A Gay Bar Next To A Mosque?

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Aug 122010

You may have noticed that New York is tearing itself asunder in an increasingly polarised debate on whether an Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque should be built just a few hundred feet for Ground Zero, site of the infamous Islamic attacks of 9/11.  Opponents of the plan say that the building will be an insult to the memory of the people who perished on a day, which to paraphrase FDR, has gone down in infamy.  They claim that Muslims always erect mosques on the sites of their military conquests.  Just like Rome then. Onward Christian soldiers etc.

However, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, a Jew, reckons that the Islamic Cultural Centre and Mosque should be built.  Bloomberg, appealing to the better angels of our nature, has gone all “Abe Lincoln” on New Yorkers and correctly points out that the American Constitution calls for respect for all creeds and none.  But former mayor Rudolph Giuliani is the polar opposite. Vehemently opposing the plan, he asked, rhetorically, whether Americans would now be erecting commemorative plaques at Pearl Harbour – for the Japanese.

Amid all this, Greg Gutfield, host of the brilliantly irreverent Red Eye on Fox News, has a different take. He says that Muslims have every right to build a mosque.  However, Gutfield also believes that in the same spirit of tolerance and respect that he should be allowed to open a gay bar for Muslims next door.  Gutfield was quoted as saying that his idea is not a joke and that he has spoken with investors who have pledged their support. The bar will cater for gay Muslims and will sell non-alcoholic drinks.

Gutfield plans to call the bar “Al-Gayda or “Homohammed”, and is guaranteeing patrons that the music in his place will be better than next door.  He’s is also considering other names for the bar such as – Infidelicious, Rama-Den or Turbon Cowboy.  He also claims to have invented a new, non-alcohol cocktail for the bar called “72 Virgins.”.

Gutfield said: “And I thought how interesting is it that they (Muslims) are preaching tolerance and communication to Americans? I thought, “wouldn’t it be great to test their tolerance?  So I figured let’s open an Islam-friendly gay bar next door to the mosque. That is my proposal and I’m sticking by it.”

The first Amendment of the American Constitution.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Gutfield is also considering – for a bit of Islamic/Italian flavour maybe? – calling the bar “You Mecca me Hot.”

I don’t think that’s what James Madison, principal author of the American Constitution, had in mind.

It’s all happening in the Big Apple ain’t it?

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    Just wondering if those bar names would contravene our lovely Blasphemy laws?

    Cant see “Homohammed” going down too well with our Muslim brothers


    Brilliant! pity about the non alcoholic cocktails tho. As an ex NY bartender I would love to get the chance to say ‘Mo’hammered Ali?’


    Ah, those Fox News wags. Don’t they just light up our lives?

    Next they’ll be proposing to open a piggery next to a synagogue. Just for a laugh, like.

    Except they won’t. Anti-Muslim bigotry is the antisemitism of our times.


    Pigs, gays, what’s the difference, eh?


    ahem, things are changing very fast round here with the auld editing


    Ah Fox News – such ‘wit’. The spirit of Swift lives on.


    I know.

    Imagine how offended they’d be if the bar was for guys with 9-year-old wives!

    Oh, wait …


    Oh give it a rest, Bock. I just was trying to think of an example of something offensive to Jews. Not equating gays with pigs, as you well know.


    The world is full of people waiting to take offence at something.


    Dazman, did you work in NY around the time of 9/11 and what is the feeling in the city toward the Islamic Centre being built so close to ground zero?

    What about the er, pigs in Deliverence boys? And that banjo playing?


    No religious structures should be permitted there. Not Muslim. Not Jewish. Not Christian.


    What a wonderful world!


    Why no religious stuff it is the rock on which our cultures are built and also the one on which our cultures will perish! Why break the habit of several lifetimes?


    No Seconds. Well before that. But I cant see the average New Yorker being very happy with this. They tend to get a tad vocal when they dont like shit.


    Can’t say I blame them Daz.It was written that Pope John Paul II ordered the Carmelite nuns to leave the convent they had established at Auschwitz. He was in no way devaluing their heartfelt mission to pray for the souls of the dead. He was teaching them a lesson in respect: This is not your place; it belongs to others. The Muslims in New York should cease this campaign and show some respect.


    Was the “Day in Infamy” speech FDR and not Harry Truman?


    Duder is right. It was FDR.


    try reading up on the topic, there are already several mosques, synagogues, churches etc the same distance (1 block) away. god forbit Fox would ever let facts get in the way of a good bit of hatred whipping though


    What do you make of the poll by the Siena Research Institute which found that 63% of New Yorkers oppose the building of said Mosque, with 27% for.

    And earlier poll, early August, by Siena College ago showed 61% of New Yorkers against, 26% for.

    64% per cent of New Yorkers supported the right to build a mosque in same polls – but not there, that’s the issue.


    I was in NYC for 9/11 and 9/12 for that matter as I couldn’t get home till the next day. I slept on a fire escape and watched the big machinery rumble quietly down the streets heading to Ground Zero. I went to too many funerals and I later made too many business calls with my heart in my mouth hoping that my client hadn’t died.

    I fully support the building of a Mosque there and this is why. This is the wrong battle to get your knickers in a knot over. Freedom of religion is freedom of religion. Period. It doesn’t mean freedom of Christian religion.

    What we should all be in an uproar over is the lack of help for those who are now dying from conditions related to working in Ground Zero. Those who worked on the pile are suffering from the most bizarre cancers, blood diseases, emphysemia etc etc. They are falling like flies. They were told the air quality was good. Officially told. They have died and continue to die.
    This cultural center is as Willie Power would say “a political football”. It’s not at Ground Zero itself. It’s nearby. So too is Goldman Sachs. I find them offensive. Let’s run them out of town.
    A big portion of those that died at Ground Zero were first responders trying to get everyone out. They didn’t check people’s religions as they helped.
    Now I will get childish. Thanks for allowing my following vent,;
    I have a big problem with Tea Partiers hijacking a NY issue, bussing in people from bible belt states and rabble rousing what most likely would have been a non issue. Ground Zero is not holy ground, and it’s not holy Christian ground. Help those who are left behind, with shit medical plans and no recourse. Or get your fat slobby ass out of the city and back to your corndog on a stick and gallon of soda in whatever ass-backwards place you come from.
    That felt good…………….


    Nice rant EGW.
    How come nothing here yet about that fucking eejit Rev.Terry Jones in Florida.
    Its Bigots like him that are doing the real damage.


    The Park 51 project is opposed by a vast majority of New Yorkers as poll after pool shows. There is no big bogey man with a white sheet over his head burning crosses on your lawn behind this. It’s coming from the Big Apple.


    poll, edit features gone on site, sir.


    Seconds Out- it’s a drummed up issue though. Even I’ve started calling the place a mosque and it’s not a mosque. This is an easy hype. Don’t condescend to me about bogey men in white sheets. In the beginning the jackasses down there were bussed in. How many NYers wear howling wolf tshirts??:grin. The rabble rousing here in the US among the right is getting quite scary and frankly pretty dangerous. eg Terry Jones but moreso those who think he’s great, the Beck Mall thing, it’s all building to an incitement to hatred that is not good news. These are the same political group with very strong NRA leanings. It can’t end well.
    I know I’ve gone off topic but it’s getting frightening.

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