Conor Lenihan, Irish Minister for Science Attacks Science

Dimmer kebab

So much for the smart economy.

Conor Lenihan, Minister of State for Science, is launching a book written by his friend that accuses evolution of being a hoax.

No.  You didn’t read this wrong.  Our junior minister with responsibility for science, is endorsing a book written by somebody who thinks science is nonsense.

It wasn’t enough that his brother, our finance mninister, decided economics is rubbish.  It wasn’t enough that his auntie, Mary O’Rourke, thought it was a good idea to give our communications network to an asset stripper.

We now have the entire family rejecting rational thought.

What next from the Lenihan family?  What next from Fianna Fáil?

Sun orbits Earth, Shock??

What do you think of that?  I know that being a junior minister means nothing at all, but still, what about the optics?  Is Conor the biggest fool — in a long line of fools —  ever to hold public office in this country?

The author is  John J May, a religious fundamentalist idiot whose website describes evolution as

“A Hoax” “A Joke”
“A Fantasy” “An Impossibility”
“A Fiction”
“A Fairytale For Adults”
“The greatest deceit in the history of science”

Nice going, Minister Conor.

What’s the next target?  Gravity?

I don’t wish to be in any way small-minded when I say this, and for once I’d like to get away from politics and focus on the sheer, dangerous stupidity of Conor’s actions.  I’d like to point out that supporting this empty-headed attack on science is also an attack on the thing that brought effective treatment to his own brother and his father before him.

In breaking news, the minister for health denies there’s such a thing as heart disease, the minister for communications says television doesn’t exist and the minister for transport urges greater efforts in horse-breeding.

What a fool.

Imagine putting this dimwit in charge of anything to do with science.

58 thoughts on “Conor Lenihan, Irish Minister for Science Attacks Science

  1. evolution is a reality,but not all people have evolved at the same rate.The Lenihan family seem to have just fallen out of the trees.But that statement applies to most if not all in Dail Eireann.

  2. one good effect might be that the cunt wont want to travel far…in case he falls off the edge of the world

  3. Shocking just fucking shocking but I do like the logic here “one good effect might be that the cunt wont want to travel far…in case he falls off the edge of the world’

  4. Bock,youre wrong that a junior minister means nothing at all. It means a lot more bucks for doing fuck all and a lot more opportunity to peddle the bullshit that the youngest of the dynasty has been doing for years. And you have to give him credit for his pededexterity,every time he opens his mouth,both feet end up therein. Indeed he may very well be the first human being who has evolved into an ape.

  5. I don’t believe this. Not one word. ” Party at Lillies Bordello afterwards ” Come on !!

  6. @lapsedmethodist.

    I also thought this was a figment of Bock’s fevered cerebrum, but, lo, it appears to be true.

    Every time you think the barrel has been plumbed, it turns out there is another fathom of stupidity to spare.

  7. why all the fuss..tomoro he will tell us he was just helping out a chum and a few days after he will deny everything and a few days further on he will go on t.v and try and convince all that this is just F.G playing dirty tricks and theres not a word of truth in anything…we dont need any of this because we already know he is an idiot…

  8. Conor Lenihan referred to the turkish workers as Kebabs, he was later promoted to minminister of state for integration during which time he gave alan shatter the nazi salute. What else can be said, this guy is a plank!

  9. The problem is that this John J May will make money out of this with all the publicity this will generate in the next few days – fuck! The clown (in a video on his website) spent five hours in the Darwin exhibition in London and still did not get it – a truly superficially brained moron who knows nothing about Einstein’s theory of evolution!

  10. Seems to be a fair few quid involved in this book launch- €10,000 to be won?(note-I have’nt written euros after the amount-see above)Must have backing from somewhere-so there’s more gobshites than May and Lenihan in this.

  11. This is the most unbelievable thing I have read in years. I am pinching myself in the hope that I’ll wake up. As if FF haven’t fucked the country up the ass enough, along comes a minister of a major portfolio and makes a complete mockery of the serious job that the people of this country have entrusted him with.
    Talk about making a monkey out of yourself! He should resign immediately.

  12. Just on that guys site. I don’t know–to me he doesn’t seem to understand what evolution is.

  13. Great film all together. There’s some great dialogue in it. Gene Kelly was class in it too.
    They don’t make them like that anymore. :)

  14. I checked out the site too. Clicked on Book Synopsis. He aint half fond of using alliteration..

    “Evolution is a fantasy of farraginous farcical fatuous feculent facile facetiousness and my book shall lead the charge against this UNSCIENTIFIC HOAX worldwide.
    This manuscript is extremely controversial and billions of human beings, young and old, black and white rich and poor are quite simply confused and would enjoy for a change some serious solid satisfying facts as opposed to the sorry sophistical nonsense we are inundated with from the media on a daily basis.”

    Some Serious Solid Sack of Shite John J. haha

  15. I just watched the first youtube video on his site. I’ve a pain in my side from laughing.
    He gave a great lecture on the birds and the bees. I was waiting for him to start gyrating.

  16. As yes. I see know.

    Crazy Horse was kept in the job by King Kleptocrat.

    Makes sense.

    Was Crazy Horse the spy on his own brother?

    Aren’t Fianna Fail just pure Satan.

    Ireland’s great all the same.

  17. Would I be correct in this summation?

    We have an incompetent Science Minister.

    We have an incompetent Prime Minister.

    We have an incompetent Health Minister.

    We have an incompetent Finance Minister.

    And if I am correct.

    What should Europe do?

    What should we do?

  18. Not been up to date on Irish politicians I just look him up on Wikipedia. Saw as I suspected he’s very quantified for the job grandfather, father, brother aunt all politicians.
    When will the people of Ireland wake up and stop voting for these fools.

  19. When John J May looks at himself in the mirror and plays recordings of himself, it’s obvious to him at least that evolution never happened. Taking this a step further, the same can be said of his supporters.

  20. Result ! For everyone who expresses themselves on this site and others………..JJM has ” pleaded ” with pal Conor to withdraw from launch (!) As he has been ” eviserated ” on a political blog !

  21. heard john on the darcy show this morning. his answer to questions consist of, “its irrelevant” “i’m not interested in that” ” thats not the point”. so i suspect a career in politics on the card. his idea basically is that god was a great scientist, who created this great scientist “is irrelevant”. the €10,000 is on offer to anyone who can prove conclusively one example of evolution. just show that a particular creature evolved from another creature and the moneys yours. now from what i can gather, this challenge has been going on for a while and was not started by john. the prize money has yet to be claimed. thing is a quick search on the net shows that a few of the people offering the reward are as cracked as john. perhaps the whole thing with lenihan is a big publicity stunt? seems to have worked that way.

  22. There’s nothing wrong per se with questioning a scientific theory surely, in fact isn’t this the foundation of the scientific method? Has the guy got any decent arguments? I don’t know yet, but apparently he’s most definitely not a religious type, so I douby his arguments are based on the old testament. I heard him on the radio, saying that some leading geneticist central to the human genome project is a “doubter” on evolution. Now maybe he’s full of it, but I think I’ll wait to judge for myself, before leaping on him for being an unbeliever. If I was in Lenihan’s shoes, I’d ask to read the book before agreeing to launch it. If it raised any plausible, science based arguments or question marks over evolution theory, I’d agree. If not, I wouldn’t.

  23. John J May ( Conor’s Friend) was on newstalk claiming that no humans existed more than 6000 years ago
    ( because he says so) well John how do you account for the Lascaux cave paintings in France (dated to approx 17000 years ago) and the many other examples of cave/rock art dotted around the globe, most predating your 6000 year old analysis.

    A nation of dunderheads and quacks rolls effortlessly on to the abyss.

  24. Spencer Tracy explains that one in the clip from Inherit the Wind, Rank. There was no sun, so the first day could have been longer than 24 hours. :)

  25. That’s not an explanation he’s giving. That’s Tracy’s Henry Drummond reducing the creationist idea to its fundamental absurdity.

  26. Oh really.. Doh. There was I thinking the earth was really alone out in space with no sun.
    What I don’t get was if there was light on the first day.. ‘let there be light’.. where did it come from if the sun wasn’t created until later.

  27. @Rank Outsider
    If JJ may thinks that humans didn’t exist before 6000 years ago he must think carbon-14 dating is pie in the sky. He probably doesn’t even believe in the technique. Scientists are wasting their time and in fact know nothing or misinterpret theories such as quantum ‘spin’.

  28. Sometimes, creationists say that evolution is still only a theory. The idea is to equate a theory with a hypothesis. This is a common, and dishonest, misuse of language.

  29. I thought evolution was taken as fact now. That there is historical evidence for it’s occurrences, but that only the mechanism of how it works is theorized. It’s suprising how backwards some people are. I remember a religion teacher in secondary school hinting that evolution wasn’t true.

  30. Creationists say that most scientists still don’t agree on evolution. Just like global warming.

  31. It boils down to this:


    1. It happened by evolution


    2. It happened by magic.

    This is what the parliamentary secretary with responsibility for science wants us to debate. Science versus magic. He thinks the two positions have equal validity, the idiot.

  32. Imagine that it did happen by magic or the grace of god, how unsatisfying. I heard the goon May on the radio harping on about some 10,000 euro prize that could be won by proving evolution. Well, what about vestigial structures–like the appendix? We no longer use it, isn’t that evolution? Then I heard the end of the ad…….it has to be proven biochemically. Crafty bastard–moving the goal posts. Why 10,000 euro? He has obviously convinced himself that pregnancy and life is so complicated that it must have come about by ‘magic’ alone, if he is so sure why not a million euro? That would show more conviction.

  33. The problem that many people have with accepting evolution is they find it demeaning.The fact that they are not made in the image of god (no less) but are really only Monkeys cousins ha ha.

  34. I find that being told not to think for myself and to accept that everything has been created by the wave of the hand from a man in the sky incredibly demeaning.

  35. There was a comic a couple of years ago, in which a doctor diagnosed a patient with some virus or disease, and then asked if the patient accepted or denied evolution. When the patient asked why that mattered, the doctor explained that there was the evolution track of treatment, in which the medication changed every year to keep up with the evolutionary changes in the virus, or there was the creationist treatment, in which the patient was given the same medication that had been used a hundred years go, when the virus was first identified and isolated. I have a feeling that, presented this way, every creationist would choose science every time. :-)

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