Rapist Larry Murphy To Be Released

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Larry Murphy, a violent rapist and attempted murderer, got remission of 3½ years for good behaviour and will be released from prison today.

Good behaviour. In other words, he couldn’t find anyone to rape in prison without getting his face kicked in.

Apparently the authorities’ hands are tied, and they have to release Murphy with full remission and with no post-release supervision order even though he refused to take part in any counselling or other corrective treatment while in prison and showed no remorse for the misery he inflicted on his victim.

Furthermore, even though he’s obliged by law to tell the police where he intends to live, he can legally give his address as no fixed abode, provided he signs in to a police station once a week, leaving him plenty of free time to abduct, rape and perhaps murder women.  By contrast, rapists of no fixed abode in Northern Ireland must take up residence in a designated halfway house.

Now, it seems to me that there’s no point counselling murderous psychopaths like Murphy.  There’s no point trying to rehabilitate or cure them.  There’s no point tagging them, because all a tag will show is their movements before and after committing their crimes.

These people are compulsive and without compassion.

Consequently, they deserve no compassion and in my opinion, there are only three possible solutions: lock them up for life, castrate them or kill them.  My personal preference would be to fling him head first into a wood chipper, but unfortunately we can’t have the death sentence because of the risk that we’d kill innocent people as well as worthless vermin like Murphy.  It’s the same with castration, unless a reversible chemical version is available.

That leaves life imprisonment, or jail until such time as he becomes incapable of threatening anyone.

When psychopathic rapists like Murphy go to prison, they never stop thinking about the day of their release when they can resume the search for new victims.

Murphy is now free, his hunt for victims resumes and there is nothing the authorities can do.  Is it any wonder the people of Baltinglass are threatening to do him physical harm if he shows up?

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    I hope that very soon he might find out what its like to be abducted and terrorized and brutally castrated
    by the people of Baltinglass!


    Ridiculous situation that this animal is walking the streets,all the Gards can do now is wait for him to strike again and more than likely have to keep him under 24hr watch in anticipation of his next move.This, at a huge cost to the taxpayer.
    Our judiciary,with their funny loking robes and wigs have enabled another future rape/murder because of their disgustingly inept systems and failures to adapt.This is not the last we will hear of larry Murphy,having read the full report of the attack for which he was imprisoned it was obvious that he was far too methodical and had committed this kind of savagery before.Worrying times indeed!


    If there is no doubt about his guilt, and in this case there definitely is no doubt, he should just rot in prison. He’s a fucking monster and the authorities have even warned bean garda not to approach him because he is considered an extreme risk. Why is he being released then. I thought all of these bleeding heart liberalists have been banging on about rehabilitation. Well, that being the case, he has officially not been rehabilitated. Fact! We have no system of justice in this country. There are lots of provisions made to protect the criminal but none to protect the innocent.


    It never fails to amaze me at how lienient the Irish court system is. Although I am not aware of the this bastards specifics 3 1/2 years for rape and attempted murder is an insult to the victim. No crime it seems to me is adequately punished in the state…………..unless of course you threaten the state itself.


    It’s simple. If you rape someone, you give them a life sentence, why should your sentence be anything less?


    That’s his remission. The sentence was 14.


    It’s also important to note that this guy is suspected of being involved in disappearences of at least 3 woman in the Leinster area during the 90s. I wrote a post (gathering information from every source I could find) about the entire case a few days ago: http://novascone.com/larry-murphy-suspected-irish-serial-killer-due-for-release.html


    if they do ever get further evidence relating him to the other cases,,,won’t all the publicity generated to date, deny him a “fair trial”, and enable his escape from conviction


    Thats good he behaved himself in prison I just love it when rapists and pedos change their ways because you lock them up with like minded people.

    Seriously castration is no good since a lot of what they are about is power over another so why do they not kill the bastards? They give up their human rights when they do what they do to others and think of the savings made to the tax payer, I’ll kill them for cheap no probs.


    i’m not saying that this guy is not dangerous, but is there not a touch of media frenzy about his whole case? surely other murderers and rapist have been released early? is it the fact that he may be linked to other cases that makes him such a threat? i’m inclined to agree with Inco, and evidence linking him to any of the missing women will have to be really conclusive now. two things struck me when readings Waynes link, was the profile that they came up with the best they could achieve? a married man with kids, in his 30s , no convictions. what percentage of the population falls into that bracket? if it is, one can see why no real progress has been made in these cases.and if someone had abducted, killed and disposed of at least three women, you’d imagine that they would have a rope/handcuffs/tie-wraps on hand, and not be relying on the victims bra to restrain them. sounds very disorganized to me.


    Mr. Knudson, if you need someone to hold your coat I’m your man.


    Hold on there Cap’n P. What if you’re an 18 year old convicted of statutory rape of a 16 year old? Life in the Joy a suitable punishment do you think?


    gerryo,FFS man…….media frenzy? this subhuman entity had a modus operandi that was so well developed within which he was so comfortable within his show of “”power”” that it’s obvious that a pair of handcuffs/length of rope etc was not required to complete this task.He is not known as the most dangerous person in the country for no apparent reason now is he?
    Tell you what mate,invite him into your town,or even better,invite all females in your family around to your house while he eats at your dinner table.The FBI have forgotten more about this shit than you will ever do so if you feel you need more “evidence” then see what happens with your rehabilitated buddy and your loved ones…….shut the fuck up if you’re not willing to do so!,this cunt is out tomorrow because of the ineptitude of our judicial system,not because of his apparent rehabilitation!


    i agree with you pauleire the judicial system is inept. and its because of its ineptitude he is the most dangerous man in ireland. why he was not given the same treatment as malcom mcarthur, geoffry evans and john shaw is beyond me.
    why did the media not clamour for the laws on early release to be changed when it became apparent that he was not showing remorse and not attending counselling? all of a sudden his big news, he was locked up for the past 11years or so, and the media would have had a good idea he was up for early release. of course by waiting till as close as possible to his release date to highlight him, you do sell more newspapers.
    on the subject of evidence, i was referring to the other missing women. i don’t need this evidence, the guards do. he was linked geographically to 2 of the missing women. and that was it. every vehicle he owned or had access through either work or friends were searched for forensic evidence, nothing was ever found. now i know the guards are useless, but i’d like to think that if they had found more evidence then it would have been used.


    Judge Carney of the Central Criminal Court frequently says from the bench when sentencing that he can only give prison time that won’t be overturned on appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal where his decisions have been turned over many times as being too severe. He does not want to waste further state funds on legal fees to scumbags and he has to try to pitch his sentences just right to avoid an appeal.
    I don’t know if he heard the Murphy case. The Appeal judges don’t have to listen to the days of gruesome testimony nor listen to the victim impact statement in person. the appeal is a paper excercise presided over in the dry air or courtroom diplomacy by our “learned friends”. Give Judge Paul Carney support. I think we can put behind us his indescretion of trying to kick in the door of the Shelbourne when full of liquor.


    In prison it should be noted, criminals learn many new things from their fellow inmates. Things that will help them not get caught so easily next time.
    Prisons produce a lot of better equipped criminals; equipped that is with the knowledge that can benefit their efforts while they once again are set free to carry out their depraved actions.
    Murphy spent ten years living with criminals of varying criminal expertise, all of whom most likely are also rapists.
    ‘Sex offender’ is the type of criminal normally housed in Arbour Hill.
    Women are rightly terrified, especially those with long dark hair which apparently, he prefers.


    Who decides what is good behaviour? Is it one person or a committe?This asshole refused all counselling and other corrective measures.He also showed no remorse.If that is good behaviour then I’m a monkey’s uncle. Let’s have a name of the (a) wanker–if it’s a person,or (b)names ,if it’s a committee.Somebody must take responsibility.Murphy should spend at least four more years–off the streets–during which time he might meet with a serious accident–hopefully castration..


    It doesn’t matter who decided it. Those are the current rules.

    The fact is that people like Larry Murphy can walk around as if they had never committed rape. Presumed innocent for ever more.


    When these assholes let somebody out for good behaivour and they commit another offence, why can they not be sued by the victim for malpractice or whatever the term would be. Bankrupt a few of them and I’m betting the system would change. There has to be a few enterprising legal types willing to take this sort of case on.


    You can’t be sued for complying with the law of the land. The problem is with the regulations, not the people who implement them.


    Tom you have got to be joking. Find any legal eagle to bring a case against one of their “learned friends” two chances . Good behaviour means that you do not kick the crap out of the Governor of the jail.


    Believe it or Not………
    There are Rapists……Bank Robbers……Child Molestors…….And Killers
    Driving you home tonight…….in a TAXI.
    And some of them are not even from this Country!!
    There is no proper checks on ANY S.P.S.V. Drivers in the system at this moment!
    If our friend wanted Easy Access to work all he needs is an S.P.V. Licence.
    And they are SO EASY to get!!!
    That’s why so many Visitors are Driving Taxis.
    Buck up ALL the Laws!!!!!!


    Before you ask……Yes I am a Taxi Driver.

    15 Years now……and completly Fu**ed up by our Regulator.
    If you constantly need a GPS to find any address……you should NOT be a Taxi Driver!
    This is reflected in ALL the counties of Ireland.
    I passed a proper test……….I am a TAXI DRIVER.


    You lookin; at me ?


    Very good Gerry. If we ever do a post about taxis, you’ll be right on the button. This post, however, has nothing whatever to do with taxis and therefore your comments are completely irrelevant.


    Isn’t a terrible shame that the hunters who found him with that unfortunate woman in the boot of the car didn’t just take a few pops at him there and then. @Gerry thanks for the advice, I was of the opinion that taxi drivers were robbing gouging bastards anyway, and your further evidence has convinced me to avoid them altogether. Cheers.


    It’s a shame they didn’t shoot him. As he was in the middle of a murder they would have been justified.


    Murphy I don’t see how he can be made report his address to Gardai as this requirement comes under Sex Offenders Act, 2001 s 10, Murphy was convicted in 2000 before the act came into place. Retrospective criminal law has no effect and breaches the Rule of Law. This act is a criminal sanction and like all criminal law applies from what was in force at the time of the offence was committed. So Murphy is now a free man to do as he pleases under the law.


    I was the only person I know who admitted to voting against getting rid of the death penaltly off our statute books. A state should also retain their abbility to destroy any person that is a danger to society. Sex murderers and child rapists are beyond redemption and they have no place in a civilised society. Libearals will always have their flag to wave about in the name of ‘morality’ , but their is nothing moral in defending the indefencable. I have seen far too many liberals turned to raging right wing monsters when the shit they preach about hits their lives for real.


    As a “right wing nut job” I have a hard time with the death penalty. Giving that sort of godlike power to the state is not in my opinion a good thing given the finality of the outcome. I live in a state with the death penalty, which is rarely used. Twice I beleive in the 25 years I’ve been in Montana and both the bastards deserved it. However it costs the taxpayer more to execute the scumbags than to lock them up and throw away the key. The panalties for criminal behavior in Montana are far far harsher than in Ireland. 10 years for kidnapping and rape? Here it would be 50+. Murderers are routinely sentanced to 200+ years. Another factor here is that we elect our judges. Bleeding heart liberals are tossed out as soon as their motives are clear. Partially as a result of this I live in a society with a much lower crime rate than Ireland. Billings my hometown (about the size of Cork) recently went 13 years without a homocide, despite the fact that we all own guns.


    the ability to destroy anyone that is a danger to society sounds all well and good, but not if the state is run by corrupt and inept fuckers


    can dangerous sex offenders in ireland not be committed to long-term hospitalization? is it seem purely as a crime and not a mental illness?


    So it seems. However, I don’t believe this guy is ill.


    seems to me that anyone who would do such things has got to be deranged. not an excuse, just that random murdering sociopathic behavior isn’t sane. the sad thing is, treatment doesn’t work for these people. we lock them up indefinitely and provide them with “treatment,” but hospital or jail, it’s still incarceration. keeps the streets a bit safer.


    Personally, I don’t care if he’s sane or not. I’m not asking to have him judicially exterminated. I just don’t want him roaming the streets. If he has personal problems, I really don’t care, as long as they don’t become my problem.


    wasn’t there a young gentleman, (as the guards would say), committed as insane, after killing his girlfriend and her mother in the grounds of sligo hospital years ago,,,,,and he was left out after a short time too as he was feeling much better now thanks


    Dermot Aherne has now intervened and placed Murphy under the supervision of the Probation services, Largely due to ” Public Outcry ” Could this be an indicator that the Government might just respond to public reaction ?
    Wheres my collection of banners ?


    this makes my skin crawl……


    Norma I am afraid the banners may be a bit premature. The notion of keeping this “thing” under supervision is a sop to shut up the media, including the new media us! Neither the Guardi or the probation service have the resources to monitor the thing or any of it’s ilk.


    Gary. That comment was really just tongue in cheek.
    I agree with you, no resources, what with being a kleptocracy an all !


    Now that’s the sort of thing I like to see.

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