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Health Board Pays for Extended Family’s Drink Bill

News reaches Bock Central of a contretemps between the Health Service Executive and a well-known city-centre hotel concerning a drinks bill run up by an extended family which the HSE had put up for a couple of nights in the high-class digs.  The extended family, which lives in West Limerick but has its roots in Galway, and which had been on the HSE’s radar for years due to fighting and committing crimes, is considered at risk, and therefore benefited from temporary rehousing in the hotel.

For clarity, the term at risk applies to the person who might attack you, and not to the victim.  An at-risk person is at risk of killing you.

It seems the main risk was that one or more of the extended family would commit a crime, and therefore the decision was made to book them into the centre-city hotel for a couple of nights, where they made themselves at home by flinging used nappies out the windows.

Due to some small confusion, the hotel staff – who all come from countries where such behaviour is entirely unacceptable — somehow gained the impression that the extended family were HSE staff and therefore, for the first hundred or so pints, failed to ask who was paying for the drink.  This is, presumably, because health board staff are in the habit of consuming large amounts of drink on the HSE tab.    However, when it became obvious that the alpha-males of the extended family were determined to drink the bar dry, the staff sent an email to the HSE asking who was paying.

For whatever reason, the HSE confirmed that they were paying and the drink was allowed to flow once more to the well-known extended family, but when the bill eventually rose to over €1,000, management pulled the plug.

We’re reliably informed that the HSE ended up paying for half the binge after cutting a deal with the hotel.

Red faces all round, as they say in the tabloids.

History doesn’t record who paid for the clean-up bill of the destroyed hotel rooms or the street outside, but you can bet it wasn’t the HSE.

After this debacle, we hear the extended family went to Galway to meet up with other members of their extended family.

The well-known city-centre hotel, meanwhile, won’t be so quick to accept bookings from extended families, and we hear from reliable sources that they won’t be so quick to do business with the HSE in the future.

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It isn’t the first time that tax payers money has vanished. Last year a caravan was bought by the Limerick City Council and placed in halting site in Limerick. The wanderly wagon wasn’t there long before Paddy Joe and the Piebalds hitched it up and did a runner with it. It was reported that tried to flog
it as a holiday home to some eegit in Ballybunion.I’ve heard no more about it since. It cost nearly eight grand. You couldn’t make it up. The about takes the biscuit all round…

Would there possibly be a connection between this lot and the drugs find in Fedamore last weekend, and previously the rioting and arson in Abbeyfeale…and I don’t mean the Wards…


Why are they paying for things for these leeches? They contribute fuck all to society so should get back fuck all in return, fuck em, parasitic cunts.

At risk my fucking bollix. Every person working in the HSE department which houses scum in this manner should be sacked.
I believe the Limerick HSE section responsible for housing scumbags is located out in the UL complex.
Lots of security available to them there but that’s where they keep themselves hidden away from view.

I got a good laugh out of that article. A bit of light entertainment is always good. That extended family should be put on the boards of the main banks. It would cost us all a lot less. A few 100 pints? When you want to know who is really screwing the system cast your eyes towards the upper echelons.

That story is unbelievable, if I didn’t read about it here I would have thought it was a bad joke, the HSE really should be made to account for this waste of money, so many genuine people need assisatnce from hse and cannot get it, stories like this waste of funds really makes my blood boil

I know a woman who is fostering her own 3 grandchildren because her own daughter was’nt fit to look after them from being on drugs and in prison.
now is is out and living with them in the one house
this costs the state the following.
196 euro for the grandmother as she is on medical certs
330 euro per child or 990euro per week
196 dole for the daughter
thats over 1300 per week from the state
it’s get better they all have medical cards because foster care payments don’t count for assesment.
not to mention preschool places and christmas partys
this is the HSE for you.

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