John Cooper Clarke at Dolans Limerick

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Sep 202010

Went to see John Cooper Clarke last night.  Great   fun.  Sharp, witty and intelligent.

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    He was fantastic last night. Delighted that you posted Evidently Chicken Town, my all time favourite


    Brilliant, great to see the Bard of Salford still on form. While she was doing her PhD my mate Janet used to work in the cloakroom at the Hacienda in Manchester . Johnny Clarke approached her one day and said “Hey Janet, you’re fucking doctor -find us a fucking vein for me fix will ya.”

    I’ve never understood how he blagged this gig either: Anyway, I’m off to play my scratched and dusty copy of Snap Crack & Bop. Thanks for refreshing the memory,Bock


    Oops. I posted the same video twice. Fixed now.


    Nice Pics, Great Gig.


    Thanks Bock – that brings me straight back to the happier days of my youth – although, when I think about it, we were governed by an incompetent FF government led by a crook called Haughey; the economy was fucked up and there were no jobs to be found. Looks like the wheel has turned full circle. Thanks for nothing, Fianna Fail.


    He was great entertainment. A remarkable performer, and a talent that goes on and on…..

    I’d go and see him again without a seconds hesitation. Dolans was as usual excellent.


    I was amazed at how fresh he was, really sharp and clever. Id have loved it if he did Kung Fu International


    A boy Malty! I’ll recite KFI the next time in Tom Collins!

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