ergonomic flat pad to minimise the pressure? It isn’t rocket science.

In fact, it isn’t science at all. Well maybe a little bit.

Mashers with flat handles in BTs, suitable for posh mash. Where does the sieve come in? P.S looks like real heart clogging goodness to me

Still looks a little flimsy on the bottom and sides.
Now if I beefed them up mebbe with 10 mill bars….
I’ll hafta get inta the bockschloss boss, where didja leave the keys…

Sympathies on the masher. The meal looks gorgeous. What a wonderful taste it will produce. My love will really enjoy the meal today. I may have to blame you if he comes back for more.

the MITM had to come and see what i was sighing over, sugar! we’re making these TONIGHT! and serving some southern fried chicken with it…damn, now i’m really hungry! xoxoxo

@ Ronwan.
Those feckin turnip munchers are everywhere.
But if you wishBock add a t-spoon of mustard or some grated onion.

Or, add some sweet potatoe to the mash, a bit of milk, butter, salt, pepper, some freshly ground nutmeg, caramalized onions and fresh parsley.
It’s just divine, with the touch of sweetness.

Sitting on the wrong side of the planet reading this at breakfast time… Is it wrong to want posh pandy for breakfast? Damn I am hungry now.

Mix in some crisp bacon and fried onion – lovely, but it’ll wipe years off your life expectancy.

I think we agree everything goes with the good ole spud.
People from other places are suprised when I order fries with pasta. Great for tipping into your sauce though. Chicken curry with chips too. mmm

Excellent. If I ever do a post about instant mash, I must include that video.

Incidentally, why do the poorest people buy the most expensive food? Just wondering.

I consider myself poor, so to answer your question. Cause you want to know why you spend so much money on the answer to your question. Food is expensive for us all. I’m fucking sick to dealth of fucking social shite.. S H I T E. poor people don’t eat smash. Rich hurried house wives do.

Ann’s friend in Dublin, at least it’s cheaper thank drink. Best to be on the dry. :)

I’m told that culinary skills are low in the poorest areas. People tend to buy ready meals which are more expensive than using fresh ingredients and also contribute to obesity.

This is true.. my cavier on toast this morning, whilst nutritionally viable would be a bit high on the calorific intake compared to good ole…. cocopops. I don’t want to be poor and fat.. jesus.

Here’s a slightly less healthy version.

Bock where are you getting your health information from? This is a fantastically healthy dish! Your potato already has quite a lot going for it – it’s got some protein, and plenty of vitamins. Ok it is a bit high in carbohydrates, which are basically just filling material with little nutrient value, but as a carbohydrate food, potatoes are far superior to rice or wheat. What they mainly lack are the fat-soluble vitamins, which you have added plentifully here with your cheese and cream (real butter – no substitutes please – would also address this lack beautifully). The cheese also adds more protein, the whole could not be any healthier in my opinion.

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