Why would you bother?

What is wrong with people who commit acts of random vandalism?

Within the last few months I have come across two fabulous examples of “freedom of expression” by the underclasses in our society.

I brought the kids on a Sunday drive to Charleville back in March. There is a fantastic playground there with climbing rope frames, swings, trains for the younger ones to play on and loads of other fantastic gear. It gave herself time to read the Sunday papers in the car while I tried to wear them down enough so that they would sleep before getting up for school on Monday.

When I got there this is the sight that greeted me.

Football and Basketball Court

Now this took some work to achieve, Hard Work, this stuff is deliberately tough, made to withstand torture from having kids run into it, swing off it, kick footballs against it, that’s what it was designed for. But some bloody Muppet really went out of his way to destroy it, using fire and an accelerant.

The work that went into destruction.

Then, the following weekend we went the other direction, my lunatic brother in law decided that it was time for the first Surf-boarding of the season . We went to Spanish point to put ourselves through the torture of entering the water for the first time this year.

We parked up, geared up, wives (The sensible ones) with woolly caps and winter jackets, husbands, us lunatics in wetsuits carrying boards, too daft to call each other out on the sheer stupidity of it. Each just not willing to admit to the other that we were bloody frozen in the water until eventually through mutual agreement, we got out en masse before our toes fell or broke off due to frostbite.

Back to the cars, dry off and sit down at the tables to eat the lunch which was brought with us.

This is what we should have been able to use:

Spanish Point

This is what we saw when we got there, Notice anything different?

Picnic Table

Here’s a closer Look:

Saw Cut through a 9"x4" solid piece of teak seating.

Some idiot had done this with a bloody Chainsaw: Had gone to the trouble of getting petrol, mixing the oil/petrol mix, bringing the chainsaw to the lunch area and taken it out, started it up and cut a bloody chunk out of a perfectly good seat.


Clare Co. Council had a spare ready in the wings to replace it, I had seen it on my way up out of the water but didn’t realise what it was until I had seen the damage, how much is it going to cost between buying the lumber, getting the seat made then breaking out and replacing the cut one?

Replacement Seat.

This vandalism is just another symptom of a far more serious problem. Earlier this year, on this site , the boss lauded the passing into law of the right to protect your home and the vicinity of your home. It is a good idea, but a good first step only in my opinion.

As a society, we appear to have created an underclass that has no respect for anything or anyone. Maybe I’m just getting older, but over the last few years I’ve been more and more sickened by the increasing number of attacks on Elderly people living alone, destruction of peoples property, the destruction of Public Property. We are becoming immunised to the many, many cases of people being savagely beaten and terrorised for a measly few Euros that they had put away to keep themselves warm and fed. Who can blame these innocents for keeping it at home instead of in the bank? They have worked hard for all that they have. The banking system has failed and has lost all credibility, they cannot trust it, so they go back to doing what they did before in hard times, stuffing their hard earned cash under the mattress or in a hole in the house wall.

Our so called “Deprived” underclass of course, have never worked a day in their lives but they have “Issues” around things if you are to believe the bleeding hearts who have made an industry out of explaining away the failures of society to give them “Their Entitlements”. These “Deprived” automatically assume that they have a right to money along with all of their other rights and therefore they think they can just walk in and take it and destroy anyone who disagrees with them.

The title of this piece started as “Why would you bother”, I was dejected, but I’m sick to the teeth of it, of them and of the apologists who reckon it’s societies fault that they do what they do.


As I wrote this, I became more and more agitated. I am going to bother, and I want you to bother too. The truth of it is that it is societies fault, it is our fault, mine and yours. We’re all guilty. We have allowed these thugs to do this to us by being complacent. We have allowed them to do this by turning the other cheek.We have given them the power by sitting back and doing nothing. We tolerate it.

What do I think? I don’t have to become a vigilante. You can if that’s your wish but there’s no need, we’re not paid for that.

Start by reporting everything and anything wrong that you see to the relevant “authorities”, Plague them, for as long as it takes. Sicken them by tying up their phones and their administration for a year or longer. To stop the annoyance they have to do something just for the sake of peace and quiet if for no other reason.  If they don’t deal with reported incidents Ask why not? Ring them two or three or even more times until the message gets across that we are sick of it. MAKE THEM DO THEIR JOB.

Change the stupid archaic Drink laws so that the guards don’t have to waste valuable time paid for by you, checking on whether some poor bastard, minding his own business, harming no-one is finishing his drink five minutes after the prescribed closing time. This would get them back to doing what they are supposed to be doing, protecting the innocent from these “Poor Misguided”. Staggering or completely removing closing times like some American states would also lessen the numbers of people on the street at the same time (closing time or “Happy Hour” as the emergency workers call it) thereby having the knock on effect of getting them home easier by taxi, bus, whatever. This ONE simple step alone would make the streets safer at night, easier to police as there is less numbers to deal with at any one time. It gets the Guards back to their primary responsibility, protection.

Garda Síochána, Guardians of the peace is the translation from our mother tongue, not guardians of the holy drinking hours.

Don’t turn the other cheek. Keep an eye out on your neighbours, elderly and otherwise. Our glorious government is not looking after us so instead we look after each other. Call in, even if it is just for a minute twice a week. You don’t have to stalk or peek through windows, we outnumber these thugs, they are the minority, there is safety in numbers if we stick together.

Don’t buy hardware or anything from those in the markets, marts and anywhere else, if it’s not clear that it’s genuine goods (again the majority are and will make this easy for you to do) Remove the market for the stuff to be stolen and you put them out of business.

Don’t buy Drugs, soft or Hard. Again, no matter your views on the rights and wrongs of it, this is what keeps the most dangerous bastards in business. Let’s be clear on this, It’s a business, a real money making enterprise. Remove the market and they won’t be long closing down and shutting up shop. For twelve months do without the E tabs, the rollie, the bathroom snort. Couple this with freeing up the guards from policing ridiculous drinking laws and you can get the results from 24 hour policing of the thugs, emptying their cars onto the side of the road everytime they move from the estates and houses in which they hide. In your face policing works. They will shut up shop because it’s just too much hassle to operate.

Make punishments an actual punishment. If someone gets jail make it hurt. Remove the TV’s from the cells, get rid of the cell phones, Chain gang the fuckers to the sides of the roads giving back to the community that they stole from. Make it a worse place to be than at home rather than a better place. Make them serve the full sentence. Two strikes and on the third mandatory sentencing without any chance of parole.

Make the parents responsible for the actions of their kids. Make them pay for the damage, take it out of their welfare if necessary. A couple of years of this, hitting the parents in the pocket wouldn’t take too long to get the message across that they are responsible until their kids become adults, the kids are not just a way of getting more government help.

Or am I all wrong? Am I a dinosaur for thinking like this? Have you any other alternatives to add?

For fuck sake, let us take it back.

23 thoughts on “Why would you bother?

  1. If you can find a way to take away from the worst of the “entitlement underclass” without at the same time crippling the average working class stiff who’s just lost his job because of the real criminal class (who wear shiny louis copeland suits, not shiny tracksuits), then go for it…

  2. Truly great post, your care and concern is echoed by many.
    Recently President Sarkozy was trying to push for legislation which would make parents totally responsible for crimes commited by young offenders, I listened to some debate on this on various Irish radio stations, All contributors thought it was ridiculous, It would wake up a lot of parents who choose to be oblivious to what their offspring damage, If they had to curtail their own lifestyle by paying for damage.
    Admittedly it would be tricky legislation, but I think he has a point, There is not one suggestion you have made that i would disagree with.
    There is a vile culture in this Country from the top down that to gain recognition in your quarter you have to be clever and devious and be seen to ” Get away with it ” whatever that ” It ” is.
    It has become the dominant display of power in all strata, from Professional level through politics right through society to the common vandal who claims ” deprevation ” Each level has its admirers and backslappers, The Irish love the ” Rogue ” except these people have long since left the ” Rogue ” behind and have turned it all into insidious criminality, wrapped in a cloak of oneupmanship to their peers.
    I applaud your depth of concern.

  3. If everything you ever get costs you nothing (i.. got “on entitlements”), then you will value nothing. It’s rare to see the poor fecker (sorry, “coping classes”) that pays for things (amenities etc) vandalise the stuff they pay for.

    Cue the joke about the Kerryman slashing the seats at the drive in movie………………..

    It’s only the toe-rags that don’t pay that wreck the stuff.

    BTW Little Fachtna from the upper class isn’t allowed near the amenities in case he catches a dose of the commons…………… Pater would cut off his allowance if he was seen near a picnic table that didn’t need a reservation……

  4. It’s difficult to know the way forward, but I think at the very least we need to figure out why we have an underclass such as we have, because much of this problem and many others stem from that. Britain has it too, so we’re not alone. I don’t believe it’s a product of our culture. It’s more to do with how we’ve set up our society. We have a welfare state, but it’s a bastardised and malformed one that tries to ape what other European countries have, but we do it so badly such that we are less like Sweden and more like Alabama. With the way we have set up our welfare state, we have managed to incentivise teenage pregnancy, idleness, general ignorance, apathy and individualism. Not things that really help make a society work.

    So, a good chunk of our population are part of our society but only in a technical sense. They work against it in many respects, and drain it’s energy and resources. Why do we have such people in Ireland? Why are so many of our people so bloody ignorant? Well, the welfare system doesn’t work. It backfires unremittingly in fact. We have to ask why. I think it’s because we have a democracy that is stunted and ineffective and controlled in many respects by certain vested interests rather than by people who want and know how to bring this country forward and make it a decent place to live for all it’s citizens.

    So, I think the answer is to reform the democracy. A few simple tweaks here and there so that we don’t elect county councillors to run the country. It’s these glorified county councillors who stand over and direct the running of the country. They dream up, draft and implement the legislation that is the central nervous sytem of our society. So, with such limited people drafting our legislation, it is no surprise that so many elements of our society are just not working. We need to elect smart, sharp, intelligent men and women who have the know-how and will to make Ireland a better place. But that won’t happen unless there is electoral reform.

    That’s an abstract solution for most people as they don’t see the connection between who we elect and the behavior of a section of our population. But I think that very simple tweaks could be made to our electoral system that would have the effect of transforming this country into a more civilised, socially-driven one within a generation.

    It’s important to note that the vested interests and conservative interests are in control and they’re not going to want any kind of reform. People should think of that when they decide to vote for Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil or even Labour. These are conservative parties with hardly any electoral reform agenda, so voting for them is voting for very much more of the same. Only a party that has a strong electoral reform agenda can change Ireland for the better, in my opinion.

  5. Reminds me of being in Spain a few years back and being surprised that the recycling bins in public areas included bins for paper-paper!!
    I mentioned my this to my Spanish friends saying we’d never have that in Ireland because some scumbag would have it burnt out in minutes-I’m sure it happens there too now and again-but here it’s guaranteed.
    Guaranteed and tolerated-would’nt be surprised at all if that replacement park bench was bought in advance.
    A journalist ,in an article in the Times or Indo a few years back,made the same observation while in Australia,where they had barbeques for use in public parks.She voiced her surprise saying that we did’nt / could’nt have those in Ireland.Why?Because of the weather?
    “No”,she explained to the Aussies-and I’m paraphrasing here-We could never have them because skobes would use them to burn rubbish and live animal on.
    Would stronger “sanctions” help?Sure-but it’s not going to happen.not here-just look at the Sean Keogh article.

  6. You’d wonder what kind of parents raise people that set out to destroy a children’s playground.

  7. Pointless going through the courts with these cuntfucks and pursuing their cunt parents. Id love to see a system where some toerag is caught on cctv vandalising somewhere, then vandalise their homes, wreck it, and leave a little note explaining why, that won’t be long shutting the cuntfucks up and putting them back in their box. Cunts.

  8. http://www.grossnationalhappiness.com/gnhIndex/intruductionGNH.aspx
    if we start blaming the socialwelfare system we play right into the hands of the current government who would just love to cut more pay outs.How can people be more responsible for property may it be public or privately owned? Is it really the parents fault.I don’t think it’s teenagers or children who do the damage.The aggression is mostly seated within the adults. I would like to blame the catholic church who has made over centuries the human being into a Passiv ‘i can do anything because the sins will be forgiven ‘ moron and with it ‘s recent decline in influence we are still though Passiv because the church has the same level of influence on our collective subconscious . We still say: I’m a catholic but i don’t go to church. So does the rebel in us: I’m a rebel but i don’t know what i rebel against.
    If we don’t respect ourselves,we’ll never respect others.

  9. the problem is a lack of respect, for property and others. i once sat on a balcony in barcelona having a beer. it was around one in the morning. some of the locals were having a party in their flat. it kinda spread to the flat on the opposite side of the street which was also having a party.(there would be about 25 feet between the buildings) they chatted loudly with their neighbours, threw cans across to each other, shared lighters, flirted with the people on the other side of the road. it was loud and noisy, not too excessive mind. music could be heard coming from both sets of apartments. after watching this for about 20 minutes, i noticed a little old lady from one of the apartments higher up in one of the buildings come to her balcony. she shouted down to them in spanish what i imagined to be, shut the fuck up some of us are trying to sleep. i thought to myself this should be interesting, imagine my surprise, when people from both apartments apologised to her, said goodnight to each other,closed their doors and turned the music down. i can not imagine anything like that happening here.

  10. I hear you, Geek, but this kind of senseless vandalism is not new in Ireland. I remember being shocked to the core, when I came to Canada 20-odd years ago, to discover that school playgrounds were open to the public, year round. Because our taxes pay for them,apparently, we should have the right to use them. I could not imagine one of them lasting for a nano-second in the Dublin I had just left. Admittedly, even here incidents of vandalism have increased, but they’re nowhere near the level you describe.

  11. @Mark & Mr. Pessimist
    The money only gets taken from the people who cause the damage, If they have the money, they pay for the damage, if they claim they can’t or are recipients of welfare, you take it at source.
    I want parents to take responsibility for the actions of their kids. It’s the mentality I want to remove, for the majority of people on welfare their kids don’t act like this. You mess up the ones who do, you make it hurt until they do something about it.

    I also think that the majority of people out of work, would actually love to earn their “Dole”. I know that I would, I know plenty of people in the construction side that do anything to keep occupied. They would love to get out and do something, to make a difference. These former employed would be delighted to clean the sides of the roads, fill potholes, maintain their local area, village or town, plant and maintain flower beds to do something useful. There are a lot of skills being wasted at the moment. Reward this, applaud this, up their money if they are willing to do this. You reward initiative in this manner. Those that don’t want to bother their arse to get out and do something positive get the absolute minimum. Those that do, get more than just more money, they get more pride in their place as an added bonus, they’ve done the work themselves.
    More people about would also mean less chance for the skobes to operate in dark corners as well. That’s another relatively simple step but it takes a change in how we think as a nation.

    We are all in this together, we could help bail each other out, look after each other or is my thinking too off the wall? It takes a bit of effort to give a shit. It also means changing how we think about our place in society.

  12. Some interesting suggestions and viewpoints above.

    I would not neccesarrily advocate vigilantism, although I’ve often felt close to such an option.

    I did, however, take heart when I heard about the guy who grabbed some girls handbag from a coffee shop in Limerick. Two passers by ran after him and followed him for some time. He took a turn near the river only to discover that others had decided to follow him too. He was trapped. he dropped the bag and manged to make his escape. The working girl got her bag and few belongings back.

    I would be delighted if more of the public adopted a ‘take care of each other’ attitude.

    Nice article there Geek, hope you’ll be writing more often.

  13. Generally agree. The deliberate cutting of that seat takes some beating, and it was an exceptionally nice piece of public furniture.

    On the old people and their money – the reason old people are targeted is that if they keep more that €12,000 (I think) in a bank account or in the post office, they fail the means test for the non-contributory old age pension. So, if you have twelve grand, you are supposed to be able to live on it for the rest of your natural. Therefore, they hoard a bit of dry cash through fear and necessity. Los Tinkeros know this well from experience, so they break into and ransack old peoples’ houses because the odds of finding a stash are higher.
    There was a house up the laneway opposite Tom Chawke’s, which was occupied by an elderly lady who died. This laneway is near the ‘temporary’ Castletroy halting site. Within weeks of the old lady’s passing, every slab wall in the house had been ripped out, all the floorboards torn up, all the furniture ripped, all the ceilings torn down…etc…etc. The house had to be bulldozed a short time later – it was rendered worthless by the predatory invaders.
    I favour the ‘Gran Torino’ approach to vandalism myself – a bloody big gun. I stayed in Carmel, New York State, last year, and I was struck by the complete absence of vandalism of this kind. I asked people how they achieved it and the answer was stark – no ‘projects’ – ie public housing, for forty miles, and the sheriff carries and uses a gun.


  14. @gerrryo
    You’re right it would’nt happen here-a friend of mine tried it and got knifed for his trouble

  15. Interesting Mr Nut. In the Viz there used be a farmer – Farmer Palmer.His catchphrase was “Get orff moy laand”. Farmer Palmer was always armed with a shotgun and would basically blow away most things that trespassed. He filled a French tourist with lead one day and told PC Plod: “Ee wuz wurryin moy sheep”

  16. Geek,

    fantastic piece, keep it up!
    Pretty much sums up what I think a lot of us have been thinking and saying for along time now, and no, you are not out of touch to expect that when you bring your kids to the park, some asshole hasn’t burned it down.

    Just got back from a holiday (recession? moi?) and was in Luxembourg for a few days of it – the difference is simply amazing. Loads of parks and places to bring your kids, and not a single plastic bag on the ground in any of them. Tons of teenagers hanging around the place, but instead of writing inane crap on walls and burning stuff, they were helping to build tennis courts and stages for kids to play open air concerts.
    And I saw no wardens, no cops, nothing. (The only cops were outside the local methadone dispensing facilty, where the handful of crusties they allow in the city, maybe it’s an EU quota thing or something, queue in an orderly fashion outside a nice clean building waiting for their fix.)
    Asking our host why it was so different, he simply shrugged and said “they just don’t put up with that kind of behaviour around here”.
    The only difference I can see is that they have in general a very good standard of living over there, so you don’t have estates full of brainwashed layabouts who have been told since they were in nappies that “they” put you here, it’s “their” fault. I think that surely is part of the problem – the people who do these things are destroying something that they don’t perceive as part of their world, it’s something they don’t feel they own and as such have no emotional connection to it.
    Maybe we need to address the problem from the ground up, because I don’t think we could kill them all in one go.

    Contrast Luxembourg with Bulgaria where I spent the vast majority of my 2 weeks – massive poverty in many places, big divide between the rich and poor – and you see the same kind of shenanigans as in Limerick. Graffiti, broken benches, burnt bins, beer cans and condoms in the park, etc.
    Very similar to Limerick and it drove home that wherever there is that divide, artificial as it may seem, people start to destroy their own environment.
    But on the flip side (and I’m told it’s simialr in many eastern european countries) walking around any town there you’ll see loads of people in blue uniforms brushing the streets, picking up litter, painting, etc. I thought they were like council workers or something but apparently, they’re all on the dole – but they have to WORK for it. Pity we couldn’t do something similar here, but I could only imagine the outrage that would follow from the popular medjya here if you tried something like that. Joe Duffy would have to clone himself…as for making parents responsible for their kid’s actions – I can’t see what the problem would be. If your dog causes a car crash, you’re responsible. Yet if your little 10 year old shit burns out a car – you’re not. Makes no sense!!

    Finally I totally agree with your point about buying drugs, I’ve been saying that for years and most people laugh at me – they can’t make the connection between buying a ten-spot and some poor fucker getting shot.

    But don’t expect much help from the cops – a few weeks ago, I was driving to the market early on a Saturday morning. as I drive through a certain estate, there were three guys standing in the frotn lawn of a house. As I drove past, on of them hefted an assault rifle (looked like an M4 but I’m no expert). I nearly shat myself. After I had calmed down, I thought, nah, come on, it’s in broad daylight, it must be a replica or something – but I called in it anyway, fuck it I said, either some guy will get a knock on the door, couple of minutes of consternation as he explains that it’s just an airsoft or whatever, OR someone will get rightly done for having a weapon like that. checked back later on to see if the cops had been around – “oh, yes, that, oh we’ll send around a car now in a while.”. Much safer to be arresting youths outside supermacs, don’t you see.
    (btw if anyone reading this was that guy and it really was only a replica – where can I get one, and also please don’t wave real looking guns around at 9 in the morning any more)

  17. Apologies Nut, I am remiss in not replying to your comment above.
    I had actually forgotten that stupid requirement for the OAP. I remember a case in this county a few years back where two brothers living in apparent squalor on a small to medium sized farm died within a short time of each other and then a rumour went around that a ridiculous amount of money was found in the walls of the house by those that were left it in the will.

    We should put a list of the best and most sensible of these suggestions together and then print them up into a manifesto to give to some prospective candidates of our choice. I think it’s be almost a guarantee for election. As long as they could act on them once they get there. The problem of course would be us all agreeing on a suitable candidate, Maybe we could prevail on the Boss to run next time?
    You’d think that many of the proposals above are decent, maybe we’ve just lost the ability to have any common sense or to use the bit we have left? I’m fighting against despair everytime I read about another senseless waste of time and money because of something that should be simple and straightforward being tied up in red tape.

    I don’t know why we as a country do things the way we do.
    We take something that needs to be changed because it’s totally wrong and the Irish then apply and enforce legally, the totally opposite extreme to what was there originally. This then creates by default another industry out of the ensuing chaos and red tape. All instead of trying to look at things sensibly and finding a decent, simple and easily enforceable solution. But that’s a matter for another discussion.

    I read on the ICCL website:

    Noting that the Minister has also published a draft version of a “home defence bill”, to be considered when the Dail returns from its extended summer holiday, Mr Kelly indicated that the rights watchdog “will closely study these proposals in order to establish whether they are human rights compliant.”

    Just as long as the ICCL give the rights of the homeowner the same weight as the rights that they deign to give the burglar, but I despair at what they may come out with.

  18. Last week I woke and went outside only to find the wing mirror of my car (and about four others on the road) had been kicked off. How bored do they really have to be to do that, and if they fell and injured their spine while in the process of vandalising my car, could they sue me?

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