Limerick Pride March

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Sep 112010

It was a bit disappointing.  I was hoping to see the nutcases protesting and maybe take a few pictures of them, since I missed them last year, but no.  Not a nutcase to be seen waving a placard.

Down with this sort of thing.  Careful now!

Pity.  I was hoping to piss them off by sticking a camera in their faces.

Instead, all we got was a crowd of queers prancing around the city, having fun and generally brightening people’s lives.  Damn.  Where are the Jesus-nutters when you need them?

We’ll just have to make do with a few pictures of people being cheerful, and that’s never news.

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    Alert the Queers!

    I have a crew of lusty Baltimoreans heading your way in the new year.


    Looks like Queen Celine is jealous of my womanly arse

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