Chilean Government To Run In Irish General Election

I just had a thought.

Suppose we ran the entire Chilean government as a political party in Ireland.

Wouldn’t they get us out of a hole?

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Tweet of the day in China

Party criticizes Chile for interfering in China’s affairs by setting unrealistic expectations for value of miners’ lives.

As Irish history and self-appreciation goes:

An Irish company claims to be co-responsible to dig the hole (in Chile) in the first place – sort of:

Found on:

“The drilling device, which first located the 33 trapped workers, was designed by Mincon – a leading manufacturer of rock-drilling equipment based at the Smithstown Industrial Estate in Shannon.

“We produced the reverse circulation drill that actually drilled the breakthrough hole,” the company’s engineering manager Joe Purcell told Clare FM.

“Now we can relax a bit, but I think until today everyone’s been holding their breath.”

Yeah. Sure we do. Relax that is. And waiting for the breakthrough thingy…
From Shannon. Of all places.
But they call themselves “the drillers choice”.

Cool. The Irish are big in digging holes, and then claim success when someone climbs out of it. Mind the thing about the ‘reverse circulation drill’.

Or did I misunderstood something?

I think it was a bunch of Irish grown-ups who did the design. Not the fools we call a government. It’s important to distinguish between the two.

Vincent Browne made a good comment tonight – How about we send all of FF down the mine, they’d be no one lining up to rescue them though.
Such a feel good story aint it. My own father told me he got up at 5am to watch it live. I said ” Dad, if you were down there you’d be the first to go, there’s feedin in you for a month.” All came out alive, none eatin.. all’s well.. great story.

Hang on there ! We here in CT want the Chilean Minister for Mining as our Governor. And he looked like a man that would be good crack on a night out !

The release of the Chilean miners was joy in itself, but a fact that on la thatch’s 85th birthday the telly was full of jubilant miners and Scousers was a wonderful.

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