Katie Taylor Wins AIBA Gold Medal in Barbados

Irish boxer triumphs again

IS Katie Taylor Ireland’s most successful athlete since around the time Brian Boru earned a unanimous decision over the Vikings at Clontarf?

Is the Pope a German?

Taylor, Ireland’s Caribbean Queen according to the Red Tops, claimed her third AIBA lightweight title on the trot following an 18-5 win over China’s Cheng Dong in Bridgetown, Barbados last night.

The Bray fighter, once again showcasing remarkable hand speed, dominated the four-rounder to completely outclass Dong in a repeat of the 2008 final which Taylor won 13-2 in Ningbo City, China.

Two stinging left hooks in the final two rounds emphasised Taylor’s dominance, as Dong, who at 6ft had a five inch height advantage over the Irish fighter, saw her longer reach negated by rapid-fire combinations launched off the front and back foot.

For those not familiar with the female version of the noble art, women boxers do not prance around the squared circle threatening each other with fluffy feather dusters. They’re hitting each other in the head.

It’s not a tickling competition to paraphrase Ricky Hatton.

Taylor, 24, who was involved in an all out war of attrition with Queen Underwood of the USA in Friday’s 60Kg semi-final, was also presented with the boxer of the tournament award at the 75-nation tournament in the Caribbean island state.

Saturday’s win, which was achieved with her dad and coach Peter and Ireland’s Georgia born coach Zuar Antia working her corner, was her 100th victory from 106 bouts since 2001, an outstanding level of consistency considering that three of her defeats were debatable to say the least.

She also has four European and three European Union titles to her name on top of scooping the 2008 AIBA World boxer of the year award in that nine year period.

En route to Saturday’s gold she beat five opponents from the most heavily populated countries in the world – India,Brazil, Russia, USA and China.

Her victory also sends out a strong signal of intent to all the pretenders to her throne ahead of the London Olympics in 2012. In short, she’ll be the one to beat.

The 2012 AIBA Women’s World Championships in China will act as the only Olympic qualifier for female pugilists.

Thirty six place will be up for grabs at the 30th Olympiad in the English capital across three weight categories – (flyweight, lightweight (Taylor’s division) and middleweight.

Meanwhile, the Barbados World Women’s Championships has gone a long way to improving the image of the game. Some of the bouts were top class. Granted, female boxers do not punch as hard as men but they have replaced power-punching with technique.

In fact, I reckon that a lot of the women are more technically proficient than their male counterparts in the hardest game of them all.

So is the female of the species deadlier than the male?

Ask Katie Taylor – stand about five feet back when you venture the inquiry.

Meantime, London Calling.

13 thoughts on “Katie Taylor Wins AIBA Gold Medal in Barbados

  1. And she’s not bad looking either…………….not that that’s important or relevant.

  2. A little bit of payback for that shambles of a boxing match in the Beijing Olympics. Well done, Katie, we’re proud of you.

  3. Olympic ligh-heavweight final was a shambles Rice – most reckon Egan won. Great stuff from KT though.

  4. Great win considering the Bruiser of a battle she had with Underwood the previous night. Only saw half a round of the semi but I caught the final. Its becoming evident now that she probably is our most successful Athlete of all time, Already.
    The Olympics will hopefully consolidate that title for her.
    Excellent, well done Katie.

  5. Well done Katie from a fellow Bray resident! And well done to Pete, her Dad and coach too. I remember staggering out of many an establishment on Bray seafront, years ago, when Pete used to work the doors. Nice guy and tough nut, not to be messed with!

  6. Pete is an ex Irish champ. He’s also a good Leeds United fan like myself – there I’ve admitted it.

  7. Leeds Utd fan ??? Still a few of us around . Guessing You must be 45 + . Dont see too many Leeds tops knocking around this side of the water.

  8. >>Dont see too many Leeds tops knocking around this side of the water.<<

    Blame Chairman Bates for that one – current shirts only available from the club shop, he won't distribute to sports shops etc as he wants to maximise profit. … but that's a discussion for another post. Well done Seconds Out on 'coming out' but really there's no shame, us Leeds fans should now have a much healthier and realistic view of the sport/business of professional football over there.

    (Sorry to take this thread further O/T).

  9. Katie is a Leeds fan also, they could do with her I reckon in central midfield. She packs a bigger punch than Norman “bite your legs” Hunter.

  10. Imagine The Iron in the Premier Division, playing Spurs below in the Black Country – you soft southern bastards etc etc

  11. The below was repelled, repelled mind you, with the sight of two women trying to knock each other unconscious – so repelled that he couldn’t stop looking at it (ref, Champion of the Nation? letter below). Of course the IABA forced the entire population to look at the fight. Meantime, amateur boxers don’t try to KO each other. They try to score points. It’s a contact sport as is rugby, and if your galloping down the wing and Paul O’Connell catches aholt of you, he won’t be enquiring about your health even if he is after the ball, as a metaphor so to speak. Meantime, only in Ireland would you get this time of nit picking bedgrudgery.


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