US Pulls Out of Iraq

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Sep 012010

Well, that seems to be that.  No more surge.  No more Shock ‘n’ Awe.

How many Iraqis have been killed?  I don’t know.  Some say a million, some say 100,000.  Take your pick.

What have the Americans achieved?

Well, they deposed a brutal dictator — one of the hundreds of brutal dictators all over the world — and in the process, they radicalised a secular society, replacing it with a militant, Islamic one.  They achieved something thousands of years failed to do, destroying priceless antiquities from the place where our civilisation was born.  They sacked Nineveh, drove tanks through  the Garden of Eden, flipped burgers in Babylon and pissed in the Tigris.

What did the National Guardsmen and women know of culture or pride?  Nothing.  Most of them didn’t own a passport.  Most of them had never read a book.  And these were the brutes who disrespected and abused an entire nation that had done nothing to them, dragging men out of their beds and humiliating them in front of their families.

Is it any wonder they became insurgents?  If a bunch of ignorant, illiterate, loudmouth thugs were burning my town, I’d be an insurgent too, and come to think of it, we had such a gang of killers in our land.  We called them the Black and Tans.

What have the Americans achieved?

Well, they now have a new enemy and a stronger Shi-ite influence in Iraq, something years of Iranian warfare against Iraq failed to achieve.

Have they reduced the threat to their own country?  No, since Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11.

Did anyone benefit?  Yes they did.

The Blackwater private army grew even stronger and made Erik Prince even richer, while at the same time slaughtering Iraqi civilians for daring to live in their own country.

Dick Cheney’s Halliburton made a fortune from the  oil wells and from feeding the armed forces.

George W Bush made a fortune from his involvement in arms companies.

Who lost?  Everyone else.  Iraq.  The world.  Civilisation.

And all because Saddam was going to start trading his oil in euros instead of dollars.

Imagine that.


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    Speaking of Cunts..auld George W has dropped off the face of the earth hasnt he? I reckon his daddy put him back in his gimp box.


    I totally agree with your excellent analysis. Follow the money.


    Yep, that about wraps it up for Iraq. Due to the studied disinformation about casualties is impossible to translate Iraqi and grunt soldier lives into profits for Haliburton etc. per head, and distasteful to try.

    And that little merde B.liar is back, looking, how to the Americans say it – that’s it: “conflicted”.

    Taking a longer term and more global view, like the Black and Tan war, it’s symptom of an Empire in rapid decline. That’s little comfort to the victims however.


    One small thing. Iran never waged war against anyone. The US waged a proxy war on Iran with Iraq as its client. A good analysis either way though. Now we get to wait for the sabre rattling against Iran to begin in ernest for the threat it poses against the budding flower of freedom in the new Iraq. Wait and see. The real prize is now in sight.


    As an American, thank you for putting so succinctly what many of us think, and what most of us don’t know.


    Totally Bock. Very good points made, especially the money apsect and it sickens me so much I can taste it.

    Something I just heard about this week, depleted uranium or DU, that further sickened me but I’m not surprised anymore. Whereas once I wouldnt have believed it now I just don’t know how the hell we got to this level of accepting evil.

    You probably know all about it, DU that is, but I feel the need to go on in case anyone is curious.
    DU its great for blasting through armoured tanks as it is so dense, unfortunately the radiation off it will only be half the strength in a billion years or so at the sime time birth defects in those heavily shelled areas plus cancers are massivley increased and this is not disputed. Fallujah would be the most obvious of these shelled areas.

    The type of radiation it emits (alpha particles) can be stopped by the skin / paper therefore it theoretically should not cause significant damage to DNA (hence birth defects and cancer which rely of cell replication from DNA) and thats what a lot of people are saying. Unfortunately these same people really can’t get away with this because if they know that much science they also well know that if you breathe in dust it can cause massive damage in your lungs and anywhere else it gets via your bloodstream. Alpha radiation in that sense is the worst to be contaminated with because you only need a tiny particle to be inhaled or ingested to kill you.

    Thats enough to convince me, also based on similar health problems seen in the Balkans after NATO shelling with DU shells.

    Anyway – the information is out there for all to further research should they wish. Plenty of articles etc, but ‘New Scientist’ isnt having any of it for some reason, apparently the word of people in the hospital and US troops who also have increased cancers and children with birth defects isnt enough, what would they know. Look at the comments underneath though and you’ll see that their scientific readership are not convinced.

    To be honest I am totally convinced, that DU is a sick joke even without this, but thats just me. I am sickened by what we do in ‘The West’ whatever that is anymore. I am this close to giving up on any kind of humanity, its all bullshit after bullshit after NAMA, killing innocent people, lies etc etc etc –

    I was pretty innocent until recently for example I might say something like “Who are Blackwater agin? What you mean its legal for people to be paid to fight in wars and like get money for killing people? Right now in 2009?!” I suppose after a while you adapt to the new reality but still – totally sickened.

    Apologies for legnth.


    “No more Shock ‘n’ Awe.”
    Shekhinah more like.

    Yet another in a long line of fiascos. Indeed, isn’t this “Mission Accomplished” all over again? The same tired shite the powers that be, the powers that stay, have been doing to Latin America for years, either ouvertly or covertly.
    Anyway, I suppose the need the troops to guard the poppy fields and the pipeline in Afghanistan.


    Well said Bock.
    And a trillion US Dollars down the drain for nothing. How many of their own people could have benefited from that? I had dealings with the US E mbassy Representative to Shannon airport, I think he called himself.. he had no regard for the Iraqis. He pretty much called them a bunch of ignorant,tribal, primitive herdsmen who followed the biggest war lord. Come to think of it, he had no regard for this country either… what was it he said.. oh yes “I better be careful what I do in your country”.
    “Now sweetie, do you know what that means” was his mantra. Oh how I wish I would have told him to go fuck himself, the knuckle dragging bafoon.
    “When I go to the movies, I have to have popcorn. It’s the pavlovian effect, now sweetie do you know what that means”.. Yeah you’re a fucking dog, you muppet. One would imagine that details of top US officials coming into the airport would not be left on mobile phones, but there you go.

    Anyways, you’re spot on Bock. There was no regard for the Iraqis whatsoever. A lot of military people seem to be of that mindset really I suppose. No regard for human life.


    Great quote from one of my favourite books and movies: Six days (or three days for the movie)Of The Condor, by James Grady.

    [Wabash talks about his entry into the US intelligence field]
    Mr. Wabash: I go even further back than that. Ten years after The Great War, as we used to call it. Before we knew enough to number them.
    Higgins: You miss that kind of action, sir?
    Mr. Wabash: I miss that kind of clarity.


    What did the National Guardsmen and women know of culture or pride? Nothing. Most of them didn’t own a passport. Most of them had never read a book.
    – why the National Guardsmen in particular Bock? I’m curious.
    Don’t be too quick to generalize the troops makeup. I have done that in the past. I thought they were all good ol’ rednecks etc, easily led etc. It’s an easy stereotype. Having had numerous funerals in this state for soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan I know it’s not completely accurate.


    Whats wrong with you folks,dont you realise that America was fighting for its “freedom”.Saddam had weapons of mass destruction ready to fire at europe in 45 minutes haha.Now those nice Americans want to build a missile shield in Europe to protect us from those nasty Iranians when they go loony and start firing missiles all over the place.Oh thank god for USA and Israel our great protectors.But back to reality, America will become more dangerous as its superpower status wanes,I wonder will they be able to accept playing second fiddle to the rising superpower in the east.This century could see a real clash of giants.Sincerly hope I am wrong.But Americas arrogance and propensity to elect stupid unstable leaders is worrying.


    The sick thing about this whole sorry business is George W. Bush called it a crusade , that is exactly what it is. A shower of western filth destroying the home of true civilisation to gain gold for their masters. Just like the original crusader animals they are scuttling home leaving a political shambles behind them. However Iraq’s oil is now in the “right” hands. If the original crusaders had know about oil they might have put on a better show.


    It seems our propensity to elect stupid leaders is a phenomenon shared by many countries.
    Unfortunately for all


    EGW — I’m referring to the Lynndie England type, but I realise that the regular soldiers also showed extreme disrespect to Iraqi culture. As did Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, not to mention Bremer the Viceroy. Of course, to take a broader view, the entire invasion was an unjustified, criminal act of warfare against a foreign country, however odious its leader might have been. There were many vile dictators in the world, including one who had real weapons of mass destruction and was threatening to fire them at Japan, but I saw no coalition of the willing prepared to invade North Korea.


    America is permanently at war. That is their “manifest destiny”. Their only desire is to spread “democracy” and the free enterprise system. They mean no harm, after all, they are”freedom loving people”. At this moment they are preparing to build seven military bases in Colombia and a new military base in Costa Rica. Venezuela, Bolivia,Ecuador and Paraguay are proabably destined to be given a dose of democracy and free enterprise.


    EastGalwayWoman…very true,does not say much for democracy ehh.


    Imagine the screw-up if Fianna Fáil was in control of America


    America would be the most fucked up place on earth and Americans would be looking for some place to emigrate to.


    Oh wait the founding fathers put in a safeguard for that possibility.The second amendment,the right to bear arms so as to be able to free themselves from tyranical goverment.


    Well, strictly speaking, from the British, or attempts to return to British rule. We might need the opposite.



    Good on you for reminding us of the lasting depleted uranium ‘gift’ to the Iraqi people from their ‘liberators’. The ordinance that goes on working. And they wonder how Islamists find recruitment so easy.


    Bock…indeed I think we would need to fight the British to a standstill now in order to get them to take us back.


    ” …Who lost? Everyone else. Iraq. The world. Civilisation.
    And all because Saddam was going to start trading his oil in euros instead of dollars…”

    I often wondered whether Saddam providing financial support to the family of suicide bombers after a “blast” in Jerusalem was the one step too far.

    Meanwhile I heard one of the US soldiers screaming “We’ve won” on the news last night.

    Strange days


    Bock, imagine yourself as a 19 year old out of high school sent to Iraq, told you were going there to “liberate it’s people from a tyrant”. Then when you get there, you realise the people you went there to liberate, were trying to kill you in the most gruesome way possible. I think only saints could show respect to the local population in this scenario….


    That argument might have some plausibility if you disregard the actions of Paul Bremer in sacking all members of the Ba’ath party from government, the army and the police. That action is what created the organised insurgency.

    However, one would hope that American policy towards the local population would not be dictated by 19-year-old soldiers.


    There’s a great book called “Lies my History Teacher told me”. The author takes ten (I think) high school history textbooks and analyzes the way events are presented to high school teenagers. Almost all incursions into other nations are positioned as great liberating events, or simply glossed over or “herofied”. After reading the book I finally understood why most of the “regular” people weren’t outraged at foreign policy. They don’t have a mature or cynical grasp of it.
    I recommend the book.


    You must also remember that people’s perception is hugely influenced by film and TV drama. American movies are massivelly jingoistic.


    They are massively delusional also.They are the only nation I know that attacks and bombs other nations and expects the population to be gratefull.I wonder how they would feel if Bin Laden expected them to be gratefull for 9/11.



    your parallels between the Black and Tans and Blackwater et al are on the money. I remember reading reports of the mercenaries firing at civilians for no particular reason and immediately thought of an RTE documentary about Cork during the war of independence and how the Tans based in Macroom Castle would drive out and shoot at farmers in the fields for no reason.


    Do you need a reason to shoot at farmers? Are there any good solicitors in here?


    You’re off the mark, Mark. The Tans didn’t drive out and shoot anyone in the fields. That was -quite possibly a myth – the story put about concerning the Essex regiment which had Percival as a captain then.
    As for the OP – I’m damned if I can figure out the logic of the Irish people. The Americans invaded Iraq without a reconstruction plan and the whole thing became a deadly fiasco. Fine and good and predictable. However, this was already known during the Lisbon debates and there was almost universal antipathy for the concept of an EU army , or rapid response facility. Fine and good and predictable. So, what happens to the citizens of the next Sarajevo ? Where to this day some saintly people are trying to match the head from this pit to the torso from that pit and the legs from another pit.
    What’s the point of hammering the Americans for an ill-judged mission while at the same time refusing to man up and accept that violence in defence of the defenceless is sometimes the only way. It’s called R2P and it’s a UN policy now.


    You seem to take it as a given that Iraq had to be invaded.


    No, not as a given. But post 9/11, all bets were off in the Middle East. And yes, I know that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11. I was for his removal, but naively thought that the invasion would be well managed but America has set back the concept of humanitarian intervention by decades maybe.


    I didn’t notice them intervening to depose any vile dictators who were sympathetic to US policy.


    Saddam was their man in the area, wasn’t he ? We’ll see about the rest now the Cold Wars over.


    He was their man in the area until he thought about using the euro to sell his oil.

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