William Hague and Guido Fawkes

Brits obsessed with politicians’ sex lives.

Who gives a toss what William Hague does in his private life?

Why is it news?

Is this the most childish blog post you’ve ever seen?  Boiling it down to essentials, it says that William Hague shared, fnarr fnarr, a hotel room with his driver.

So fucking what?

Guido Fawkes, astonishingly, is one of the most widely-read political blogs in Britain.

Christ almighty.  Who gives a rat’s arse what sexual orientation a guy has?

For fucksake, isn’t it bad enough that he’s a Tory?

8 thoughts on “William Hague and Guido Fawkes

  1. Quite so, old chap. The innuendo about Hague’s marriage was the worst thing about the recent British media interference in his private life. To scotch those media slurs he had to issue a factual statement about the sad miscarriage(s) suffered by his loving wife. I have a low estimation of the journalism profession; because in the pseudo-interests of free speech and ‘the public right to know’, journalists can pry into the intimate lives of politicians – and sometimes print false information – without the institutions of the profession doing anything to blow a whistle, show a yellow or red card, or pay moral and financial restitution to the innocent ones whose characters are slurred needlessly. I’m not a Tory either.

  2. In fairness though, his problem doesn’t seem to be with Hague’s sexuality.

    “It is surely inappropriate for someone of William Hague’s status to be sharing a night in a hotel room with his driver – you only have to consider how absurd it would be if his driver were female to see it is completely bizarre even if there were two beds. The appointment of Hague’s former driver to his private office is controversial because 25-year old Myers has no expertise for the job, no relevant experience and his only qualification for the position is his closeness to the Foreign Secretary.”

    Myers, as Hagues’s Special Advisor, is being paid by public funds no? If it’s the case then criticism of this particular relationship may well be justified. As it says in the quote, if his driver had been a woman, had spent th night in his hotel room and then got a job for which she had no qualifications at teh tax payers expense, most people would condemn it as Hague using his position to get his hole.
    Of course some women might view it as sexist to criticise it if it were a woman, as no doubt some consider it homophobic to criticise it because it involves two men.

  3. I regularly share a room with the housekeeper, but no one has ever accused us of …

    No, wait a moment …

  4. Sharing is caring. I mean we are constantly angry at the expence reports we see coming out of the dail from our own T.D’s. And god knows we are only trotting after the U.K. parliament when it comes to swindling the country with false, or at the very least overblown expence claims. And here’s poor Willy (not O dea) trying to tackle this sort of corruption by leading by example and sharing a room with his driver. So what if he gets his hole as a result of this type of personal sacrifice, thats beside the point.

  5. If Hague acted improperly and has a conflict of interest, then that should be investigated. It should not be the subject of a media circus focusing on his sexuality (whatever it might actually be, none of my business).

  6. I don’t really care what Willy gets up to either..I don’t even really care if his special advisor buddie has no qualifications for the job Willy promoted him to. Ah, what qualifications do you need to have to be a special advisor I wonder.. is there a special advisor degree maybe.

    What bothers me is men who marry women but are secretly hooking up with men, making a fag hag outta the misses at home. That bothers me. Just come out of the closet. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud.
    Not saying this pertains to Willy now at all. He mighta just have been lonely and needed a cuddle on the night in question. Maybe he was just thinking of expenses, who knows.. two in the shower at the same time also cuts down on the carbon footprint.

  7. Diversionary tactic. They don’t want Andy Coulson getting the headlines for the phone tapping scandal – so the Tories threw Hague to the wolves.

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