Dancing on Haughey’s Grave

One man’s protest

Make of this what you will.  Vincent Keaney’s personal protest against Haughey is certainly stirring up passions on the airwaves.

I’m reminded of a similar sentiment from Elvis Costello many years ago.


Bock’s opinion of Haughey

88 thoughts on “Dancing on Haughey’s Grave

  1. He’d want to be careful dancing on Fianna Fail graves. In the not so distance past some FF cadavers were voting for Soldiers of Destiny despite being inconvenienced by the fact that they were actually dead. Hence, Charlie’s call to arise now and vote Fianna Fail.And they did, like the ghouls in Michael Jackson’s- the people’s peadophile – Thriller video.

    Meantime, someone would want to slap a strait jacket on this grave dancing guy, all the hinges have come off the door here.

  2. Thanks to the Irish mentality of respecting the dead no matter what they did in life, all this protest was ever likely to do was piss off people. Haughey left a legacy of corruption that is still blighting Irish society but that isn’t making as many waves on Joe Duffy.

  3. Who cares really? Haughey certainly doesn’t. That guy was old enough to be “protesting” when Haughey was actually around. You know so it might actually mean something or might make a difference.

  4. Yeah I suppose. It just seems like a cheap publicity stunt to me though. He could be protesting, making videos about living corrupt politicians. And like I say he was old enough to be protesting when Haughey was around.
    It’s done for offense it seems to me. Dancing on a grace. How offensive. The only thing that offends me more is your Santa on the cross you do at Christmas. :)

  5. This one just seems like offense for offense’s sake to me and well that just doesn’t offend me really.
    I wouldn’t be getting my knickers in a twist over it. He’d be better off spending his time protesting at what’s going on currently. Haughey’s gone. (And he has a weird accent too.)
    All though, I’d be interested in how you think Haughey set in motion the current climate of corruption. I suppose that one’s a no brainer really.. but when does it end.

  6. Haughey, above all others, gave rise to the climate of cynical, unprincipled self interest that produced Bartholomew Ahern, Liam Lawlor, Raphael Burke and the entire modern-day Fianna Fáil freak show. He was a colleague of Brian Lenihan Senior, a thoroughly congenial, likeable, well-read bullshitter, very much to his taste and very much in tune with the pathetic need of the Irish public to be patronised by any old gobshite.

    Brian Junior gave us a taste of his father’s embarrassing 1950s gobshitery the other night night when he informed us that he had phoned Christine Lagarde. In French, no less, as if that would impress us. As if he was telling us that he had performed neurosurgery. Quelle surprise that somebody might speak a second language!

    As to where this is going? If I had the answer to that, I wouldn’t be shouting about it. I’d be on the phone to Wall Street.

  7. It’s imaginative. Yes it’s offensive but that’s the point. Haughey was offensive.
    Flip flops at Blair and dancing on Charlie’s grave.
    Nothing like a good protest ……..:)

  8. Yeah, tis a pity the apple falls so close to the tree in the FF family.. birds of a feather.
    I did notice Lenihan say that on the programme Monday night. That he called Christine Lagarde and spoke to her in French. I was wondering what the relevance of that was myself. He said her reply was “gosh”, when he told her the news. hmmmm. Shocking sequence of events. And later that night as events unfolded, Brian exhausted from the days activites retired to his laba, but not before 2am. Gimme a break.
    And also he couldn’t have been bothered phoning the UK chancellor of the exchequer – Alistair Darling, who said he had to hear about it on the morning news. English a problem for him maybe?
    Did they not think it would affect UK banks, in that investors might have been tempted to move their money into Irish banks.
    Anyways, the dancing on the grave does bother me a little I suppose. Not in that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.. but just from a decency point of view. I don’t care who’s burried there. But that’s just me.
    And well it seems like 5 year old carry on.
    Agree with you on Haughey though, there’s no doubt about the type of man he was. Corrupt to the bones.

  9. well holy gawd, I think the man is seriously affected! Never a fan of Haughey dead or alive but it’s extremely disrespectful to say the least, to treat a place of rest with irreverence. Let sleeping dogs lie, I say….

  10. A place of rest? I think you will find that he is dead. C. J. Haughey doesn’t deserve a shred of respect, what does it matter if he is decomposed in the ground.

  11. If it doesn’t matter Irate, why would this chap bother dancing on the place where Haughey’s decomposed body lays? If it really didn’t matter, Vincent Keaney wouldn’t have bothered doing it. It does matter where people are buried. That separates us from other animals in that we like to commemorate our dead.
    I don’t care if it was Hitler’s grave. What enjoyment is to be had from dancing on a grave.. other than petulance.

  12. It’s a mark of disrespect to Haughey, dead or alive. Since he’s completely dead, and not resting, Haughey cares nothing about it one way or the other.

  13. Danceing on the grave just gets the publicity required. its the other points made that people should take onboard.

  14. Of course it does. He’s the one suffering from alll the thievery, not Haughey. Keaney, and you and me and all the rest of the people who weren’t inside the corrupt loop created by Haughey and his Taca mates who went on, along with their families, to become the property developers of the Nineties and Zeroes.

    If anyone criticises you for disrespecting Haughey, there’s a good chance they got some of the money stolen from the country by this gang of thieves and they don’t want you asking awkward questions about what they were up to.

  15. That’s true Bock, I had mentioned that also, that Haughey doesn’t care. But we don’t bury our dead for their sakes. It’s for ours.
    Haughey had a lot of detractors, but even those people might find this tastleless.

    Irate, the only thing that seemed to matter to Vincent Keaney here is causing a ruckus. He’d be better off leaving his dancing to a ballroom. The auld fart.

  16. Maybe he genuinely enjoyed it, I don’t know. Haughey was a cunt, I just wish he was alive so I could kill him.

  17. “……. find any words that are ……. portray my contempt strong enough.

    And I’m not, you know, I’m not eh, some little kid that they can say there there now, you’re just these young little teenagers who are having a moment of protest, I’m a man I’m 35 years old and I’m fucking sick of it. You know, of what’s going on in this country.


    “I saw a newspaper picture from the political campaign….”

    At least Farage has words of contempt for the corrupt scum that is Fianna Fail/Fine Gael/Labour/ Sinn Féin /EU.

  18. Whatever you think about the dancing on the grave,Keaney is right. Pity the rest of us havent the balls to do likewise to highlight the present band of gangsters running the circus. Last weekend,there were protests against the war monger Blair,yet no one is on the streets about the infinite sums being poured into Anglo Irish. Seems we’re content to take it up the arse all the time and come back for more.

  19. So many people talking about showing disrespect…
    Disrespect for who? For Haughey? Fuck him.
    Fuck Haughey, in fact fuck doesn’t convey the feeling properly.
    The man was a thief and a bully. A cunt of immense proportions and the sooner it’s recognised the better.

    (The idea of digging the fucker up is a good one, though. Dig it up and hang him in O’Connell street. Just high enough so it’s difficult to get down).

  20. On the same day that Ahern announces his ‘interest’ in the Presidency

    These people know no bounds …

  21. Vincent Keaney for President

    Fair play to Eddie Hobbs, if that scumbag Ahern becomes President, I`ll be beside Eddie Hobbs on the next boat out of here.

  22. I have been dancing on Haughey’s grave for years. He stole from this country and its downtrodden, while telling them that they were “living beyond their means.” Before he died, all of this corruption was in the public realm and still the state gave him a state funeral. And you can bet that when Bertie Ahern – just as corrupt as Haughey – pops his clogs, he too will be honoured like a champion. We never learn in this rotten country. Look at the opening of the Conference Centre the other day. All the heads were there: Bertie, Brian, Johnny Ronan and the rest of the Irish Mafia. Treasury Holding is in shite and is relying on the taxpayer to bail it it, and yet they sip champers and laugh about how wonderful they are. There is no shame in these people. And fucking Sinead O’Connor singing at the event, like an Irish version of Ben Elton. She used to rebel against this type of cosy corruption, but now she has taken the new Irish Royalty to her bosom.
    Sinead – fuck the pope – O’Connor, singing for Bertie Ahern and Johnny Ronan.

    The prosecution rests.


  23. Never voted for FF in my life but the actions of this man exceed normal political discourse. No matter what all the ranting above says, Haughey was occasionaly elected Taoiseach of the country in elections. Elect them in, vote them out but step back from this kind of puerile profanity.

  24. those muppets on Joe Duffy have no problem with people being killed and tortured by this state, a state that hee haw presided over, and most likely said nothing whilst the kids were being buggered and raped, but now they are offended because a grave is ‘sacrosant’ Give me a fucking break. Life is sacrosanct, the lives that this state has snuffed out either through actual death, or by ensuring that many many Irish people have lived their lives in torment.

    And did yis hear them going on about the extremists at politics.ie, a bunch of morons who can’t even string a sentence together?

    And are the same fools who kept voting Hee Haw in, despite his betrayal of them over the Stardust still voting in the little runt Sean?

    Fuck Haughey, and his grave.

  25. “If anyone criticises you for disrespecting Haughey, there’s a good chance they got some of the money stolen from the country by this gang of thieves and they don’t want you asking awkward questions about what they were up to”

    WHAT A SWEEPING GENERALISATION? Is this the level of debate you aspire to?

  26. I don’t see why a protest should not be carried out for fear it offends somebody, in this case Haughey’s family. Is the offence they feel larger than the damage the man did to Ireland? We should not be hesitant to offend or disrespect anybody if there is just cause, and in this case there certainly is. If Haughey’s family cry a few tears tonight because of this protest, well, so much the better. It’s important that they understand how much damage their father did to this country.

  27. I think we should deal with the people that are alive first the one’s we can do something about. Charlie is six feet under and probably having a good laugh while the legacy he left is proudly enacted by Lenihan, Cowen etc.

    Was it the job of the soldiers of destiny to hand over the country to the IMF and the EU? The state the country is in has people going around saying the sooner they come the better, as they could not be worse than what we have ordained for ourselves.

    Maybe comrade Jack O’Connor and comrade David Begg and the lunatics in the DoF will finally be taken down a peg or two. As for Bertie, running for president? There is always John of God’s and detox. He should have stayed Mr. Anorak man, being chauffeur and goffer for CJH corrupted him too.

    My main worry is that we would all live lives of penury while giving these public servants pensions there is no way, even if hell freezes over that the people who bankrupted the country causing loss of sovereignty, mass unemployment who preach the gospel of immigration and working for nothing should get a pension. Madness!

  28. Haughey was a flawed leader but he did not hand the deeds of this country over to the banksters. Nor did he ever advocate selling the family silver to pay off banksters’ gambling debts. Had he still been in power, would he have faced down the banksters on that night in September 2008 when the guarantee was given? Would he have pledged to guarantee the insolvent Anglo-Irish Bank? Judging by the contempt he showed the bank he himself owed money to during his years in the political wilderness, I somehow doubt it .

  29. It’s hard to know what Haughey would have done, but I suspect if the cheque was big enough, he’d have done pretty much anything asked of him as long as he could continue to prance around like a little squire. However, you have identified one of Haughey’s greatest strengths — contempt. I agree that if Lenihan and Cowen had shown more contempt towards the bankers, we’d all be better off now.

  30. The warning signs about Haughey were around and well-known since the late 1970s. (Arms Trial, Vincent Browne published articles seeking the origins of Haughey’s money in the 1980s, Fitzgerald’s Dail statement, some impersonation by his agent, Abbeyvale, Helicopter company etc.etc.) and yet he got votes hand over fist. That tells us more about the electorate than Haughey.

  31. I think we should now be seeking to learn lessons. We have never been in a more dangerous situation and we must see clearly how to create new structures and new ways of doing things. I’m not saying anything will change, however, when you look at the nonsense the Irish electorate has tolerated ever since independence.

    As you say, people treated the PatOConnor-PatOConnor incident as a joke and everyone knew that Abbeville was obtained by fraudulent and criminal means, yet still voted for him. It suggests that Irish people don’t consider themselves to be truly part of a nation with a shared vision.

  32. haughey was a crooked bastard, plain and simple and so was his crooked political family- i woulda taken a sledgehammer to the stone and graffitied it.

  33. So what if he dances on a grave? Dancing on the grave is a symbolic act and doesn’t hurt Haughey now that he’s dead. It may show disrespect to his family but what respect did haughey show to his own wife and family when he was off with his mistress pretending to be James Bond. It is the disrespect shown to the living people of Ireland by Seanie Fitzpatrick, Fingers Fingleton, Roddie Molloy and all the others who have taken this country to the cleaners while we have to pay for the damage that we should be shocked by. If dancing on Haughey’s grave makes yer man Keaney feel better then let him dance away.

  34. People give orations at graves and nobody says the dead don’t care. Fianna Fáil have an oration-fest every year, as do Sinn Féin, and nobody tells them they’re wasting their breath. Haughey himself performed many a ritual over a gravestone.

    So why deny Mr Keaney his dance?

  35. Love the shitting and pissing idea, but would worry about what that would encourage to grow from that particular cesspit. Wonderful leg work there from yer man. Fred Astaire/Micheal Flately/Micheal Jackson eat yer hearts out. Respect is earned, i believe our private dancer has earned the respect of most of the population or ireland.

  36. Some people have no decency whatsoever.
    Nobody says the dead don’t care Bock, because it’s irrelevant. It’s the living that care. And people will not become animals.

  37. “people will not become animals” ah if only they would,then there would be no scumbag politicans, no robberies, no rapes, no paedophilia, no wars, no genocides, no rip offs, no corruption, no destruction of the planet, etc etc.

  38. Dancing on graves may be therapeutic for the deranged, slightly deranged and deluded but it will effect no change. Change is always political in its nature. Abandoning the political sphere for theatrics and tasteless exhibitionism allows the political sphere to be populated by those without scruples, i.e. the HeeHaws of the next generation. GET IN THERE AND MARK THEM WHEN THEY ARE ALIVE AND SWINDLING.

  39. @ Poll Dorcha

    To take your argument at face value: Why bother having any discourse outside of elections. I am assuming that you don’t just come on here to make friends or seek a partner for life. I assume that you are here to vent your spleen and to either find or form some answers to the questions that are drowning this country. “Tasteless exhibitionism.” All of modern politics is exhibitionism. And as for the deranged and the deluded – all of the greatest movements in mankind were lead by the “deranged and the deluded”.


  40. Just a few thoughts. what about Mount St. Lawrence where the led was robbed from vaults, where contents of coffins were scattered, where crypts were smashed and any stained glass in the graveyard was smashed to smithereens, where the chapel was vandalised, neglected and put beyond use? When push came to shove, it really came instead to pull, because ropes were attached to the few remaining high crosses that were left in the graveyard and they were pulled down and smashed.

    Jim Kemmy RIP tried to have one or two (the bard of Thomond) repaired, I am sure Jim would have approved of the wonderful new Milk Market.

    I always thought the disrespect for ordinary peoples graves was an indicator of the way society was heading and it turned out to be a very good weathervane for the breakdown of social mores, the glue that holds society together. There is very little glue holding this society together now and that is why anything could happen. A great opportunity to build a proper country has been squandered. The people who robbed the money, to put it in blunt simple terms, need to give it back or be prepared to have it taken from them.

    Kearney’s dancing on the Haughey grave is hugely symbolic but everytime Cowen and company descend on Arbor Hill to read one of their crony capitalist, quango crafted, sleaze bag PR stunts a shiver goes down my spine. They use the graves of 1916 leaders as a mere stage prop to lend some sort of legitimacy to their exploits. In my mind that is desecration. They think the people are so “thick” that if they stand beside the grave of a patriot that the “thick” sheepeople will be afraid to call their bluff. They have been proved right it has worked a treat every time.

  41. “To take your argument at face value: Why bother having any discourse outside of elections. I am assuming that you don’t just come on here to make friends or seek a partner for life. I assume that you are here to vent your spleen and to either find or form some answers to the questions that are drowning this country. “Tasteless exhibitionism.” All of modern politics is exhibitionism. And as for the deranged and the deluded – all of the greatest movements in mankind were lead by the “deranged and the deluded”. Darren
    I would expect my argument to be taken at face value. Are there other levels? Nor am I on here to vent, find new friends or seek partners. Nor do I see elections as the entirety of politics. Elections are only one aspect of politics as are the aspects of community engagement, working on locaL and national issues, engaging with politicians on local and national issues, join a party if you wish, set up a party if you want, join a trade union/ employers organisation and participate, and a vast number of other ways to effect changes in society. Ranting and venting? Great fun, I;m sure but pointless. As for all the greatest movements in mankind being led by the deranged. Some pretty heady ones were alright: Nazism, Stalinism, Maoism (by normal perceptions of lunacy, I reckon). Some pretty great ones were also led by the more balanced: Martin Luther King and Gandhi who oozed respect for their fellow humans no matter the circumstances.

  42. The vandalisation of graveyards is a different issue, but an important one, I agree, and we might have a discussion about it another time. However, Vincent Keaney didn’t vandalise Haughey’s grave. He danced on it.

    While we’re on the subject, can anyone think of a dead person whose grave doesn’t deserve respect?

    I hope that people occasionally do more than just rant and vent on this site. Every now and then, we manage to have a reasonably good discussion, and the odd time, someone comes out with a new idea.

  43. Bock, I was not reducing your wonderful site to just a platform for rants and vented spleens. I have read some superb ideas and solutions on here. I just get pissed when people are labled as head-bangers just because they get angry about a situation. I wish I had Ghandi or Martin Luther’s forbearance, but I don’t when faced with massive state-designed unfairness in society. Although I do like to think that even Ghandi kicked the dog every now and then.

    @Poll Dorcha.

    I think you’ll find that the British thought Ghandi was “deluded and deranged”. And the white supremacists definitely thought Luther King was “deluded and deranged”.


  44. Darren, kicking dogs is wrong. They have feelings. How would you like a random kick up the backside for no particular reason? Just because Bock proclaims to do this, one should not copy this behaviour. One must not resort to violence to have a civilised society.

    “I wish I had Ghandi or Martin Luther’s forbearance”. You can Darren.. Yes you can.


  45. Serves you right Bock. How would you like a kick up the arse for no particular reason. Ok then.. bend over.
    And for that matter how would you like someone dancing on your grave? No don’t answer that. You’ll say you won’t care, you’ll be completely dead.

  46. Well you wouldn’t want someone pissin and shittin on you in your next phase of existence as a garden gnome, as some suggested for Haughey’s grave, now would ya? No.
    Just the cat and dog can do that. But they won’t mean to hurt your feelings.

  47. True. You’ll be dead. You won’t care. I’m sure your family might take offense to anyone pissin on your little gnome head though. A fucking gnome.. ha. Jesus.

  48. I always had it. There is both a recipient and a contributor involved though. Mr. Keaney wouldn’t have bothered dancing on Haughey’s grave, unless he knew it might cause offense. It wasn’t a misunderstanding – Offense was his intent. Are we not responsible for how we treat others. How we respect others. Or is it, fuck them..’ I’m going to cause offense for kicks. Not my problem, it’s theirs. What did I do’.

  49. Trinity College recently decided not to serve wine at a reception in case it would offend Muslim guests. Do you think the wine drinkers intended to give offence?

  50. The reason CJ was continually elected and supported was due to his contempt and roguery, Whatever way his traits were demonstrated, Those who supported him did so because it was the ” Paddy ” interpretation of strength.
    Don’t we love a rogue ? Charvet shirts, Yachts, Mistresses, Sure if he can get away with it, He’ll pull us out of any scrape……………..Twisted demented interpretation of leadership and strength.
    I’m sure you will make a charming gnome Bock, I’m planning cremation myself and could’nt care less where the lads scatter me, But i’m with William and FME on this one, It might be symbolic, If so then Vincent should not exclude Devs grave, It is deluded and frantic and hopeless, 15 mins of fame and produces nothing, The dogged persistence of making this Country, not even somewhere to be proud of but somewhere to live with a modicum of peace and dignity is the urgent call of our time, I don’t think Vincents dance is offensive, just ridiculous.

  51. Well having a glass now myself. Sorry to any Muslims that might take offense. See how easy that was?
    Makes for a much more peaceful existence. Love thy neighbour and all that malarky.

  52. I’m saying people just want to be respected. Keaney was purposely trying to cause offense. Why would he bother dancing on the grave otherwise. There’s no intention to cause offense to anyone by drinking alcohol. It’s not part of our religion to abstain. Similarly for example, vegetarians aren’t offended by people eating meat. It’s a minefield Bock. But there is basic right and wrong. And dancing on someone’s grave is just, well, moronic and wrong. Go dance in a ballroom or at home in your kitchen.

  53. Haughey danced on your future. His acolyte, Ahern, danced on your grandchildren, and we’ll probably reward him by giving him the presidency.

    The Irish people seem to be asleep.

    If it takes some mad bastard dancing on a grave to wake them up, so be it.

  54. FME. Just when I was at least half agreeing with you for once !
    You go and say sorry when you know you don’t mean it !

  55. Bock. The ” mad bastard ” hasnt woken anyone up, Its just more futility.
    Now the single father of 3 kids who chained himself to the ESB offices when his supply was disconnected, He woke some people up.

  56. Agree with all that there.
    Except I don’t think the mad bastard is going to wake any one up. Most people will never wake up I’m afraid. Being in a slumber is much more cozy and well if you’re having a nice dream, no need to awaken. It’s the people who’s lives have been turned upside down who truly know what’s going on.
    Some of us don’t know the half of it. Just tonight I was watching a poor guy on the Late Late telling of how the ESB are threatening to cut him off for the last few months because he can’t catch up on some arrears. My heart going out to these people. The resilience of some people is inspiring.

  57. Norma, we’re in sync. :)
    If I say sorry I mean it. I even finished my glass of wine!! No more for me :)

  58. Bock

    “Haughey danced on your future.”

    I’m not sure if anyone gets the Elvis thing.

    So I’ll repeat it.

    “I’m a man I’m 35 years old and I’m fucking sick of it.”

    For anybody who doesn’t get this I suggest you get an education.

  59. So I’ll repeat it.

    “Well I hope you live long now, I pray the Lord your soul to keep
    I think I’ll be going before we fold our arms and start to weep
    I never thought for a moment that human life could be so cheap
    ‘Cos when they finally put you in the ground
    They’ll stand there laughing and tramp the dirt down”

    What is it that humans don’t understand about dancing on Charles James “Charlie” Haughey’s grave?

    Is it the fear of €50bn?

    Or is it that you are still slaves?

  60. So I’ll repeat it.

    Everybody knows that Haughey was a thieving piece of shit.

    Everybody knows that I do not know that the scum Ahern is also the same.

    Everybody knows that I cannot call the scum Ahern a thieve.

    Everybody knows I cannot speak of scum Ahern until he is dead.

    Everybody knows.

    But here’s the thing.

    Haughey called Ahern “the most cunning the most devious”.

    Everybody knows.

    Everybody knows Ahern is scum.

  61. Ah but sure you can’t speak ill of the dead RB. When Ahern pops his clogs watch people re-write history. State funeral and all?people will speak of him as a man of the people, simple and misunderstood. Not as the corrupt fucker we know him to be.

  62. I had a moment of frightening clarity early this morning. I was listening to the news about how Mary Harney was yesterday speaking at a conference marking world suicide prevension day. It was not long ago that her boss in government was telling people to go out and kill themselves if they were, as he saw it, miserable. It was incredible at the time that the then Prime minister of the country should say this; but even more incredible today, when you concider why he said it. A group of very clever, very wise economists are warning you that the country is heading for a melt-down, and what does The Bert tell them to do: commit suicide. And today; does The Bert say he was wrong and apologise to Morgan Kelly and David McWilliams for saying what he said? Of Course not. He asked to be president of the country. Why not! Go Ahead, Bert. While your off representing the country, you can visit some of the worlds racetracks and win a few bob.

    @FME. I adore animals. Two cats and a dog. And I have more respect for them than I do for 95% of the people I know.


  63. @ Darren
    The Irish are so fucked up that “the Bert” is now doing them a favour by asking them to collectively go and commit suicide by voting him in as President for Life. His campaign slogan “PS I Hate youse all, but I need your vote”.

    So, go on and vote for me, again, you miserable shower of …..useless unemployed, negative equity, debt ridden cowardly, bankrupts.

  64. The Bert is hanging out with all the right people to redecorate the Aras for him, pg 3……….
    Wonder which of the Berts pals will get planning for Johnny Treasury Holdings Ronans son, age 21 student at DIT, 8,500 sq foot house in Enniskerry ? We need to know as we are paying for it.
    So many graves to dance on then…………….so little time.

  65. @ Norma
    That would be a “protected structure” in fact Ronan’s son is probably on “list one”. Did you see the photo of Cowen and the wonderment on his potato as he opened the National Concert Hall which is “owned” by Treasury Holdings who are owned by us because they are broke! There was big Brian wedged in between Barrett and Ronan and he grinning like a hyena. The first concert on there should be the two Brians on the squeeze box singing Buddy Can You Spare a Dime.

  66. I found this opinion piece by Eilis O’Hanlon in the Sindo very interesting. While people may be genuinely offended, O’Hanlon only succeeded in providing us with a character assassination of Vincent Keaney, highlighting his business failings and failed political ambitions. It was crass journalism at its worst, the kind of vile reporting which has unfortunately epitomised Ireland since the start of the Celtic Tiger era. She could have put forward a strong argument for why he was disrespectful without going to such depths. As it was, she only succeeded in reinforcing my view that Keaney was spot on to do what he did. Regarding the dance itself, most of the comments I’ve read on various websites completely miss the point. The dance means nothing without listening to what he says over the course of the eight minute video. CJH is the symbolic embodiment of the daylight robbery Irish people have had to put up with from their politicians since the 70s. But the same crooks keep getting re-elected. The dance was a direct reference to a quote from Charlie after a failed coup against him where he said “Go dance on someone else’s grave”. Well CJ, now we are dancing on your grave.


  67. That piece by Eilis O Hanlon is like running with the hare and chasing with the hounds,as in “Haughey was a gangster but….”. Who are the “we all” she refers to? Dont be taking too much notice of her.

  68. I’d agree with her analysis Tony. It did seem a bit childish, self obsessed and also irrelevant of Keaney.

    However I’d disgree with her where she writes “Rational arguments count for little when bad history on this scale gets a grip. The Haughey legacy didn’t bring down the Celtic Tiger, indirectly or otherwise…It was his successors who squandered the family silver.”

    Bock says it best.. “Haughey, above all others, gave rise to the climate of cynical, unprincipled self interest that produced Bartholomew Ahern, Liam Lawlor, Raphael Burke and the entire modern-day Fianna Fáil freak show.”

  69. OK FME,but I cant see what the relevance of Keaney being a lotto winner or drunk driver has to do with his dancing prowess.

  70. True Tony. You can’t hold it against the man forever cause he hit lotto. :)
    But yeah, that’s a bit petty of her. I guess she’s trying to discredit him however she can. I don’t see how his failed business had anything to do with the price of turnips either.

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