Willie O’Dea and the Secret DPP Briefing

Has Willie got access to inside information or is he just waffling as usual?

If Willie O Dea’s recent remarks are to be taken at face value, it seems he has managed to secure a private line of information from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

You might recall that Willie was forced to resign his ministry when it emerged that he had lodged an affidavit with the High Court which contained untrue evidence.

The national press, including the Irish Times, seem to have accepted the spin that Willie put on the matter and are reporting that he withdrew his evidence in a libel case.

The affidavit had nothing to do with the libel case.

It was sworn in an action taken by Maurice Quinlivan under an electoral act — a case which Willie won because the court relied on the sworn evidence in his affidavit. Contrary to what Willie later said, the statement was never withdrawn because an affidavit, once lodged with the court, remains as evidence, even if the information it contains is factually untrue.

To repeat: Willie O Dea did not withdraw or amend this affidavit  because he didn’t have the power to do so.

Following publication of the details, there was speculation that Willie might be prosecuted, because swearing a false statement is normally considered perjury.  However, the DPP this week decided not to proceed against him.

When making a public statement on the matter, Willie made an extraordinary claim thatthe DPP had decided there was no case to answer.

I have no idea how he has this information, since the DPP’s office never comments on the reasons for not bringing a prosecution.  It never says that a person has no case to answer.

The only way Willie could know that the DPP thinks he has no case to answer is if somebody in the DPP’s office told him so.

That would be gross political interference in the workings of the DPP’s office and, if true, warrants an investigation to discover what officials, and at what level, are communicating privately with politicians.

If the Gardaí told him the DPP believes he has no case to answer, then they have exceeded their authority, and have extended a courtesy to Willie that you or I would not receive.

On the other hand, it might simply be waffle from Willie, which would be nothing new.

17 thoughts on “Willie O’Dea and the Secret DPP Briefing

  1. He’s a scumbag and it’s his ilk that permeate the top levels within both Government and the civil service. That’s a terrible thing to say but I believe it is a truth and it’s why we find ourselves in the state we’re in today.

  2. A jumped up wee gombeen man is all he is. An ineffectual lapdog only good for getting your planning permission sorted and showing his smug mustachioed gob at funerals. When he shows up at your door just pat him on the head and tell him to totter off home like a good little Renfield.

  3. The whole lot are a nest of rats,all sharing each others holes (as in rat holes I mean not gay stuff ) the politicians the DPPs office the financial moguls the HSE the Catholic church the Garbage Siochana the whole sad miserable lot of them.Nobody knows where it all begins and ends.All working behind locked doors and with the curtains drawn so the peasants dont get a peak at whats going on.Because this is the most secretive nation on earth.North Korea is an open society in comparision to Ireland

  4. But why is there no case to answer?

    The affidavit is still extant.

    Only the court can take evidence to nullify it, not the DPP.

  5. If the Gardai receive a direction from the DPP that there will be no prosecution they usually write to the suspect and confirm at least for serious matters.

    The affidavits can be completed incorrectly. they should be signed in the presence of a solicitor. I gather Willie is a solicitor. I reckon that he would still have to have another solicitor present. Even a politician might have a difficulty arguing that he was not present when he signed it. I would love to know how it was incorrectly completed. Sometimes its merely that the solicitor posted it to the client its signed and posted back.

    I can’t think of any circumstance that a person could suggest that he forgot that he made an allegation of that nature.

  6. i mean lads and ladies this is fianna fail you expect honesty, truth, justice even? please oh please this is how the whole country is hoodwinked since the state was founded, i mean what is the difference between the dundon/macarthy–keane/collopy type of people and the seanie fitz`s/bertie aherns/brien cowens/brien lenihans of this world——–i would say an education, that is all—–they are all fucking crooks/robbers/bastards—whatever you want to call them, they have the same objective.

  7. I have seen it happen, where a person was arrested over a matter. The letter was issued by the local station. Words to the effect that they have been directed by the DPP. I had no idea that this happened until i seen the letter myself. It might only be for cases which would be on trial by indictment and/or cases where charges have to be brought within a certain period after the arrest.

  8. I believe it said they they were confirming that the DPP directed that there would be no prosecution. I ll check it during the week and let you know. I hope someone kicks up a fuss that he matter is not going to proceed any further. I would be curious to see how the matter was wriggled out from and as above my tenner is on the affadavit not being executed correctly.

  9. Ah! Now folks you are being very hard on poor Willey. What’s an auld affidavit between friends “sworn” to whom or what ? No one believes in the God crap anymore. Besides he can always do the Bart Simpson defence !” It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, no one saw me” or even better the Ivor one “ What’s the problem? We are all at it”

  10. The self same little bollix turned up on my doorstep Friday evening, and, I have to confess, having seen his interview on the news, I lost it, his Willie’s wankers were shocked, and could not get what my issue’s were, “sure has’nt Brian Lenihan got it all sorted out”, unbelievable, Willie just laughed it off and moved on. the ultimate door to door salesman, no sale here, so I move on, business as usual.
    I will give him this much, for sheer brass neck, he takes some beating.

  11. He met up with our very own Rubberbandits a while back.

    May name is Willie o’Dea and your in my constituenceeeeeeeeeeeeee

  12. Nah. It’s the caterpillar talking.

    The one stuck to the front of the the lump of meat that swivels on the brass gimbal.

  13. Excellent post.

    The DPP and the Gardai need to come clean on this.

    Are they leaking information to Willie O’Dea?

    If O’Dea had any left respect he would have resigned long ago, not least for his failure to represent Limerick on a national level.

    This exposition of his low political standards just confirms what most of us here in Limerick already knew.

  14. Little Willie willie wont go home!
    Cause you cant put Willie, where Willie wont go!

    Ahboy Willie the Kid all the same……What a fucken Country eh?

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