Irish Bishops’ Resignation Refused by Vatican

Fuck you! says Ratzo.  Fuck your abused children and fuck your constitution.  Fuck your independent country.

Fuck your courts.  Fuck your prisons.  Fuck your police.

Fuck your abuse reports.

Fuck Murphy.  Fuck Ryan.

Fuck you!

I’m keeping your fucking schools and I’m keeping your fucking hospitals, and I’ll send my child-fucking stormtroopers to fuck your fucking kids any time I fucking want, cos I’m the fucking Pope and if you don’t fucking like it, I’ll fuck you in the arse too.  How the fuck do you like that, fucker?


Meanwhile, in other news …

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Bock, you`re the cream in my coffeee most mornings, will throw a few of these fucks of yours at ratzo come September. A litle posse of us ex Artaners will be at the westminister abbey ratzofest to have a few words with these clerical fuckers.

Think of Bro. Kent,Bro. Kenny, Bro. King, Bro. Tracy and Gilmartin(theres a memory revived!) and say ” to hell with the fuckers”.

Jeez… Br. Fucking King. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Kingo !! . The name alone would make you break out in a sweat of terror. Marching up and down the school yard ringing out the Angelus bell, his arrival into any classroom was preceded by flinging the door open and stabbing his finger into the holy water font. Because he was the principal of junior primary, 2nd class to 4th class, he got to sub in when any teacher was out sick and he would use the opportunity to beat the living shit out the entire class for the day. For every subject, he would make the entire class stand out ‘at the line’ and then call us up one by one to his desk where he would correct the homework from the night before and leather you for each mistake. This went on for the entire day. I remember getting 6 of the best ‘cos I couldn’t spell ‘beautiful’,. Wow. The memories that just a name can bring back.

Well said Bock. Reading that makes up for having to listen to deluded idiots going on about how the church has been “damaged” etc. No it hasn’t, its doing just fine, like it has for a couple of thousand years. Unfortunately though, I imagine you’re preaching only to the converted at this stage, anyone who doesn’t get it by now will never get it. “It” being the message that this is not (and never was) an institution which cares about its “flock” and has somehow, somewhere along the way, become misguided, or would have been fine if only they had written a few procedures. Its only concern is preservation of its power, which it couldn’t retain if the same deluded idiots didnt troop out to listen to them every sunday morning.

quote: Jeez… Br. Fucking King. Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Kingo !! . The name alone would make you break out in a sweat of terror.

my dad told me stories about what that sadist got up to in CBS. He told me one story where he broke a hurley across the back of a child and the kid couldnt walk for 4 days. they thought he might be paralysed, lucky for kingo the child got better.

seriously though if i was one of the kids that got a beating first thing on my list when i hit 20 would have to have been breaking some of these guys legs with a big rusty crow-bar.

The Christian Brothers, the priests, etc, left all that shit behind me a long long time ago. However there are still some people who believe in this this church and must be feeling very desperate at this stage. To them I would say, if you believe in Christ and his message, stop now and tell Rome you’ve had enough!! Protest like christians done in other centuries and restart the old Celtic christian church, where priests got married and lived and preached amoung the community and those that wanted to lead a celibate life became monks and lived in monistaries. I personally have no time for any of this shit. But if I did and I was a practicing catholic. I would rise up and I would tell them to fuck off and I would be in favour of a new independent Celtic Christian church. Who knows maybe the other “protestors” would join also??

hey Bock, they’re classing you as ‘tasteless pornography’. I wonder what is the antithesis of that? Is it ‘tasty pornography’ or ‘tasteful pornography’? Whichever it is, you’d better put soome up on this blog so that your fans can keep reading!

On the subject of clerical pervs, there was a certain Brother Joe from Dublin where I went to an all-boys boarding school not far from your manor, and he was fond of the effeminate lads alright, he used to have a scout den at a remote corner of the campus where a lot of late night meetings took place…



Razzinger and the Vatican refused to give documents and assistance to the Murphy commission on sexual abuse by clergy. Is this not a crime? His papal nuncio or Rome’s so called ambassador also refused to attend an Oireactais meeting investigating clerical sexual abuse. Razzinger, when Cardinal in surely a criminal act asked that all allegations and documents related to clerical sexual abuse be forewarded to him personally. The police were not to be involved. He was going to look at these documents. Is that not a crime? The Irish Government’s response to this was sycophantic inertia.
Another criminal called Bernard Law, former Archbishop of Boston, wanted by a grand jury in Boston into covering up clerical sexual abuse was given refuge and a new job by Razzinger.

The Vatican is above the law, they can do like Israel, whatever it likes and they won’t be held to account. That’s just the way it is with Empires and powerful rich people.It just goes to show how well indoctrinated people are, how people are so afraid to confront this rotten institution called the Vaticican, an organisation who supposedly follows the teachings of Jesus, but has been involved in massive genocides against indigenous people and has supported the most heinous murderous regimes in history. Fuck the Pope.

Anyone read about the Holy faith nuns in Glasnevin who are among a group of investors sueing Morgan Stanley for 6 million? What the fuck are a bunch of nuns doing getting involved in these investments and who gets their profits? And where did they get the money from in the first place?

If he is a genuine good guy (and maybe he is), he should have the balls to leave the crooked fuckers, as should any decent people left in the church. Anyone who stays is effectively bolstering the resolve of those who want to sweep the crime under the carpet.

Life isn’t always black and white though, inco.
For example, I can’t say too much or I could be sacked. Perhaps Diarmuid Martin has the same fear? Also, he has the additional problem of giving his life to the Catholic church, it’s all he knows and he loves it.
If he is a good guy, maybe we should support him to weed out the bad guys?
Maybe we should let him sink, and the rest with him?
I don’t know.
This Pope doesn’t seem to care a fig or a twig about Catholics, when they stand in the way of medieval thinking. He really has given us, in Ireland, the two fingers.

He is supposed to be a leader of people..If he is afraid to stand up for what is right he does not deserve to lead.
I imagine he would garner huge support, (including mine, in any way I could) if he had the balls to do what is right..
I don’t think the last pope would have done much different, or the next one for that matter.
The whistleblower on tv now is another example of too many people afraid for their own positions, allowing corrupt and evil fuckers do as they want.
It is black and white you know. It is right and wrong. Raping and terrorising children and butchering mothers is wrong,,,,,,,anyone who turns a blind eye is to my mind complicit, it allows abuse to carry on and others to suffer.
When those who turn a blind eye (effectively aiding and abetting) are in positions of authority, they are even more despicable than the original perpetrator, who MAY have the excuse of being insane etc.

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