Ireland Could Apply to Become 51st State of USA

An alternative suggestion to rejoining the United Kingdom.

Would Ireland be better off surrendering independence – some say we already have – and aligning itself as the 51st state of the United States of America?

Mike Soden certainly thinks so. Soden, a leading member of the government’s Central Bank Commission, has broken ranks and challenged the orthodoxy that Ireland could not survive without the EU.

“If Europe finds it difficult to accommodate the needs of the Irish electorate, should we look elsewhere,”asks Soden, who says we should stretch our thinking, widen our view and look west not east, in his new book on the financial crisis which has paralysed this country.

Soden was speaking after Europe told our government – the one we elected, unfortunately – that they would have to fit their austerity budgets into a four-year time frame as opposed to six.

In other words, an unelected cabal of unaccountable Eurocrats are dictating Irish government policy. If that isn’t a loss of sovereignty then what is?

Soden added: “Our membership of Europe has to have balance in all aspects, particularly in relation to our culture, our sovereignty and the price we pay for economic and financial independence.  Have we unwittingly surrendered these precious aspects of our society as the price of European membership?”

Soden believes that aligning Ireland with the US would see a massive influx of foreign investment, a link to the dollar, a reduction in unemployment and even an annual payment to help us get our finances back in order.

However, he admitted that any such approach to the US would met with “massive disapproval” by our European neighbours and could be turned down by Uncle Sam.

The author Frederick Forsyth doesn’t think so however.  Forsyth, who appears not to give a rat’s ass what Europe thinks, believes that with tens of millions claiming Irish descent in the USA that no American government could afford to reject such an approach.

Forsyth argues that we should not underestimate the emotional pull of Hibernia on millions of Irish Americans.  Indeed, Ireland is like Israel in the sense that Paddy and millions of Jews worldwide look on both countries as their spiritual home.

Forsyth also writes that US states have greater autonomy from Washington that we have from Brussels. Indeed, can you imagine Washington telling Texas that they would have to squeeze their state budget into four years instead of six? The Lone Star State would take up arms to defend their right to strike a budget and fill those critters full o lead, unlike Ireland, which rolls over meekly and acquiesces to pointy-headed Eurocrats.

Forsyth adds that Ireland might conclude a concordat with the US on the basis of “most favoured nation state”.

Paddy has had an enormous influence on the USA since its foundation. Some of its greatest leaders, including JFK , were of Irish descent. Even Obama has relatives in Offaly.

But are Soden and Forsyth stark raving mad? Maybe, but at least they’re thinking outside the box and have come up with an original idea.

So would Uncle Sam look favourably on us wretched urchins from across the Atlantic, urchins who have contributed so much to the USA?

One thing for sure is that this Franco/German European experiment is falling apart. Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain are staring into the abyss and Germany are sick of paying for the rest of us.

Meantime, the French are so decadent that they won’t even work for an extra two years for their pensions.

The USA looks a good bet to me if they would have us, but we want to drop the auld neutrality nonsense before we go cap in hand. Uncle Sam likes his wars.


Bock adds: Let’s ask Matt Johnson.

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We’d fit right in. We have our government rubber-stamping corporate interests, our very own religious nutcases and a health system that manages to be both expensive and ineffective while making mighty profits for said corporate interests.

And think of the job opportunities for young people! They’s get to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, slaughter civilians or hand them over to death squads and torturers.

I for one would welcome our new transatlantic overlords.

(Bit of a problem with the corporate tax avoidance schemes on which our remaining economy is built, but hey, there’s always the army.)

The island would be derelict within a decade. All “foreign” companies would decamp to Britain as a gateway to CE marked Europe. Everyone wouls head to the mainland for work. Result : a rather large version of the blaskets islands off mainland Europe and the obliteration of the Irish race.

I think i’ll stay in Europe. More culture, better food and wine.

How about if we put the island up for auction to the higest bidder.The proceeds then to be split evenly amongst the population who would then emigrate to the four corners of the world.Permanent solution of the problem and the island of ireland could finally have a bright future.

Why don’t we just sell ourselves into slavery altogether, because if you think being ruled by the Americans will be more beneficent than being ruled by ourselves you’ve clearly been stupefied by too many syndicated TV shows, Hollywood movies and commercial music.

The USA is not a society we should attempt to emulate, let alone join. We are not children needed their approval or guidance, and would certainly be better off without either. This article is perverse.

I can’t see that being advantageous to the people of this island.
It’s all very well for the likes of islands like Hawaii where there’s idyllic weather and private eyes hover about in helicopters.
No I think we should consider alignment with Africa instead, not least because it’s easier to get to.
Think of all the Irish descendants there, far more I’m sure than the US can claim.
After all, we sent missionaries over there for more than one hundred years and they’ve been procreating with the locals ever since!
If having a chunk of the Irish diaspora is to be the deciding factor then Africa wins hands down.

I think Soden may have been in the middle of a “senior moment” when he came up with this idea. One way or the other I have more respect for the opinions of what I flush down the toilet than I do for Soden or his ilk. The profligate banker filth are responsible for the mess. No one should pay any attention to their demented ramblings.

Fredierick Forsyth? The one who came here to avail of the Artists’s Exemption Tax? Just like the US Conglomerates take advantage of the 12.5 corporate rate to evade tax in other jurisdictions, sometimes with offices that are no better than letter-box operations.

Let Freddie fuck off to the good ole US of A, and take his shit books with him, and let our bankers (how can this clown expect to be taken seriously?) and other so-called captains of industry stop trying to blame the EU for the crisis they and our domestic rulers have made. A disturbing trend that is becoming more evident by the day.

Gombeen Man.

We could be singing along to Springsteens Born in the USA with gusto lads – whilst ignoring the lyrics. Come on lads lets be positive here.

To paraphrase Pogue Colonel in Full Metal Jacket – “inside every Paddy (gook) there’s an American waiting to get out.”

@ Gombeen Nation.
Exactly, who the feck caused the mess the we now find ourselves in? the EU, the UK, no, it was our elected home grown shitehawks, greedy bankers and low life developers. Soden is a rambling deluded (rich i might ad) gobdaw, now in the employ of the FF cabal running this funnyfarm, typical of the type of leech that got us to where we are today.

I passed a ‘ghost estate’ the other day, my four year boy looked out the car window and said ‘those houses are broke’ – he hit the nail on the head.

Join the US dont make me laugh……’rats joining one sinking ship for another’
Now if Mike Soden was to say join China I would say bring in on.

One thing would never be allowed even if this scheme were allowed: Irish Statehood. That would give the country TWO senators, and given the quality of Irish pols, even that would be a step too low for the DC SwampThings.

So, territorial status, like Puerto Rico. US citizenship for the people, they pay tax, get drafted for the coming Land War in the Stans, but no votes messing up the delicate balance of power in congress.

Still, it’s good to see that the old slave mentality lives on in the Motherland. Shur, sor, oi’ll do dat roit away sor. No sor, no chance dat oi’d riot loik de greeks, dats a lot of auld nonsense, shur it is. Yer roit dare sor, we are where we are, going forward.

Oh – any chance that this bankster is going to use his newfound citizenship and join the US military? Or have his sons/daughters do same?

As always, since 2001, answer there came naught.

It’s a stupid idea, but Michael Soden’s history with pornography has nothing to do with it. He might have enjoyed a furtive wank behind the big desk at Bank of Ireland, but that doesn’t mean that we should disrespect his opinions on matters of such enormity to the country. If the sad little wanker thinks we should apply to join the USA, we should listen to his arguments without automatically thinking of how he probably thought it up while jerking off to officegirls dot com. That’s just not fair to the man. He may well go for a few hours each day without rubbing one out, and it’s entirely feasible that he does his best thinking during his time off.

But I’d like to know if he thought this idea up with his right hand or his left?

Shit. I missed Rankoutsider’s comment. Soden looked at an adult website — the only man in history to do so, as far as I know — and his own IT department nailed him because he had previously pissed them off by identifying them as the lazy unproductive arseholes they were.

It really doesn’t matter if Soden had a quick tune on the oul skin flute whilst admiring the young lassies at officegirls dot com The idea is a complete load of bull dung. If however by some miracle it came to pass those GI’s transiting to sunnier climes via Shannon could find a more permanent home in the environs of Limerick, ah the oul garrison towns are back, ah to be sur dey are.

RTE are just showing JFK visiting the 51st state back in the 60s. Tens of thousands out on the streets of Dublin to greet our Commander in Chief. Some of Kennedy’s were from Tipperary, which is course part of the greater Limerick area.

Integration with the State of Israel (and, by proxy, integration with the US) would be far less problematic. The passport systems are already in place, after all.

Yes, I do think that it might be an excellent idea that Ireland join USA as its 51st state.
The Irish have lots to thanks the Americans for and vice versa. Ireland is ‘Americanised’ anyhow.
It would then be possible to further study in America without having to pay the ‘Alien’ fees.
Students leaving school could do a highly disciplined stint in the army and leave behind the drink and drugs that have ruined lives and resulted in serious crimes , so prevalent in recent years. It would be easier to emigrate to there and might solve the problem of illegal Irish in certain areas.
Also, people are more positive in the USA and if you work hard, as the Irish do, you’ll be alright.
No empire, be it the up and coming European one or the American one, is perfect anyhow.
But constructive positivity and being sensible and realistic is extremely important.

I think we should declare the Free Republic of Munster and sell the rest to Britain. The present government can be used as a piece of sculpture, planted head down in the nearest bog, where they belong.

What about aligning ourselvers with the Star Ship Enterprise?
At this stage I wouldn’t mind being beamed up. Would make a change from being reamed up the you know what.

I believe the gobshite soden urged that lone parent benefit be cut and the workers be taxed taxed taxed to make up for the stupidity of pygmies like him. He was so thick he accessed porn on his work computer and got caught, that’s the kind of simpleton we are dealing with.

His suggestion makes sense, because as a leech sucking the life blood out of the Irish taxpayer, a bail out from the US would be just the kind of supine support this bovine needs to keep him in the style he has become accustomed too. Pimping Ireland out to the US has been happening for years, its just Irelands own huggy bear is stupid enough to point it out to us.

L.J.S. The idea of aligning with the Star Ship Enterprise has merit! We are already Klingon ( clinging on by the skin of our teeth). Exchanging one fictional world for another should not be much of a problem. Of course we also have our own Ferengi who live by the Law of acquisition.

The whole bloody lot of them!! I was only thinking of ourselves. Actually, we shouldn’t have to join the yanks to get rid of the scum. We should get the GAA to organise a gladiators style event in the Gaelic grounds. Charge a tenner in, more for the main stand.
We could get all the feuding scummers from around the country to fight it out till the death. I suppose we could also have the 3 political parties do the same. Which would be better though?
They would have to choose their weapon on the way onto the pitch. The crowd could give the thumbs down or up if it came to it. However, who would we get as the Julius Cesar type to give the overall thumbs up or down? It couldn’t be Cowen, as I’d have him in as the half time entertainment getting chased around by a pack of hungry Lions.
It could be good for fota island and Dublin zoo to sponsor it. They could let any dangerous animals into the field amongst the scumbags/politicians to feast upon.
Half time entertainment could be provided by any of the bands mentioned in your other thread!

@Shellshock 24
“I believe the gobshite soden urged that lone parent benefit be cut and the workers be taxed taxed taxed to make up for the stupidity of pygmies like him.”

I was reading similar sentiments from the Central Bank Gov. Patrick Honohan in the TImes recently:
” CENTRAL BANK governor Prof Patrick Honohan said it would be “highly risky” to take action against senior bondholders at Anglo Irish Bank such as buying back debt at a lower price….. Prof Honohan said Ireland had the highest budget deficit of any euro-area nation, and the Government does not face any easy decisions in its 2011 budget….. The Central Bank governor said the Government would have to replace the revenue lost in the recession and the housing slump with “income tax, value-added-tax and so forth’.

You know what, raising taxes and “so forth” could be very risky too Patrick. Very Risky.
“Revenue lost in the recession”.. give me a break. The gombeens go abroad, on our buck no doubt , and talk any oul shite. I’m getting very fucking fed up with these people.

FME Fed enough to take action? Perhaps not , that would be very naughty and upset the bondholders. That is not our way. Much better to export our young. Which we have paid a fortune to train to the four corners of the world. Ireland mother Ireland you are rearing them yet!

I’ve often thought along the same lines as you on this one, Seconds Out, but there would be a price to be paid. Missile silos all along the East Coast. Naval bases in Cork and Wexford. Nuclear weaponry all over the place. National Service, and body bags coming into Dublin Airport every day from Afghanistan. And we’d be in the gunsights of every European, Arab and Russian looper.

On the upside, the Keanes, Collopys, Dundons and McCarthys would face the chain gang or else, and even better, Ol’ Sparky.


Ol Sparky would be the man for them as you say BN. He’d put manners on them – dead scumbags walking.
We could take part in the super bowl though. The Kerry, er, Eagles The Dublin Brits. The Limerick I know Yer Father, etc etc

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