Little Willie

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Excellent video.

As regards the Limerick Leader poll.

“The hard-working panel of judges, chaired by Laura Ryan of the Limerick Co-ordination Office, will reveal their top 10 next week. Readers will then get the chance to decide who will be Limerick’s Sexiest Man of 2010.”

Whats the role of the Limerick coordination office in all of this? Are they not publicly funded? Do they think that Willie O’Dea brings any credit to our city?

I thought that their role was to actually generate good publicity for Limerick!

This was the Irish minister for defence!!.Look at the outrageously dangerous manner he is handling the pistol.If I done that on shooting ranges in other parts of the world I would be barred for life.

He should be a male stripper! Then we can watch him and shout:
“If dat’s your Willie, Oh Dear…”
I’m sure he’ll do anything for money.

O’Dea is totally taking the p*** with the electorate.

How about this for hard neck hypocrisy yesterday.

“Former Defence Minister Willie O’Dea has branded Ivor Callely an “embarrassment” and questioned why current legislation means the senator cannot be sacked.

O’Dea, who resigned last February over comments he made about a Sinn Fein election candidate, said the last thing any Fianna Fail TD wants to see is “a headline with the word Callely in it”.

“He’s a constant source of embarrassment,” he added.”

Why does corporal Willie have to be at the cabinet table to ask Lenihan questions? Is he saying that Lenihan doesnt speak to mere backbenchers?Odd that Willie is all of a sudden so concerned about Joe Public. Must be an election on the horizon.

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