Street Ambassadors

Doing a good job despite recessions, downturns and plagues of frogs

Here’s Declan and Kieran, two of our local street ambassadors. I bumped into them while I was out cycling , and caught them a bit off guard, because they weren’t expecting some lunatic to jump off a bike and take their picture.

But when they recovered their composure, they turned out to be two nice, friendly lads, as you’d expect from a street ambassador.

What’s a street ambassador?

It’s a great idea, that’s what. These lads, and the rest of their colleagues, walk the streets helping tourists, advising people where to find places of interest, where to go for entertainment, food or maybe a bit of historical interest. I think they also rescue the occasional maiden in distress, leap tall buildings and save the world from time to time, but this is their day job.

There are ten of them in all, and they never rest. They roam the streets of our town spreading cheer and good information for the needy.

Good stuff out of the Coordination Office. When we see positive work being done here, we’ll report it.

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They came into where I work today and were asking around about what was going on there and around the area, fair play, not doing the “Ah… the Treaty Stone….Angela’s Ashes.. bla bla” usual . Good work fellas

I’ve never really had any need to talk to them. I just hope they know their stuff about Limerick. I’d hate to think that it’s become a nice handy number for a few people, but there is no real return. If i’m not mistaken, the idea was first proposed by Diarmuid Scully when he was Mayor in 2004?

Great stuff alright, but a waste of effin money giving work to people that already have jobs! I won’t say which of the Ambassadors were/are already working, but the whole point initially was to promote Limerick and give tthose that were jobless and had a good knowledge of Limerick a chance. There are one or two Ambassadors that actually know what they are talking about, but a few that don’t know their arse from their elbow, and when asked about the Bishop’s Palace and they look at you blankly…………. I rest my case!

At the risk of overcommenting to-night, The ” Bishops Palace ” is now known as ” The Civic Trust ” office, But for fucks sake why do holes and whinging have to be picked in everything ?
Those lads are surely offering a friendly face, A bit of information….possibly even some communication and banter, Rare enough.
Typical backward bullshit picking holes in something positive, Why ? just because thats the mainstream trend ? I’m beyond sick of it.
Good Luck to all the ” Ambassadors ” and fuck the begrudgers.

well Norma, I believe the whole Ambassador initiative was a brilliant idea to start off with , but you would expect An Ambassador to know that it is now known as The Civic Trust Office, wouldn’t you? Somewhere along the line it’s become a case of who one knows, and what one knows etc. If I were hiring for such a position and the overall plan was to promote Limerick and give some unemployed individuals a chance, I’d choose someone that was looking for work rather than someone who was already engaged in employment. I would also give a chance to someone who actually knew a tad about the history of Limerick etc, rather than hiring someone with little knowledge and then have to spend more money training them up! That’s just my personal opinion and observations! Some of them look up notes and books to answer questions! It’s just an easy number to some of them, walking around having a chat with each other and sarnie on a park bench every now and then! and I’ve noticed that rather than giving a chance to different individuals each year (as was the intitial plan), they are now rehiring some of the same people.

Fair enough.

I suppose if people do a good job it makes sense to bring them back the following year, but if there are people who don’t know what they’re talking about, they should be passed over.

The Street Ambassadors are an excellent idea, but whoever decided to dress them in red needs to look at it again. Any given day, there are loads of people walking around the city wearing Munster kit so the SA are lost. Maybe dress them in a bright luminous colour so they are properly visable ?

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