Guns ‘n’ Roses, Monsters of Riverrock

:Concert promoters MCD aren’t having much luck with big-name acts, are they?

The latest disaster involves Guns ‘n’ Roses arriving on stage an hour late and walking off again after a booing crowd threw two plastic water bottles on stage.

Imagine that.  Two water bottles.  The horror.

Hard man of rock, Axl Rose, was forced off stage by two bottles of Riverrock.  Purer than him, and tougher.

Don’t throw those plastic bottles at me or I’ll tell muh Momma, said Rose, fighting back tears.  And then he left again, bringing his bitches with him.  Monsters of rock, defeated by a bottle of spring water.

Welcome to the jungle, Axl.  The jungle of infuriated parents hoping to relive their younger days for a couple of hours and worrying about the babysitter while you sat behind the stage playing with your little todger.

Don’t damn me, says Axl, just because I kept you all waiting an hour cos I had better things to do like sitting out back of the stage looking at myself in the mirror.

Any surprise the crowd turned ugly?  Fuck you, Axl, you ill-mannered fuck.

According to reports, the O2 Arena’s lights were switched on and patrons were told to go home. After most people had left, apparently, the band returned and finished their set to the remaining third who hadn’t gone home.

Clearly, the only reason the band returned to the stage was fear of suffering the same fate as Prince, who was sued by MCD for €2.2 million, literally for non-performance.

Now, MCD have announced that they won’t refund the ticket money to those who left, because the band did in fact play their set.

I think they’re on a sticky wicket with this one.  It seems to me that the people who bought the tickets entered into a contract to hear Guns ‘n’ Roses playing at 9:30 pm, not at 10:30 and they can hardly be blamed for leaving when the lights were turned on.  That’s usually a signal to stop shouting for an encore, although this is the first time I’ve seen it used as a signal to stop booing.

Amazing, isn’t it?

The band fail to deliver on their contract with the promoter.  This results in the promoter being unable to deliver what the people paid for.

Who pays?  Joe Public.

What does that remind you of?

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I remember Axl doing an Eric Cantona into a crowd at one of his concerts a while back.
I wonder what this chap did to warrant the wrath of Axl? Maybe he was holding his fingers to his ears and sticking out his tongue. God, you couldn’t pay me enough to listen to this crow on helium.

I gave that fucker his start, singing harmony on “Luncheon with me love truncheon”. Pawky git!

I spoke to someone who was at the concert – apparently the bottles had been wee’d in before they were flung! Great to see abig old-fashioned rock band still weilding the de rigeur Gibson SG double-neck though.

Bock – I think you’re spot-on in your analysis of the contracts here – MCD repudiated the contract with the ticket-holders by conduct. However, they can’t have it both ways – will they pay Axl or the ticket holders?


it’s actually Axl Rose and it’s an anagram for oral sex. ….sums up the type of clown that he is really.

What a dick, he did the same thing a few years ago at Graspop in Belgium. Arrived out on main stage over an hour late, then decided he wanted to get changed after every song and would walk off stage for 20 minutes at a time, going straight for the oxygen tank no doubt!

Miles Kennedy is touring with Slash now, whom i saw at Grasspop this year. He would shatter Axels ear drums, and blow him off stage. Slash played Rocket Queen, Paradise City (to which i got to crowd surf to, yipeee) Sweet child of mine, to mention a few of GnR, some Velvet Revolver and some of his solo album. As he started into Sweet child of mine, the crowd began to sing his solo. Who can claim that? Singing your solos with you eh?

The man is a complete legend, has died and resurrected, and Axel is just a jealous bitch! Slash is still too cool for school, and i wouldn’t kick him out of bed for atin crips either.

Any body remember the famous riot in the states when they toured with Metallica? After Hetfield set hims self on fire on stage and had to be rushed to hospital, prematurely ending Metallica’s set, Rose refused to come back on stage to placate the madening crowd. Result? Riot!
Arrogant arsehole, and I never good stand his voice.


Oh dear, I’m not sure I wanted to know that. I fear that factlet will take up permanent residence in my shrinking neural graph space. I feel quite violated.

Thing with Axl though is he’s consistent. At least in the respect of being late for concerts. Yes, he’s arrogant and disdainful of his fans. What I find incredible is that some people will pay to go to see him, presumably knowing his long reputation for being late into concerts, and then get righteously angry over – him being late. If someone is going to be upset by an artist not showing up on time, an Axl Rose concert is amongst the worst ideas for a gig they could attend.

Rose is a fecken eejit. He and his band did the same thing a couple of weeks ago at some Festival. An hour late so they were given an extra 30mins beyond their slotted time. He refused to shorten their set time for the next band that were due on so the plugs were pulled on him and he was told to fuck off,
I’m reading Slash’s biography by Bozza at the moment and Rose was at that crap over 20 years ago aswel.
It pissed off the rest of the band no end.

I fail to feel sorry for anyone who might pay good money to go hear that irrelevant pseudo angst shit! I suppose it’s an opportunity to purchase a new GnR tshirt to wear for the next 20 years under their snow washed denim jackets.

Ah that’s not fair. Some day you’ll be old too.

Saying that, however, I did get a good laugh out of the Barbra Streisand people in the mud at Castletown during another MCD disaster.

I’m old enough! I have a GnR album on vinyl ffs! Just putting up with the drooling mickey joes n paudy toms asking for “nroses,Jovay or asay daysay”every single fuckin gig for nearly 20 years twould be enough to put anyone off that kinda music for life! As for Steve Earl and the fuckin Galway girl…now that’s another animal altofuckingether!!!!!!!

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