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According to the Catholic bishops, the Catholic Church in Ireland “does not see itself in the future as the sole or dominant provider of schools”.

Excuse me?

In what sense does the Catholic church provide schools apart from owning the buildings which were in any case, paid for by the State?

They don’t pay the teachers.  They have no qualifications in education.  They have no expertise in management. They don’t pay for the heating, lighting or maintenance.

All they have is a residual power, given to them by the worst prime minister in Irish history, to sack teachers they don’t agree with.

On the downside, they have a history of attempting to obstruct multi-denominational education in this country, and of course, in case we might forget, to hide the activities of child abusers for decades.

There is no reason why these dysfunctional, emotionally-damaged old men should have anything at all to do with our children’s education.  Would you let one of these sad old bastards anywhere near your child?

Why should bishops control education?

It’s outside their competence.  You wouldn’t expect a Catholic bishop to be in charge of road maintenance or dental care because he knows nothing about such things.  And yet, magically, people somehow think that a Catholic bishop is the very man to oversee their children’s education in mathematics and literacy.  He isn’t.  He’s just a sad old bastard who was abducted too young and forced to live through the hell of a seminary when he should have been out getting laid.

This is not the sort of man to put in charge of your child’s education. He has too many personal issues to resolve before he’s allowed near any child or any education policy.

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