Selling the Family Silver

I hear the government (otherwise known as “those fucking chancers”) have appointed Colm “Snip” McCarthy to value all our State assets with a view to selling them off.

This is to pay the costs incurred by their pals Seanie Fitz, FIngers Fingleton and the rest of the bankers who owned Fianna Fáil and its ministers until they went bust gambling on a giant Ponzi scheme.  You might remember Bernie Madoff went to jail in America for doing something similar.

As December approaches, with the need for €3 billion in further cuts, the government (TFC) are trying to see what they can flog, and so far have come up with a shortlist of  candidates, including the ESB, Bord Gáis and the Dublin Airport Authority, which also owns and mismanages Shannon Airport.

This government, as you know, has a glorious record of success in selling off and otherwise manipulating State assets.  For example, when they floated Telecom Éireann, this country was at the leading edge of digital telephony.  We rebuilt our phone system from scratch in the Eighties and Nineties, with the result that we possessed the most modern network in the world, and what happened then?  Thanks to a decision by this government to sell off our brand new telecomms network just as the internet was about to take off, we have no broadband backbone.  We lack the vital communications infrastructure necessary to compete with such developed economies as Ulan Bator, Burkina Faso and Somalia.

They sold off Aer Lingus, a company built using your money and mine.  Relieved of any social responsibility, the newly-private company promptly dumped on Shannon Airport and then rounded on its employees with savage cuts.

They excelled themselves by giving away the gas from the  Corrib field.  They sent a battalion of police to defend the Shell construction site, beating protestors out of the way and jailing some of them.  For what – royalties?  No. Not a penny in royalties.  Profit-sharing? No.  Shell get it all.  Cheaper gas? No – we pay full price for our gas.  First call on the energy supply?  No.  Shell can send the gas straight to China if they wish.  For what then?  Guess.

They gave a billion euros of your money to build a national resource, a children’s hospital, which will be controlled by the people who used to employ Bertie as a book-keeper — the Mercy nuns.  They gave another billion or more to pay the costs of those same nuns and their cronies in the residential child abuse scandal.

However, there’s nothing new about this crowd of crooks giving away State assets.  As I often told you before, they gave all our quarries to Tom Roche so that he and his brother could set up Roadstone and sell the County Councils’ own stone back to them, while quietly lining Fianna Fáil ministers’ pockets at the same time.

They built a gigantic motorway, the M50, at each side of the Liffey, using public money, and allowed a private company to build a bridge and collect all the toll money.

There is nothing this crowd won’t do.  Nothing they won’t debase, soil or abuse.

They will sell anything they can get their hands on if they think it will bring them short-term political advantage.  They care nothing for the future.

Watch them carefully now as they look around for things to sell off so they can announce smaller tax increases in the budget.  I’m telling you, nothing is safe.  They’ll sell off RTÉ, though that might be no harm.  They’ll sell the postal service.  They’ll sell forestries, schools, hospitals.  They’ll sell the air and the water.   Get used to breathing less oxygen unless you’re prepared to pay.

I’m telling you now: there’s nothing this crowd of imbeciles won’t sink to, so brace yourself, Nora!

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You are correct no foresight or long term stategy.Inability to see the longer term consequences of their actions.Lets have a feast today and let tomorrow take care of itself.Basically no real intelligent input into where the country should be going and how.And I have seen telecommunications and health services in so called third world countries that make this place look like a ramshackle backwater. Now I guess they will fuck up the few remaining things that do work here

Jeez, I’ll have to keep my hand on my handbag!
At least they can’t sell the schools anyway. Thank goodness, they gave them away to our fine Bishops already. Phew!

Colm the snipper has a handy number with the FFGP party – he’s certainly not worried about unemployment!

Nothing new. This shower would sell their children into the slave trade to pay their drinks bill!

@ Gary


They’d sell YOUR children.

Their children will be too busy enjoying the spoils.

Rich Banker I had taken it as a given that they have already sold our children, grand children and great grand children into slavery to pay the bill’s of their friends! However on reflection you are most probably correct. Theirs are most likely to be indulging in orgies in Spain or Greece as I write.

They would never sell FF TV, Bock. FF TV (and radio) has been their most potent weapon for the past 50 years.

Speaking of asset stripping and stripped assets, this article from the Tribune in January is interesting

“FORMER taoiseach Bertie Ahern has been appointed chairperson of a forestry body, which is being financed by a Swiss firm that is a specialist in offshore banking.

The main backers of the fund are Helvetia Wealth AG of Switzerland and the Irish Forestry Fund, which plans Pto invest in trees in Ireland, the UK and Central America.

A spokesman for the fund said it would also consider an acquisition of Coillte, privatisation of which was mooted in the report of An Bord Snip Nua.

aul Brosnan of the International Forestry Fund said that Ahern, despite still serving as a TD, was the perfect candidate for the job as chair of the body.

He said: “The International Forestry Fund has been recently launched. We were looking for a chairman with a very good international reputation and the ability to get things done.

“Bertie Ahern sprang to mind and we are absolutely delighted with that. We didn’t ask him to become chairman because he is an expert in forestry; we have enough of those on board. He has a proven ability to make things happen on an international basis.”


I believe he came highly recommended by Shell.

dont you just hate the cunts ‘ just stop voting FF and GP that’s a start

What about selling off Aras an Uachtarain, and that useless fucker that resides there, at our expense.

C’est la Craic,

Thanks for the info. It makes sense. They FF/GP merde need to be looking to top-ups on their Dáil pensions.

The CEO of Coillte awarded himself €400k in salary and pensions contributions last year. Nice work if you can get it.

inco – “you have to attract, (and reward), the right calibre of individual”


Tell us then, what exactly do you think we have attracted and rewarded in Ireland? Did we get the “right calibre of individual”? And if not, then why, in relation to attration and reward?

C’est La Craic that thought struck me too, but then I came to the conclusion that inco was being ironic or sarcastic. I may have been mistaken! It is undeniable that we are paying top dollar for people that my American relatives would refer to as “shit for brains”.

Yep, sorry, I was being sarcastic. It is galling to think how our leaders & co. are probably the best rewarded in the world, for making a total fuck up of this country.
They regularly used to trot out the, “to attract the right calibre of individual”, reason, in the past, when they would be asked to justify their remuneration levels. I haven’t heard it much recently though.
The arrogance, (especially in this day and age), of any fucker thinking he is worth 400,000, to be in charge of a few trees.
Or a bank for that matter.

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