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Jul 152010

I am glad to note that the Holy See has finally put its foot down and said no absolutely to the attempted ordination of women priests, on pain of excommunication!!

It is high time they put a stop to this nonsensical talk of women priests, which is an abomination unto the Lord and which flies in the face of the Divine Order.

Our Saviour did not choose any women to be His apostles, although He certainly permitted them to serve Him and attend to His needs, as it should be.  Even when His own Mother came to seek Him (Matthew 12:46-50), He taught us by His words that the place of women in the Holy Gospel was clearly circumscribed.  Who is my mother? He demanded, rebuking the meddlesome woman who presumed to question His movements, even though He be her Son.

Likewise, when a man seeks Holy Orders, he must first demonstrate that he is physically whole in every way.  This is because our Divine Lord did not summon cripples or those with deformities to follow Him.

There is great wisdom in the ancient laws of Mother Church, and they should not be set aside by the fripperies of a brief and fleeting fashion to elevate “Women’s Lib” above the Law of God, which is constant and immutable.

We spend too much of our short lives questioning that which is given to us by the Lord and his Vicar on Earth, the Holy Father.  It does us little credit to question the Holy Father’s word, for this is a learned and holy man.

I do not know why women would choose to be priests when there are many religious orders constituted specifically to provide an outlet for their feminine urges to care for and serve mankind.

Truly, the ways of Woman are a mystery to us all!

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    I’m with you Fitz. All this nonsense about women’s point of view being allowed within the Church. A woman’s point of view? Sure that is what the window over the kitchen sink is for.


    Fair play Father.Ask the sisters why men can’t become nuns will you. You never hear those dam liberals asking that, wot!


    Welcome back Fitzy, we missed ya, you little bollix.
    Tell us, did you have a pint on Good Friday? I did.. the guilt was eased after the about the third one though.


    Who will preserve us from those who think that are right!


    i doubt Mary was his mother, i reckon he arrived on earth like the terminator. Mary and Joe staggering home pissed from a party celebrating the holiday of Saturnalia found him in a ditch. she made up the story of the manager and the Shepherds to shut him up when he started asking questions as a toddler and also to claim unmarried mothers allowance.of course being the terminator he knew that Mary could not be his mother. a simple scan of a hair showed him she lacked the basic building blocks needed to create a complicated being like him. after years of listening to her nag, he loses it and asks ” who is my mother” that puts her in her place sharpish. she knows he knows, and the fear of a kidnap charge or one of claiming benifits under false pretences shuts her up lively.


    You just don’t go far enough, Fitzy.
    I agree, why would a woman ever want to be a priest? Indeed, why would any human being choose to be a priest?

    After years of wondering what the Hell was up with you guys in black in regard to women, I realised a good few years ago now what’s wrong with ye. You are all absolutely terrified of women. You think we will entice, overpower, ravish, enslave, hypnotise and pleasure ye!
    We would too!
    You don’t know what you’re missing, Fitzy!

    As a teacher, I tell my pupils that it’s a grave sin not to ordain a woman as a priest, if that’s what floats her boat. An average of 30 children pass through my hands every year, multiplied by at least 40 years = at least 1,200 children to grow up, pass on my message of equality and challenge you and yours, Fitzy. Your day is almost done, thank GOD.


    “when a man seeks Holy Orders, he must first demonstrate that he is physically whole in every way”… to ensure the’re physically capable of beating and a raping and molesting youngns is it? I was of the opinion that it was the discards of large catholic families were fucked into the seminary and the nunerys, cause they couldn’t be looked after.

    Why indeed would any woman want to be associated with such an organisation. Women, generally seen as rears of children, sure what the fuck would they know about everyday life? However, it seems that when you catholics get your hands on any sex you fuck them up! I’m off to pleasure myself now, cause i can!


    Farther you are of course correct. The very thought of allowing mere women to Holy Orders should be subject to death by burning, none of this nonsense of piling the wood up so they suffocate before the flame gets them. No ,no roast on a spit, so that true believers may hear their screams for many hours. It matters naught whether the accused is actually guilty. Enough to say that you do not like them.


    Nevie, tearing the handle out of your stomach is punishable by eternal damnation. Return to the true church, receive the Christian faith in its entirety – who knows there may even be a European Cup at Ibrox one day – if they take the sacrement of confession.


    Damn right women should become priests. Surely they’re more intelligent than to subscribe to that shower of child rapists.


    Who mopped his brow on the way to calvary? A woman. Who hung in there until the last minutes at the foot of the cross? The women of course. Who looked after the body? The women of course?
    Where were the men in the meantime? Denying him (Peter) and informing on him (Judas). And let’s not forget doubting Thomas.
    Why are these points ignored by the theologians?


    Theologians are usually not women, maybe?
    Richard Dawkins has a thing or two to say about that!
    Have you noticed how many of our Bishops are Drs?
    PhDs in theology.
    I wonder how one goes about researching heaven and hell? Perhaps they make it up as they go? Very handy PhD that!


    Makes you wonder why they’re so afraid of women doesn’t it?


    How do we know Women weren’t apostles? Because manpriest wrote it in a testament? What about the book of Jesus? surely he wrote something? Or was he illiterate? Or is it nicely tucked away with all the rest of the secrets the big paedo ring is hiding?

    Confessing for loving myself? For enjoying my body. Nope, i might let a roar at god every now n then oddly enough!


    women tend to be maternal. they nurture and care as a rule. so how can they become a priest? did jesus not say suffer little children to come unto me? i know that there have been cases of hardship and suffering inflicted on children by nuns in religious orders in ireland, but surely a perverted parish priest proud phallus is more effective than a saintly sister strapon?


    The term “suffer little children to come unto me” means simply “allow little children to come unto me”. It is an archaic use of the word “suffer”, but one which is lately employed by those ignorant of its derivation as a weapon to beat the Church. This level of ignorance is why I rarely engage in debate on the articles I write. There is no point.


    Jobs for the boys taken literally ?


    think i touched a nerve fatherfitz. so sorry, obviously you being a man of the cloth and having received the correct interpretation from god via the vatican are right. in this case god prefers the late 13th century derivative, whilst i used the early 13th. i’m curious to know,how did jesus use a word that was not around for over a 1000 years after his death? another miracle perhaps? of course different versions of the bible all have different accounts of this tale. the gist is the same, bring the children to me. not a word about their parents mind. and what is the mother church? would like to hear more about that.


    What word wasn’t around for 1000 years ?


    Apparently we’re all missing the point about the word “sin” also. Fitzy, in your studies have you ever come across the meaning of the word Sin to mean “miss the mark”? That being the literal translation of the greek word? As in missing the point (of human existence) Its amazing how much us meager lay people can mis interpret words (or have it done for us)

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