Seanie Fitzpatrick, the Bankrupt Bed-and-Breakfast Man

The board game to end all board games

Today I’m going to tell you about Seánopoly, a property board game for the morally bankrupt.

You can be Fingers and I’ll be Seánie.  We’ll be the Bank.  This is a game for lots of people to have fun, so all our pals can play along as well.   They can be the Developers and the Politicians.  I think I’ll use this little helicopter as my piece on the board.  What will you use?  Oh, a little Portuguese golf resort.   What a lovely idea.

Now, listen carefully.  Here’s how the game works.

These two frightened-looking guys in dark suits can be Biffo and Yehudi.  They’ll be topping up the bank as the game goes on.  Try to ignore the cigarette smoke.

Our pals are going to buy all those little hotels and houses on the board, and our bank will give them the money.  They won’t ever have to pay the money back because they’ll all play the Bankrupt card, but that’s all right, because Biffo and Yehudi will pay the Bank instead.

In Seánopoly, there are no losers.  Everyone wins as long as the players stick together.  You can build as many hotels on each square as you want, and the more hotels there are, the higher their value.  It’s the same with houses.  There’s no limit to the number of houses and hotels, and the more you build, the more they cost.  Isn’t that great?

See those two piles of cards?  You can draw them whenever you like.

Look.  Here’s a Never-go-to-Jail card.  It’s unique to the Irish version of the game.  Keep that carefully in case you need it.  And here’s a Golf-With-the-Regulator green-fee receipt.  Look: it has a phone number written on the back of it.  I wonder who that phone number could belong to?  Yuk yuk.   And over there, specially for the Developers and the Politicians, is a Brand New Posh Accent card, and a fake Leaving Cert.  Here’s the What-All-The-French-Means-On-The-Menu card.  Hide it up your sleeve.

That card there?  Oh, that’s a loan guarantee, but you’ll never have to use it.  It means nothing.  Just something they had to put in because of silly board-game rules.  Ignore it.

Now, of course, with all the Developers making so much money by selling hotels to each other, it’s only fair that the Bankers should be rewarded for their work as well, so Fingers and I will just have a little slice off the top, and perhaps a modest loan to ourselves, from ourselves.  And maybe a pension.   Or two.

Now, don’t worry about the next bit.  This can’t happen, but if it does, which it won’t, because it can’t, but if, somehow, somebody asks for your Loan Guarantee Card, which in theory they can, except nobody ever does, the rules are very strict.

You have a year to hide as much money as you can before playing your Never-Go-To-Jail card and your I’m-Bankrupt-You-Can’t Touch-Me card.  But no more than a year.  The rules are very strict about that.

Got all that, kids?

OK.  Let’s play Seánopoly!!

56 thoughts on “Seanie Fitzpatrick, the Bankrupt Bed-and-Breakfast Man

  1. And don’t forget the Chancer card – Seanie’s been playing that one since his days as a little Bray knacker.

  2. What I don’t understand is what in God’s name did he need 87 million for. I mean why not do your job, be paid your salary and leave it at that. Why get so greedy? I suppose it’s hard when you see all your pals making so much money, you just have to get in on the action. The greedy bastard. That kind of money, it has to be like some sort of an addiction. There’s just never enough.
    Where’s the 87 million now? Someone got it.
    Where does the term bed and breakfast come from? A temporary lodging – shuffling around of loans is it?

    And another thing, the auditors of Anglo – Ernst & Young are a crowd of gangsters. I heard this from one of their former partners. Not his words mind you, but mine.

  3. It wasn’t just Fitzpatrick. It was all of them.

    They were seduced by the bigness of it all, like children playing with expensive toys.

    This is symptomatic of a profound character defect in the Irish psyche caused by our history. We have never grown up.

  4. I suppose nothing ever compensates when you feel a sense of lack. Much wants more as my mother would say..
    Wherever that sense of lack/inferiority originates from. Whether it’s caused by our history, it’s a common phenomenon.
    You allow kids access to the cookie jar and no one’s looking they’re gonna eat them all. Wasn’t there any grown ups to say, no enough. Auditors my arse. This country is very backwards. Why in the US would you be locked up for this kind of fraud. Yet here you can declare bankruptcy, with half your assets in your wife’s name in any event and fuck off to Portugal or somewhere. Where are the CAB?!
    There’s something seriously wrong though when you want in on the action to the tune of 87 million. You must know on some level you’re in over your head but can’t help yourself. I suppose what does it matter when it’s not your money. Fucking treasonous.

  5. Bock

    “I think I’ll use this little helicopter as my piece on the board. ”

    You can’t.

    Ben Bernanke is using the helicopter.

  6. I’m afraid all the Helicopters belong to the failed businesse of the Haughey clan, we paid for that too.


  7. When Fitzer and any of his mates apply to spend a few nights in a Salvation Army hostel I’ll believe that they are really bankrupt and on the ropes.

  8. Li Peiying, former chief of the Capital Airports Holding Company (CAH) who was convicted of taking bribes and embezzlement, was executed Friday in Jinan, capital of east China’s Shandong Province, according to the Supreme People’s Court.

    The execution came one month after the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s Court upheld the death sentence against Li’s appeal. The supreme court had reviewed the sentence.

    Li, 60, former chairman and general manager of CAH, was sentenced at Jinan Intermediate People’s Court on February 6 after being convicted of accepting bribes of 26.61 million yuan (US$3.9 million) from 1995 to 2003 and misappropriating 82.5 million yuan for personal use from 2000 to 2003.

    Li appealed to the Shandong Provincial Higher People’s Court after the conviction. The provincial court rejected Li’s appeal and upheld the death penalty.

    According to law, the death sentence has to be reviewed by the Supreme People’s Court before it is enforced.

    CAH, under the Civil Aviation Administration of China, is a large state-owned enterprise. It has 30 airports in nine provinces and more than 38,000 staff.

  9. Bock the game has potential , or would have if there was anyone left with the money to buy it. Not to worry Seanie and the rest of the boy’s of the Golden Circle will not be found sitting beside an ATM with a paper cup. We might but they shall not.

  10. Interesting parallel with China there, Peter.

    I’m no fan of the authoritarian capitalism developing in China that’s coming to eclipse the ‘liberal’ version from which we suffer, but they do have a rather more ‘robust’ approach to the banks. According to Richard McGregor’s book on the Chinese Communist Party today a representative of each of the four big banks sit on the Central Committee (a bit like our government except in China they have a minority position and don’t call the shots).

    When the Chinese Banks were told to lend to businesses to stimulate the indigenous economy, by Dog they lent. They competed in lending. They were assessed at the end of the year on how much they lent. And surprise, surprise the Chinese economy survived the downturn pretty well.

    As far as I know, they didn’t make radio commercials, telling the populace how they were ‘open for business’, and bribing small businesspeople to say how helpful they had been.

  11. Great board game Bock, I’m convinced that megalomania and greed go hand in hand.

    I’m also convinced that Seanie and his ilk will get wriggle off the hook with the help of his friends in FF.

  12. Peter and Pope Epopt, The Chinese certainly know how to run a country and thats for sure.Wish we could hire them to run Ireland for a decade or so.They woud provide the kind of shock therapy that the corporate,political, legal and other criminal classes in this country urgently need.No more golden handshakes or bankruptcy rewards/optouts just bang bang or if they are lucky 20 or 30 years in a quarry breaking rocks.

  13. Did I hear correctly (on the news) that Mrs. Seánie will buy his half of their house and keep her half of his pension and everything else they have?
    That’ll mean a nice, confortable life still for the pair of them.
    Will she pay his half of their debts, I wonder?

  14. Yeah. Seán can’t hold a bank account worth more than a couple of hundred, but it seems Mrs Seanie and the Seáiníní – who are not bankrupt – can have as much as they want in their accounts. So, in reality, Seánie won’t be begging in the streets any time soon. At worst, he’ll be thinking twice before ordering the most expensive wines on the menu when he dines out. And of course, he’ll have to endure the humiliation of getting the Missus to pay for everything.

  15. Seanie humiliated by someone paying his bills? Given he does not seem to have a problem with four million of us paying for him. I think not.

  16. bang on gary. rip off ireland alive and well in cork €7 for a pint at the regatta’ that will bring in the tourists the greed seanies

  17. And whose fault is that Ann’s friend in Dublin? Were your forced kicking and screaming to cough up 7 euros for your pint . You can always not drink you know. Water’s cheap too.

  18. I doubt Seanie does ” Humiliation ” in any form.
    Apparantly Mrs Seanie is worth 3.6 million, So an occasional treat might come his way, Alternativly he might draw further on his inner ” Terminator ” and go sort out all that corruption and pillage in those Nigerian oil fields we paid for.

  19. Sean Fitzpatrick fucked the country with Anglo.

    Now he’s fucked Anglo.

    He’s just a fucker.

    He’ll never go to jail and his fucker wife and fucker children won’t go there.

    Fuck him. Fuck his wife. Fuck his children.

    And fuck the entire gombeen class that this country embraced when the British left.

  20. Why don’t we just develop a Peoples Court, get rid of the over paid Moriartys and so on and have a panel of each lader in society sit on it, a bit like Jury Duty, with the feelings of the Public actully used to create a fairer society. I’d say FF and the Bankers (With a Silent B and Prominent W) woulld shit themselves. If these people don’t see prison or the barrell of a gun then it will all happen again i can assure you.
    Whats Fitzptricks wifes job, or is she just a well paid housewife, if he was criminalised no doubt these monies would be classed as the proceeds of crime and CAB could step in but CAB is only for the working class and is a pointless excercise, even when they take all the criminals money they just give it over to our sitting criminals to misappropriate.

    Peace and Love,

  21. A.F.I.D at €7 a pint I do not blame you. But listen Folks we are all being very negative. We should all follow Seanie example. Just give the partner a few million and go Bankrupt, let the little people worry about the debts. We might have to cut our partners arms and legs off and keep them in a box, in case they get ideas above their station. After all Seanie was (is?) the Golden One of the Golden Circle and his example must be followed with blind and unwavering faith.

  22. As Bertie said ” Everything was o.k when I left”

    These people know nothing of the hardship they’ve caused and will never feel the extent of the poverty they’ve created, when companies are closing all over Ireland its good to know Bertie has made sure his friends bought as many copies of his daughters books, that Cowen still has his solicitors office to fleece from and all the shares and options they have were all payed for by you and me. Bankrupcy is for business that have failed, not for countries that have failed their businesses. Its sad to see, but I’m one of the many who’ve got the fuck out of dodge, not being a smart arse but we got what we elected. When the government refused our Legally binding Election on Lisbon we should have disbanded the government and had them all shot. We have a Senate like Rome 1000 years ago, when the old and wealthy politicians that couldn’t cut it still need to thrive off the Revenue the country makes or they’ll tell the truth and bring the whole lot down.
    A criminal gang is a group of people intent on making profit, we have in our power the laws to arrest on association with a gang, yet FF/FG and the other gang members are bulletproof to this law. We need to start hounding the lower level FF/FG members, we need to push them into telling/swearing in court the truth about what they know has gone on. My reference to FG would be they’ve sat idoly by and the only concern was when they’d get their noses in the trot. Juryless courts for criminals, these politicians are the most criminal thing our country has or will ever see.
    The proceeds of crime act needs to be enforced on all family members of these people, all bank accounts of children and wives need to be frozen until they can explain their earnings.
    If its good enough for John Gilligan/Martin Cahill and so on then why not the biggest criminals in our society, the FF/FG/Green wrecking machine.

    Fuck them all, Hard.

  23. By the By,
    Who gives a fuck how much a pint costs, if you’ve paid 7 euro for a pint your an idiot, likewise 3 euro for a bottle of water. Nothing will be done about it until you stop buying.

    Get a grip

  24. Peter so negative! And as you have left the building you no longer have a vote, your opinions are therefore of no consequence. Only the sheep that are left are allowed “baa“ at the instruction of the born leaders..
    The Golden Circle rule. Seanie and friends are one of their own and shall be protected. The best thing those that have left can do is send food parcels. Although these shall be confiscated by customs and sold to pay Seanies debts.

  25. I know there’s good reason to be angry, but could people occasionally, once in a while, try to map a way forward instead of being defeatist all the time? It’s starting to depress me. And when I talk about a way forward, I don’t mean the usual meaningless bullshit about hanging bankers and pliticians. Ok?

    Venting is good, but this place is becoming a home for moaners and I’m getting sick of it.

    Ideas, please, instead of constant doom.

  26. Everything he touched was criminal:

    FitzPatrick was chief executive of the bank from 1986 until 2005, when he became its chairman. He resigned from that position in December 2008 when details of secret loans he had taken out with the bank were revealed.

    Fitzpatrick’s loans totaling 155m from Anglo Irish have not yet been repaid, although he has retired on a considerable pension of over 4 million a year. Anglo Irish has slowly been engaged in a series of slow partial write offs of these loans leading to claims of protectionism and there is growing concerns over inequality in pursuing debt depending on the status of the person concerned.

    Sean FitzPatrick was appointed to a number of positions by Fianna Fáil politicians. In 1998 the then Minster for the Environment and Local Government Noel Dempsey appointed FitzPatrick to the Dublin Docklands Development Authority where he served until 2007.[3] FitzPatrick was also appointed as an non-executive to the Irish airline Aer Lingus in March 2004[4] by the prominent Fianna Fáil politician and then Minister for Transport Séamus Brennan.

    When he resigned from Anglo Irish Bank, Fitzpatrick also resigned his non-executive directorships at Greencore, Aer Lingus, Experian, Smurfit Kappa Group, and Gartmore Irish Growth Fund.

    So why not see what his Bint has in shares in all these companies, why not check her maiden name, her childrens names, the fucking dog probably has millions in its name somewhere????

    Greencore for example:
    It was established by the Irish Government in 1991 to take over Irish Sugar, the nationalised sugar production company. 55% of the group was listed on the Irish Stock Exchange that year, over the years additional placements have led to almost 100% of the shares now being in private hands. The exception is that the Irish Government holds a special share certificate (value EUR 1.26) in Irish Sugar Limited in order to prevent the Irish sugar quota being sold without its consent. Other businesses owned by Greencore include various convenience food related interests in the Republic of Ireland. Greencore is quoted on the Irish Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange. Despite starting out in the sugar industry, Greencore is today the world’s largest sandwich manufacturer.

    Experian plc, formerly known as CCN Systems, is a global credit information group, with operations in 36 countries. The company employs 15,500 people with corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and operational headquarters in Nottingham, England and Costa Mesa, California, U.S. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. In August 2005, Experian accepted that it had violated the Federal Trade Commission rules relating to the provision of free credit reports by mandating members to provide credit card information before a request is fulfilled. The Federal Trade Commission’s fraud unit received several complaints regarding this tactic and agreed to a settlement with the company.[6] As of November 23, 2009, Experian still requires a credit card number to receive a free credit report, and automatically enrolls people in “Triple Advantage(SM) Credit Monitoring,” a paid service costing $14.95 per month.[7]

    PriceGrabber was acquired by Experian in 2005 for $485 million.[8] Also in 2005, Experian acquired FootFall, an information provider to the retail and retail property industries:[9] FootFall is now a part of Experian’s marketing solutions division.

    Experian announced its purchase of Northern Credit Bureaus, located in Quebec, Canada in September 2006.[10]

    Experian was demerged from the British company GUS plc in October 2006 and listed on the London Stock Exchange.[11]

    In April 2007, Experian acquired Hitwise, an internet monitor that collects data directly from information service provider networks.[12]

    Experian acquired the French leading e-mail marketing company Emailing Solution in May 2007.[13]

    Experian expanded its coverage of the customer lifecycle by acquiring the Tallyman debt collection management software from UK-based Talgentra in May 2007.[14]

    In January 2008 Experian announced that over 200 jobs would go at its Nottingham office as it would move development work to India in a cost cutting move.[15]

    Experian announced that it will be shutting down its Canadian operations as of April 2009.

    The Smurfit Kappa Group is Europe’s leading corrugated packaging company, following the merger of Jefferson Smurfit Group and Kappa Packaging. This merger was finalized by the end of 2005. The group is owned by Madison Dearborn Partners, by Cinven Limited and CVC Capital Partners and by management.

    The Group has sales of approximately 7 billion euro, operations at some 400 locations and over 40,000 employees. Smurfit Kappa Group has operations in containerboard, solid board, graphic board, corrugated and solid board packaging. The Group is present in over 20 European countries, nine Latin American nations, as well as Canada, Singapore, the USA and South Africa.

    In the UK the recycling division Smurfit Kappa Recycling has a network of recycling facilities which collect 500,000 tonnes of mixed waste paper annually from local authorities and companies nationwide for recycling at two Group paper mills in Birmingham and Snodland.

    Gartmore Group Limited (LSE: GRT) is a British-based investment management business. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
    It was then bought by NatWest in 1996 and by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company in 2000 before becoming part of the investment portfolio of Hellman & Friedman, a private equity fund, in 2006.[2] It was re-listed on the London Stock Exchange in December 2009. The Company has £22.2 billion of assets under management as at 31 December 2009.

    You think Seanie’s broke, or is living on 3.5 million his wife has, BOLLOXS.

  27. Doom Bock,
    Give it 5 years and see, its reality.

    And as for Gary,
    Whats the point in voting, they’ll just tell us to do it again if they don’t like the result.

    I’m out Bock, it’s obvious that honesty isn’t excepted today.

    Whats wrong with hanging them, your near sure the next guy won’t be so quick to rob the state.

    What a load of cockoligy from you Bock, would have expected better to be honest.
    Oh yeah, don’t be honest.

    Lets all sit back and listen to what you have to say about it all Bock, what wonders have you got to save the day? Or will Sarcastic Letters from Bock quell the economy and bring us out of the mess were in?

  28. Bock of course you are correct all doom and gloom is not good . But future? Prithey lead on McDuff.

  29. Peter — Are you doubting my integrity?

    I didn’t ask you to lie. I asked people for a few positive suggestions. Is that too much for you?

  30. Bock O.K. another thread has encouraged me to think in a more positive way. Let us teach our kids the language known to us “round eyes” as Mandarin but to the Chinese as Standard. As the Mandarin’s were their Golden Circle and they had the good sense to get rid of them. China is the future! It has lots of problems that need fixing . For example the air in Beijing is so polluted it can be cut into slices. No doubt some of our great and good could sell them the Green idea?

  31. peter ‘if you bought me for a fool you would be a long time selling me as one’ all i was saying its a fucking rip off’ people should say no thats all

  32. I am as guilty as anyone for moaning and venting here, For me though, It’s been a primary outlet, As i don’t moan to family and friends.
    You are so right though, There has to be some kind of balance.
    At this point in time, I am still processing and dealing with a lot of what has happened in the past 18 months, And so much has happened, But i am ” getting there ” Don’t know if this will beof remotest benefit to anyone here and as of yet I have not found a new way of making a living.
    What I have done though is completly reappraised and overhauled my perceptions, values and focus, I never want to take on a ” Victim ” status and i would never approportion blame for circumstances which occured.
    I now view each day as an opportunity to make personal progress, in my thoughts, in my home, to my family and most importantly in my view of the world.
    This overhaul has certainly brought about a large degree of personal peace and strength of resolve, I am most definitly a much happier person since i faced the hard facts of my business and private life, I have a lot less materially but a lot more personally, for which i now place a very high value that i was denying myself.
    For me, the turnaround had to begin at a very deep personal level, So far i don’t have any genius ideas for ” making money ” but that will come when the present processing is complete, This might not work for everyone but it has worked for me.
    When I get back to ” making a living ” It will have to be for something that will benefit others as all the ” soul searching ” of the past 18 months has made me positive i never again want to get lost in the world of economics, I will see that as only a factor in the greater scheme.

  33. I like that game BOCK. If it wasn’t so serious I’d laugh. Interesting comments thread too.
    I too don’t have a solution or any clue about what we all should do. I think about it quite a bit so I know that a focused direction will eventually come in to view.
    I believe that we rather stupidly sat back and allowed ourselves to be blindsided by the powers that be.
    For instance, I was reminded only yesterday in a casual conversation in a pub about the AIB advertisements of just a few years back which suggested blatantly that students should pop in to their local AIB branch and lie through their teeth to get the student loan. We all saw nothing wrong with that being put out there as being the best way to do business with AIB.
    I thought nothing of those adds at the time, except that they were a bit of light humour, but in the clear light of hindsight it is obvious that I should have paid closer attention.
    All of us should have.

  34. Norma I respect and admire your opinion. However I have a problem with the notion of “when” when the economy turns around. When we are all millionaires . But hey the IMF think the Government are great! So we can all lie back throw our legs in the air and think of Ireland.

  35. Gary. Hope i’m not misinterpreting you but no,no,no, My future, Whatever shape it takes has no connection whatsoever to an ” Economic turnaround ” I won’t be dependent on forecasts or so called experts predictions or opinions of ” Recovery “.
    I think the point i was trying to make, As someone who could be identified by others, ( not by myself ) as a ” recession victim ” I do not take that tag on board at all, I see it now as an opportunity for exploration and change, Albeit presently on a personal level, But that will broaden, In time.
    Granted, I had to make a lot of changes, But every single one of them have been beneficial, Its not that i don’t have financial concerns but i am much more positive and clear as to how to address them, I have a much deeper appreciation now of the more important things, Like the light in the sky in the evening, I lost that sense for a while, so glad to have it back, What a fool i was !!

  36. Norma I did not mean to be flippant or insulting. I do have a genuine problem with the notion that all will be well “going forward”. Ireland is now the worst basket case in the World. I can not see any way out. I have always loved the sky, sea and the land. Even when the Tiger was in full roar.

  37. FME. Maybe you meant ” shoot ” but whatever tense you meant, Do you have some issue with my post ?
    Gary. No i did’nt think you were being flippant, ” going forward ” is now the mantra for ” We are trying to distract from how fucked the Country is by throwing in a few Americanisations from motivational speakers ” It does’nt work.

  38. I did Norma, thanks. :) No issue with your post. It’s the economy. It’s making me a bit doomy and gloomy I think. That and the fact that I can usually do 8 hours work in 2, gets me a bit restless.

  39. What about Obama’s ‘Yes we can’ attitude. That was surely a great motivational Americanisation.
    I’m gonna go with Gary’s suggestion – lie back throw our legs in the air and think of Ireland and scream yes I can! That’ll surely cheer us all up.

  40. FME. If you are doing 8 hrs work in 2 hrs, Maybe a career change would dispell some doom and gloom ?
    I’m all for a ” Yes we can ” attitude , when it’s delivered with a grasp on reality.
    When Obama was elected, My youngest daughter objected to all the hype, Her view was that, it should have had no focus on his race or ethnic origin, It should have been on what he would deliver, She felt the focus on his ethnic origin was backward thinking………….but i’m going off topic.

  41. Now that’s a thought Norma.. a career change. I have dreams of jumping ship and fecking off to some Caribbean Island to work in some bar on the beach. Sounds a bit airy fairy though. I don’t know what stops me, I have the money. Too much sense for my own good I think. I have an incling the folks in those places might be cheerier than us lot though.
    I thought that was the whole point about Obama, that he was the most qualified regardless of his skin colour. That the focus wasn’t on his race. Other black people have run for president before as far as I’m aware – Jessy Jackson I think.

  42. FME. Now you are going to get me in trouble……..going off topic again !
    I don’t like to assume anything but you sound young……….just this, Who ever put ” airy fairy ” in your head ? Your life and your time isn’t a rehearsal, This is the real deal, You want to piss off to a Caribbean Island, get some bar work, You go, Grenada is nice, not touristy, Seriously theres one shot to living your own life not somebody elses, live it and enjoy ! I did………..hopefully I still am, Boredom and dissatisfaction can make you ill !

  43. I’d probably last a week Norma. Sweltering heat, working for 2 cents an hour – I don’t think so. There’s a small matter of a visa also.
    I’m not that young. :) Thanks for the advice though. :)

  44. Bock,
    Only back now, was out with family and friends and couldn’t spend anymore time listening to people complain about complaining, is this not what the site is for. I do doubt your integrity on this, if you were half the person I believe you to be then you’d have been visible on TV or somewhere else in the media other then a website and no doubt have the intellect to actually stand as an Independant candidate and do something about the issues you so frequently write about, but instead, like Sky Sports, you seem to be an armchair pundit. People are upset, the end to this needs to involve mass support for the arrest and punishment of the perpitrators and the benefactors of the injustice served to the Irish people, so get off your arse and do something about it rather then tell people they’re pesemistic.
    I do belive these people need the sever punishment they deserve, I don’t believe I’m all doom and gloom, but I’ve had to leave my home, my country and family for the want of a better life, What the fuck have you done, apart from some smart arsed posts????

  45. Noticed alot of references to China, well here’s the men who to this day have the power to change peoples minds :

    In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.

    If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of ten years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.

    It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

    Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.

    Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

    Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

    Silence is a true friend who never betrays.

    To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice.

    Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?

    Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?
    Sun Tzu

    Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.
    Sun Tzu

    Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts. Then, until death itself comes, no calamity need be feared.
    Sun Tzu

    The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.
    Sun Tzu

    The skilful employer of men will employ the wise man, the brave man, the covetous man, and the stupid man.
    Sun Tzu

    When envoys are sent with compliments in their mouths, it is a sign that the enemy wishes for a truce.
    Sun Tzu

    You have to believe in yourself.
    Sun Tzu

    Hopefully this isn’t too pesimistic


  46. What I do in my private life, Peter, is none of your business. Remember that. Keep the discussion about the issues and don’t you worry about things that are none of your affair.

  47. A raw nerve there Bock, musn’t offend you by telling the truth.
    Fuck you and your webpage, get off your hole and do something about it. You’re quick enough to tell everyone else.


  48. This is probably as good a time as any to repeat something that has been explained many times.

    This site encourages robust debate, but personalised abuse is absolutely unacceptable. Peter has chosen to take no further part in the the debates on this site.

    It’s ironic that somebody with a Chinese IP address should be so worked up about the private business of a person in Ireland, but there you go. It isn’t the first time Peter’s good manners have deserted him on this site, but it will be the last.

  49. Well Done Bock:
    Here’s a laugh for you: I was getting a little ‘confused’ and a little warm around the neck area, reading all the rants etc. When I came to your decision on the page I began to calm down. My husband was reading the Clare Champion at the table and interrupted me, with a read from page 7, regarding the return of the diving boards to Kilkee. I laughed so hard the tears ran down my cheeks.(Maybe it was his delivery of the piece) It appears that the diving boards were reinstalled with a lovely sign that actually means ‘NO DIVING’. Three lovely, official signs, one says NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, the one underneath illustrates a warning of BOULDERS UNDER THE WATER and the third illustration is a warning NO DIVING. See the picture Bock.
    There was diving boards there since Richard Harris R.I.P was a lad.

    Regarding other impolite suggestions to you, my suggestion for what it is worth Bock is; continue to give us the opportunity to debate. It is a positive way of working out the aspirations we have for the country. We may not be sure of the path to the future but we will work out the roads we do not want to take. Thank you.

  50. listening to pat kenny on the telly the other night. a lot of business men were complaining about the problem of cash flow. they are viable and in reality profitable. however they have difficulties getting paid money for work carried out. they all require money from a bank in the form of an overdraft and the banks that we own a large chunk of are not splashing the cash. now i was wondering how difficult would it be to cut the banks from the equation all together? what if companies got together and looked at who owed whom what. it would be similar to a barter system. if there is circular movement of cash/goods between companies, then there is no reason for them not to cancel out each others debts. for example, A owes B €100k, B owes C €100k and C owes A €100k. they are all waiting on the each other to pay, a phone call between the 3 would cancel all the debts. and even if the debts were not the same, the scheme would reduce the outgoings somewhat for each company.
    and what is to stop a group of businesses creating their own tender? some form of “currency ” that would allow a company to make product/services that would generate euros.

  51. Brilliant idea. There’s no reason whatever why businesses shouldn’t start clearing their own debts. Let’s write it out in more detail and make a post of it.

  52. Very good game indeed, where may I purchase it ?
    Ooooh sorry, just got my taxes for 2010 and must pay much more to help fix a mess I didn’t create.
    So do you mean I’m already part of the game ?
    and what, 100 Bn to fund the irish banking system ?
    2011, year of the irish banana republic, only for you people, only for you.

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