Anglo Ship Is Sinking — Willie O’Dea Starts The Scramble For the Lifeboats

Willie takes to the lifeboats

It took hundreds of cannonballs to finally hole the Anglo Pearl below the waterline, but it’s fair to say that without the firepower of HMS Financial Times, this obscene thing might prowl our oceans for generations, sinking honest traders at every whim.

Finally, it seems, there are signs that Cowen’s band of jolly Jack Tars are beginning to mutiny.  As we speak, the Green crewmen are huddled in the fo’cs’le of the good ship Biffo, swilling grog and plotting sedition.  No longer do they fear Lenihan’s cat o’ nine tails.  No longer do they quake at the thought of a keel-hauling or a walk of the plank.  Cap’n Brian’s rusty old cutlass has broken off at the hilt and Davy Jones’s locker seems a far more welcoming place than the stump come next election time.

Treasure Island is running out of doubloons to pay the Ship of the Damned, and the natives are running out of patience.  As the Biffo swings at anchor in the lagoon, beneath a tropical moon, you can hear the heathen native drums a-beating in the jungle, and it don’t sound right, Cap’n, if ye’ll forgive me sayin’ so.

If I were thee, Cap’n, I’d be lockin’ down the rum and postin’ a double watch tonight.  Aye.  That I would.

If ever you saw a sign, me ol’ matey, that things isn’t what they oughter be in the Capn’s quarters, just take a look at Ensign Willie, recently cashiered from the service for conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

If I were still at the Cap’n’s table, he says, I’d be askin’ him to hunt down these privateers and buccaneers on the Anglo Pearl and the Finger of Fortune.  I’d chase them all the way from Tortuga to Tierra del Fuego.  That I would.

Aye, Willie.  We believes ya.


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19 thoughts on “Anglo Ship Is Sinking — Willie O’Dea Starts The Scramble For the Lifeboats

  1. These pictures of Willie are freaking me out. Stop Bock. I’ll have nightmares.
    The hunka burnin lurve came in 47th in the top 50 sexiest Men in Limerick. He received two votes. His mammy and his granny. It’s a really sparesly populated town we have here it seems.

  2. Bock,

    For a moment there, with the link to the Financial Times, I thought you had made my day.

    “The Financial Times” finally admit that Scum O’Dea is God and we submit to his wisdom.

    Being a slow and ignorant Mick (though not from Limerick), I soon realised that that was not your intention.

    It was the Scum Independent that you referred to.

    They pay Scum O’Dea to write for their Scum Paper.


    Scum O’Dea & Scum Sir Anthony Joseph Francis O’Reilly in one Gigantic Scum Lie.'Reilly

    “Cabinet ministers are “deeply frustrated and exasperated” at the long delay in bringing to justice, bankers “who brought this country to its knees”, former minister Willie O’Dea has declared.”


    Let’s Free Willie.

    On the other hand. Let’s not free Willie.

    Let’s change the Constitution so Willie and the rest of the traitors can suffer the death penalty.

    Sounds reasonable to me.

    After all the death penalty was only abolished in Ireland in 1990.

    Which is about the time that this shower of fucking thieves took power.

  3. “- DANIEL McCONNELL Chief Reporter”

    Is a “Chief Reporter” the same thing as a “Journalist”?

    Or is a “Chief Reporter” just another piece of Tony O’Reilly’s payroll?

  4. What a load of nonsense, part of me wishes they had let Anglo go, pulling down the entire Irish banking system, then lets see how the hoards of ignornant whingers would have got on without their ATMs

  5. @Jason Waters

    What a load of FF spin rubbish.

    Closing Anglo would have done nothing to the rest of the banking system.

    LOL Willie will have to give you better lines.

  6. King Billy is dead, long live King Billy:

    Despite what you are all saying, I’m still incredibly tempted to become a friend of Willie O’Dea – my Northern Irish genes cant resist a man called Billy, especially one with such thick hair on the upper lip.
    Do you think I’m doing the right thing?

    I like his webpage, a simple thing, but very clear, and totally transparent:

    I like his personal email address – its got 25 characters, my favourite number. Maybe I’ll just send him a message of support to this address:

    According to his blog, people have stopped him in the street asking him why he isn’t commenting on political events of the past week, as was his usual schtick. Billy says its because he prefers to think about the future! A lovely thought.

    But what i like most about the new and good King Billy is his ability to ignore all the brickbats cynic s throw at him and find the time to teach us all what needs to be done to get Ireland back on the right tracks. From him, I give you this:

    “The business of Ireland is business, whether it is small or large – that there is no shame, or blame, in that.
    We have to create the climate and structure for people to be unafraid of failure. I have suggested reforms to our bankruptcy laws to help people to recover from such situations and to permit them to get back and try again. I welcome the likelihood that some of the reforms I suggested will be implemented.”

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