Warning.  The cleverest minds in the country haven’t been able to work this out.

Here’s a list of numbers.

See if you can figure out the next one in the series.

0 — 4 — 10 — 18 — 22 — 24.5 — ?

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If you believe the learned mathematicians there is no number in the series!!!!
Maybe Ramanujan could figure it out?

Bock, the way things are going that number could be infinite by the time the dust settles. What’s another few billions between friends. Some talking head this morning stated 85c in every €1 of tax collected is going down that hole.

24.5bn, the latest in the series of “forecasts” of our money going down the toilet in Anglo?
Next in the series, probably 30, now that the EU has sanctioned this scam

FME the answer is that there is no answer. Unless of course someone comes up with a figure for infinity.

Methinks Ronwan is on the money. Unfortunately it’s our fucking money that is being used to keep FF shits in clover.

It’s easy. Methinks.

In reality the number jumps up at first to an incredible amount of 4, increases at 2.5-fold points, then at 6-fold points from the original amount (o.a.), then at 5.5-fold points from o.a., then at 6.12-fold points from o.a. Basically it goes up and up – with a little supposed slowdown at the 5.5-fold points. But it’s still accumulating if you consider the o.a. And there is no going back.

But FF-mathemagicalticians will tell us that the difference of the increase of the original amount goes up at first at +4, then slows down to +2, stagnates at +2, and then, hurrah, goes down at –4 and (soft landing!) at –1.5.

So all is fine, we are out of debts and recession.

I admire positive thinking and the generous use of mathematical interpretations. Sort of. Don’t you?

0 — 4 — 10 — 18 — 22 — 24.5 — ?


There’s something wrong with your numbers.

Oh. Eh. Sorry.

They’re not your numbers.

Nobody at all?! Ah well, I suppose it wasn’t the right question.
My mathematical genius was wasted on this one.

Bock of course they know nothing about mathematics more to the point they don’t care. They have found the alchemists stone. All they have to do is squeeze the little people until we shit Gold. Of course our eyes will pop out and we will bleed from the ears, but what the hell it’s all for the greater good in the long run.

Gary, are you like a midget or a wee person or a dwarf something? Who’s all these little people you speak of? :) I’m 5ft 9″ .. would I be a little person?

Yeah.. I know, but who did she think she was?! Only the little people pay taxes.. yeesh. And who leaves a fricken dog millions in their will.. nuts. And their hotel was a dump. Stayed there once.

FME unless you are a member of the Golden Circle then not only are you a little person but you are an entity of no consequence or importance whatsoever! Merely a thing to be used. Even if you are ten foot tall!

Hive everyone knows 42 is the answer to life , the Universe and everything! Not to this puzzle. Much more complex.

Says Who Gary? I certainly don’t believe that, do you? And the little people have a habit of well getting peeved at the ineptness and corruption of those in power. For instance in the US in 1776, France in 1789, Soviet Union 1990.. It can and does happen.


Raise you one.


Isn’t Global poker a great game?

Thing is.

If you bet 42 I don’t know that you have 42.

And I have 43 and I can deliver 43?

But all of a sudden I get a chilly felling that you’re not good for 42?

The answer to the universe and all that is.

If you can’t deliver 42 it won’t be chilly.

Welcome to Ice Age Ireland.

Sometime in the near future they will find the frozen remains of the Celtic Tigre.

And they will begin again.

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