Advice is Good. Help is Better.

Advice and support needed

Hi supporters of our save Vize’s Field campaign, thanks for the ongoing good comments and feedback.
A wise young woman once said to me “Advice is good, but help is better” so I’m going out on a limb here, or a tree branch, and asking for some.  Help that is.
Emotive arguments don’t work, and neither does making solid objections to the council. What does have some impact are technical arguments about the plans, the building, the accessibility of emergency vehicles.
We need people who will do this to help us and we can’t pay you with money, maybe we can buy you a pint, or give you a hug and a big smile.

Does my pleading voice come through?
I’m appealing to architects, surveyors, planning professionals and,  anybody else who can put down on paper indisputable facts about why this building shouldn’t be built.

Oh and we need this really soon.
Many Thanks
Valerie and all who love Vizes Field

3 thoughts on “Advice is Good. Help is Better.

  1. Hi Val,
    Happy to help if I can, however, isn’t it too later to appeal the planning decision?

    Also, do you know where the story about the alleged proposed fence came from. Can this story be validated?

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