Lenihan Meets Trichet

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The same way that you did, Jean, with Credit Lyonnais when you were Finance minister in France. I’m going to deny that any of it is my fault; get the taxpayer to foot the bill and then get a posting to Brussels when I retire from the Dail.

Linehan’s reply should read, “I am going to Fuck over the tax payer, reduce access to Public Services to save a further 2000,000,000 which I will then throw into the black hole called Anglo. What a difference that will make Jean Claude,huh? Am I a genius or what?”

Trichet. “Brian, bonjour. I hope you are well.”
Lenihan. “Excellent, merci, and the Irish economy is also doing very well.”
Trichet. “Really?. Perhaps you should attend a different kind of hospital”

From this weeks Sunday world, in the course of which they call Willie a hypocrite

Now it’s the country he is misleading

” Willie wants the bankers who “brought the country to its knees” to be punished.

“I have witnessed first-hand how exasperated and frustrated my former government colleagues are with the situation, but there is something I want to scream at the top of my voice: It’s taking too damn long,” he wailed.

A simple sentiment, with which pretty much every single one of us, with the possible exceptions of Sean Fitzpatrick and Mick ‘Fingers’ Fingleton, would agree.

The problem is that Willie is a proud member of Fianna Fáil who has defended his party in the past.

Fianna Fáil has been in power uninterrupted for more than 13 years now, that’s almost 5,000 days, and for just shy of 21 of the last 23 years.

We elected them in 1997, 2002 and, yet again, in 2007.

The bankers didn’t bring the country to – in Willie’s own words – “its knees”. The government did.


Because even if you ignore the cost of bailing out all the banks that were run by friends of Willie O’Dea’s government we’re still completely and utterly bankrupt.

It’s a classic political trick to find a scapegoat and ruthlessly pummel away on them to distract attention from the real issues.

Bertie Ahern was a man who mastered speaking out of both sides of his arse. As soon as the economy went bang he started blaming the bankers and, in particular, the “Layman Brudders.”

What he didn’t say was that he used the once-off extra taxes which were a direct result of bank over-lending on houses to buy our votes (and the votes of the public sector in particular).

We’re paying the ridiculous sum of €25 billion to bail out Anglo Irish Bank. Ultimately we may not lose much money on AIB and Bank of Ireland because we’ve taken loads of shares and they should recover.

But, get this, we’ll borrow €200 billion over the next ten years to pay for our non-banking deficit.

That’s practically an Anglo sized hole in our budget every year for ten years and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with the banks.

It’s there because Bertie Ahern, Brian Cowen, Mary Harney, Charlie McCreevy, Brian Lenihan and Willie O’Dea are incompetent.

They not only fuelled the bubble and spent money we didn’t have, they committed themselves to spending tens of billions of Euro we would NEVER have. Just to win elections and get a Garda driven Merc each .

If Willie O’Dea wants to start singing ‘We’re not going to take it’ he’d better do it in front of a mirror.

Misleading the High Court is one thing.

Misleading an entire country takes some balls.!”

Common boys the Minister of ill health is as concerned as her colleagues about the state of the nation, so she has the boyos on ” the I will keep my BMI high plan”, did ye ever see a fatter bunch in yer life they all tell us how bad things are and how good things are going to get and most of them can only shuffle due to fat around their arse.

It doesn’t matter who ye vote for the Secretary Generals always get in ! Now who siad this was a democracy!

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