Bishop Fingleton’s Mental Reservation

Failed building society head avoids reality

Fingers Fingleton’s years in the seminary weren’t a complete waste.  He really would have made a marvellous cleric, though of course he did go on to become the High Priest of an equally corrupt institution. And just like a bona-fide Church cleric, he became an abuser — a financial one — abusing an entire country to the tune of €4 billion.  I don’t know if he was born a hypocrite  or developed his mental reservation skills on the job.  Perhaps he picked it up in the seminary.

Certainly, his ability to deny reality and to evade a straight question would make any bishop proud.

When RTÉ’s David Murphy caught up with Fingers at Dublin airport, and asked him if he was remorseful, he agreed that he was.  When pressed about having regrets, he blanched the matter with a smug, patronising and prelate-like “we all have regrets”.  When Murphy asked him, having cost the country billions through his mismanagement of Irish Nationwide, if he would now be handing back his million-euro retirement bonus, old Fingers deflected the question by saying that he had already made a public statement on the matter. If he did, I’m unaware of it, but he certainly said nothing to the management of his former company who have received no replies to their numerous letters asking for the money back.

Make no mistake.  That million euros will trim a lot of beards, and every penny of it is coming from your pocket.

However tenuous the argument for the Anglo rescue, Irish Nationwide is a building society, not a bank, and it’s by no means clear why it should be bailed out at all.

There is no rational explanation for it except the conclusion that many senior figures in Fianna Fáil were facilitated with loans, often — as in the case of Bertie Ahern’s girlfriend Celia Larkin — with minimal due diligence.  Fingleton holds embarrassing paper on half the cabinet and half the party.  He knows where the Spanish villas are, and the British apartments, and the slum flats in Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway that they haven’t declared for tax.  He has a good idea where the rest of the money came from to buy these properties, and he also provided the loans when these politicians and party functionaries needed cash in a hurry without too many awkward questions.

This is an influential man, well got with the FFers and with the Catholic clergy.  It was Fingleton who facilitated the meetings between Michael Woods and the nuns which finally ended in Woods and Ahern signing away over a billion euros of public finds to pay for the clerical child abuse.

We saw only too clearly the evasiveness, obfuscation and arrogance of the Catholic hierarchy as they dismissed Ireland’s outrage with impatient contempt.  Fingleton is of this breed too, and if he had completed his divinity studies, he might well be one of the purple-robed old frauds who huddle in their palaces, still unable to grasp the fact that abuse is wrong.

He has the same sense of entitlement.  The same bafflement that an ordinary mortal would dare to question him.  The same overweening sense of his own temporal power even as the edifice he created now collapses under the weight of his incompetence and greed.

And yet, he must be kept quiet.

Ireland — you and your children — will be robbed to pay this ransom because the Fianna Fáil party cannot afford to anger Fingleton for fear he might expose the dirty secrets he plays with in the folds of his cassock.


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17 thoughts on “Bishop Fingleton’s Mental Reservation

  1. He won’t be coming through Dublin airport again – they had the place staked out.

    Meantime, Newsweek magazine – not making this up – has listed Biffo in a top ten of world leaders, despite the fact that we want to kill him.

    The T-Shock is listed alongside deformed French pygmy Nicolas Sarkozy and Brit PM David “one is merely just one of the lads” Cameron despite looking like a bulldog chewing on a wasp.

    Newsweek says the Taoiseach, labelled a “the fiscal taskmaster”, and his “able finance minister” have introduced austerity packages that are “drastic enough to win the admiration of the international community”.

    Will the austerity package affect Biffo? You couldn’t make it up.

  2. I remember him cutting quite a dash at the seminary and if I recall rightly he became a particular favourite of the Professor of Canon Law.

    The epithet ‘Fingers’ incidentally, pre-dates his digital entry into so many financial pies. What he could achieve with a jar of Vicks Vaporub and the inspiration of a stack of magazines acquired at a newspaper stand behind the Vatican College, has made subsequent prostate examinations seem like a walk in the park.

    In the late 80s he took quite a shine to the housekeeper, and this led to us pioneering the negative interest mortgage – an instrument with which I believe he later favoured various luminaries in the media and politics. As a result we have a fixed rate mortgage of -10%, with the option increase our capital at regular intervals, and this goes some way to keeping us in the style to which we have become accustomed.

  3. On the night of the revolution, I would very much like to have the honour of being appointed Grand Chief Inquisitor. Give me “Fingers”, a locked room, a pair of pliers and a pair of industrial rubber gloves. He’ll sing like the proverbial canary within the hour.

    Biffo, Yehudi and the Aherns would be in for interview the following morning, firing squad to be ready for an early afternoon session. Gormless et al would be kept in a cage for a week or two, just to make them sweat.

    Am I being a little OTT?

  4. Aha! Now lads ye don’t understand it at all. Poor Fingers is showing true remorse. A bit like going to confession. Say a few “hail Mary’s and a few our fathers” and you are free to rape and pillage again until next week .He was “door stepped” on his way back from his Spanish villa. This piece of filth shall never see the inside of any form of a jail cell. It lives like the God Emperor of the World and shall do so until it’s end day at our expense! It is a great little world if you don’t weaken.

  5. BoldPilot. ” Am i being a little OTT ”
    I will bring the hot coals upon which you can heat the welding rod’s !

  6. @Pope

    I’m ready whenever you are. Do you think I should dwell on Fingers “schmigeen” for a while? Just for aesthetic reasons, you understand.



    Did that hurt a little, Michael?


    *FUCK! OWWWcchh! Aaahh*

    Ah, sorry that was necessary, Michael. Tell me who borrrowed the money, Michael. It’ll be soooo much easier for you in the end.

    There will be an end, Michael. It won’t be pleasant, but you’ll feel so much better once it’s over.

    How am I doing here, Pope?

  7. In a further show of arrogance Tina(There Is No Alternative) Lenihan will turn up at Beal na mBlath(thanks Bro. Fucking Kent)this coming weekend for the Michael Collins commemoration,to mutter a few platitudes and tell us another bucket of lies.
    Meanwhile the ruling class wants to construct a tunnel under Dail Eireann at a cost of E1 million. During a discussion on Liveline yesterday afternoon,two rightfully indignant callers,angry at this largesse by the politicos towards themselves were interrupted by the one and only Cllr. Joe Arkins from Clare who was all for said tunnel despite it being pointed out to him about the horrendous state of the health service etc. His reply to this was that the other callers were nitpicking. Thousands of operations cancelled,old people on trolleys and this is nitpicking. Is Cllr. Joe FF? No,FG. Same circus.different clowns. As you said SecondsOut,you couldnt make it up.

  8. Excellently written – thank you so much Bock.
    Soothing ointment for molten volcanic anger.

  9. I was speechless after reading this yesterday, Bock.
    I have just re-read it, and I’m still totally speechless.
    We are so full of pent up rage in this country, that when we do let go it will be volcanic, Realist.
    Thank you for writing this, and keeping me up to date with this rotten lot, Bock.

  10. Well done Bock. Nail the bastard. The written accounts of the interview did not properly convey the full extent of the arrogance displayed in the radio clip.
    But where is DPP? Where is Fachtna? Surely the disappearance of €4billion is a cause for investigation by these people. Who got the loans? What were the terms? Were they at arms length terms? Or were they simply gifts to admirers? These loans should be investigated, every one of them.

    We need to start a campaign to publish the names of people who got loans that are not being paid back. Both in the case of of Anglo and Nationwide. This stinks to high heaven.
    I would volunteer 10 hours per week at no charge to go through them. I am sure many others would do the same.

  11. I still say fingers is just a fly in this scandal. Look to the power of someone like Peter Bacon and you get to the rotten core of this disease.


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