Ivor Callely Resigns From Party

Conduct unbecoming a member of Fianna Fáil.

What exactly would that be — refusing to accept bribes?

Seriously now.  How do you get kicked out of Fianna Fáil for misconduct?  Is that not like getting kicked out of a brothel for shagging?

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Watch how in future press reports he will be described as an “independent senator”. He is the appointee of a FF Taoiseach and a walking/talking indictment of that party.

If ever there was a need for tar and feathers……….

Ivor donates a lot of money toward FF charities and toward a fund for retired, light-haulage truck drivers and greyhounds with behavioral issues. I didn’t see that mentioned in today’s papers. Bastards. It’s a disgrace that he’s been forced out because of a few shillings. Taxpayers money my ass, they’d only drink it if they had it anyway. Typical Ireland.

He got kicked out because no one liked him, unlike Willie O’Dea and John O’Donoghue. I’ll never forget the orang-utan like noises coming out of Dermot Ahern in the Dail the day before O’Dea stepped down. Comical stuff

Of course he does give to charities for light-haulage truck drivers! look at all the light-haulage truck drivers that must have been employed by him hauling his furniture, his lorry loads of expense receipts etc. from the far reaches of West Cork all the way to dublin! These truck drivers are now obviously unemployed as a result of Ivor being found out , but yet not kicked out!!! as for the Greyhounds with behavioural issiues, they’ve now stopped chasing Gravy Trains thank God!

No Caligula, The despicable Willie O’Dea & Lord O’Donoghue survived because they know where the FF bodies are buried.

Fianna Fail should be a proscribed organization. Is that legislation still in place?
The justification–Offences against the State. Either Ireland or Fianna Fail will survive. It is not possible for both for both to survive.

Bock , have you a theory as to why the Bert nominated him ? I’m reckoning the serpent has something on the stuttering one .

He’s now claiming he didn’t get due process! The man’s arrogance, and brass neck know no bounds.

14. Callely should be awarded due process. There are several trees in North Dublin where proceedings could be conducted.

“How do you get kicked out of Fianna Fáil for misconduct? Is that not like getting kicked out of a brothel for shagging?”

Depends who you’re shagging I suppose. Poor aul’ Ivor made himself a risk to the whole red light district by not being a good enough cheat (<- possible conduct unbecoming of a member of FF). The likes of Bertie have been stuffing their pockets and appearing in tribunals without ever endangering others feeding at the trough, and aul' Ivor couldn't even fiddle his expenses without getting caught. And then, when he did get caught he couldn't even brazen his way our of it.
FF has no need of such individuals.

Where else would you get a job when you get caught by the bollox fiddling, and more than a few times at that, you are then given the opportunity for due process and the OPTION of resigning! are we all for real with still putting up with this? How much more of this I can take, I don’t know!
Getting close to marching time on the nest in Kildare Street methinks.
Bring along your receipt for the Train/Taxi/Bus and It’ll probably be reimbursed!

Poor Ivor. He is misunderstood. In fact I met him down in Sheepshead only last week. He said he was on his way from Clontarf to ,that Great Institution, Senate Eireann!

Polo, A pretty sleazy looking entrance to the den…….I bet the inside is to be beheld…..the mind boggles…..
A nice narrow entrance to slither in and out of… I bet the Chinese restaurant next love him as a neighbour, think of the vermin…….

When I heard on the radio yesterday that m’lud had given the nod in favour of Ivor,my first reaction was to check the calendar in the hope of seeing April 1st. No such luck. What a fucking cesspit this country is. But the establishment looks after its own. In the UK they lock them up.

In America they say…Goverment by the peolple for the its..Goverment by the crooks for the crooks,In England the guy who had stolen 26000 pounds got a year and a half.Our high class crooks would hardly even bother with such a paltry little sum.No they will go for the jackpot comfortable in the knowledge that there will be no retribution when caught,in fact probably even a further reward!.At least the way the English are dealing with it you can see a future for their country.But here the shitheap just keeps fermenting.

I beg to differ.

Regardless of what you and I think of Ivor Callely and his ilk, Iarfhlaith O’Neill’s judgment was impeccable in my view.

The Seanad committee tried a kangaroo court job on Callely to appease the mob and to try to distance themselves from the disgraced Callely and make themselves look good in comparison.

They weren’t able to find that Callely was in breach of any of the relevant protocols yet they punished him.

That was unjustifiable and the judge was correct in his ruling in that regard.

Now for the compensation case or cases. First of all he will sue a few enthusiastic newspapers who mauled him a few months ago. Not our problem. Then he will sue the well indemnified committee who convicted him. Look forward to picking up that bill?

Maybe and he’ll probably have his Supreme Court bill paid for also whether he wins or loses. A matter of public interest and one pertinent to the working of our democratic institutions!

Spailpin Fanach,he lives in Clontarf and claimed expenses from West Cork. Surely thats a relevant protocol.

Tony, Spailpin is correct in his statement , but missed my point. The law is an ass, written by those who consider themselves above it. There is no such thing in this country as “white collar crime” fiddling the expenses is expected in the Dáil indeed almost compulsory allegedly. “the best way to rob a Bank is to own one” .

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