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  1. He was a world class guitarist. Ireland’s answer to Adrian Belew. May he rest in peace.

  2. There are just no words. The only man I knew that could nail a song first go. He always knew instinctively what you were trying to say.

  3. terrible shock…another one of the good ones gone….a master and a gentleman….dreadful loss to everyone. May he live on in guitar heaven.

  4. Des O’Dwyer was an amazing guitarist and a pure gentleman. I’m very sorry to hear of his passing and
    I know he’ll be missed not just by his family but by everybody who knew him.

  5. Des was one of the kindest, sweetest people that you could ever meet. He will be missed so much by so many people. It was a pleasure to know him.

  6. I listened to that song you put up twice today in work Bock.. very good! What a talent. Sorry I never saw him live and sorry to hear of his passing.
    I’m sure he’d want ye to celebrate his life and hope yer not too sad..

  7. Worked with Des 1980-82 in Shannon. Bought my first guitar from him,still have it somewhere in the attic. His determination helped him overcome a serious illness around that time. A quiet and inoffensive guy with a truly gentle nature. Hope he is reunited now with Ger and Mary. Goodbye old pal.

  8. A sound fella. I worked with Des as a projectionist in both the Omniplex and Storm, part-time while I was in college. He really helped me out. He was my boss but I considered him a friend too. We had great chats about music,life, Ireland and the clowns in it, just about everything I suppose :-) And I had the odd pint with him ’til I moved to Spain a couple of years ago.
    My heart goes out to his wife and two boys and all his family and friends.
    Bock I have sent you an email because I think you could help me, if you can.
    Goodbye Des

  9. You will always be the bar to measure talent against , Desmint
    Miss you , and gutted .


  10. May you rest in peace. We will all miss you so much. John, Olive, Fionan, Cathal, Rhiannon, and all at The Edge.

  11. oh christ ya mongrel,did ya have to call Des.Des was my best friend.I`ve been in Australia 25 years and I`ve still always considered Des my best friend,such is the calibre of the man.It was my honour to help (how I could-and that was just the time and support that I could offer-back in 81-82) and Des will never be gone away for me.I will continue to converse with him `cos I believe death is a veil and I don`t know how to give up without actually giving up which I can`t do.I love the man and that love makes me a better man.Des made me a better man.I was never the sharpest tool in the shed but Des always(always gracious) gave me more than I could give him.Ger and Mary too?honestly god can go and fuck himself.Derek(Des`s oldest brother-forgive me if i`ve got your name wrong,i can`t think staight) will ye call me-0265823715 in oz-I don`t know the codes-sorry i`m a bit messed up.Des`s astounding musical ability was down to his own sheer determination-an ability to appreciate the silences within a song and long hours at it.I`m proud to say that I shared many of those silences with Des.sorry for going on but my heart is broken and it ain`t gonna get fixed this time but I will carry Des with me through this old unimpressive life of mine `till the very end.I can hear Des now saying -be strong quilly and walk tall.I Ioved the man and will love him always and my life will always reflect our friendship.I have looked for and found death in his many shades of black and say truly that he has been beaten.thank you Bock `cos I got nowhere else to go with this.and by the way – i`m not a musisians arse but I went O.K as a paramedic and now i`m something else.something profound?-don`t leave it till tomorrow to profess your love.Rest in peace my friend and keep talking with

  12. Des was a great musician, and a gentle person, I was very sorry to hear of his death. Condolences to his family and Eamonn and all the lads in the band, they must be very upset. Des never minded playing the odd request, very down to earth, always nailed the song. I always remember a night in the White House a few years ago when the lads knocked out a great version of “Sweet Jane” with Des unleashed on the guitar lead. If there is an after life he will be among the best.

  13. What a sad loss to Limerick. A lovely guy, gentle and true. An amazing guitarist. They say only the good die young. Rest in peace Des. Deepest sympathy to all his family.

  14. Des, you broke our hearts! We know the reputation you have among the music fraternity and this was borne out by the attendance at your remembrance service. Little mentioned are the two fantastic kids you raised with Clare – Luke and Eoin. Young as they are, they possess your kindness and humility and will reflect your values and make this country a worthwhile place to live in as they grow up.
    Clare was the bridesmaid at our wedding 34 years ago (oh shit!). You picked the most wonderful girl – beautiful within and without, a magnificant mother, friend and inlaw. A pleasure to know.
    Des, your life was shorter than it should have been, but you achieved so much and left many aching hearts ..
    we will always remember and love you..

    Mary, Denis, Rose, Bryan, John, Michael, Anne, Darrel, Liz, Amelia, Sarah, Helen, Lisa and Conor.

  15. Thank you Denis Kearney,
    The predicted storm is blazing outside. As Eamonn Hehir said at Des’s final service in Cork last Monday – ”if it was brimstone and fire you wanted in music, no better man.” Des was not ready to depart so soon, and we thought we would have him around a lot longer. The rain is lashing on his studio windows, and the storm is blazing.
    Love and light to all,
    Clare, Luke and Eoin xxx

  16. Saw you Des, with the O’Malleys and the Flat Up Stairs; O’Malleys at Nancy Blakes and Flat Up Stairs somewhere on O’Connell Street. I was with brother Denis. It was really late and it was a great session. Thanks for that Des and thanks for being so welcoming to me. All the very best to you in this next journey and my condolences to Clare, Luke and Eoin, and all of Limerick for that matter, on the occasion of your passing.

  17. “Goodnight sweet prince,let flights of angels sing thee to thy rest”. Always loved,never forgotten. Freda x

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