Limerick Music Over the Years

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Oct 252010

Here are some Limerick musicians and bands. It isn’t a definitive list, so don’t get your knickers in a twist if you aren’t on it. We’ll be adding to the list as more video comes to hand.

Tuesday Blue


Eugene Wallace


Eamon Hehir


Des O Dwyer


A Touch of Oliver


The Hitchers




Vesta Varro




Fiona MacMahon


Siobhan O’Brien


Yvonne McCarthy


The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra


DeLorean Suite


The Cranberries


Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters




Supermodel Twins


Walter Mitty and The Realists


We Should Be Dead


Vertigo Smyth


John Steele


Andreas Varady


David Irwin


Jane Fraser


The Funk Junkies


The O Malleys


The Outfit


Nick Carswell




Ivan St John


Keith Forde


DeLorean Suite


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    What about ‘Fred’ . Not sure if they are Limerick or a group of Limerick musicians who set up a band in Cork while studying there.

    Anyone know of the whereabouts of Michael Ryan from Tuesday Blue?


    Hnag on a minute, good list but missing;
    Grannies Intentions
    Horselips (were they Limerick?)
    The Funk Junkies
    That band that plays on Sunday nights in Nancie.

    The more I think about it Lijerick is awash with musicians.


    Hey! There’s no end to it. We’re just building the list now.


    A great source here from Darwin for the archives, Jesus, Limerick truly is the best place in the country for music for the last 30 years, probably more, I was nine then.


    BFH One of my daughters met Mike Ryan recently and he lives somewhere near her, A bit up country, She will be home on a visit tomorrow, I will ask her but in case he might not want it on a public forum, I’ll let you know in code !


    Thanks Norma. Went to school with Mike Ryan, unless it was a sunny day, in which case we and a few others headed over to Barrington’s pier.


    BFH. Well if I find out thats where daughter no 1 was !! Fairly nifty at dodging school, Just like Ma.


    JJ and the Bootleggers…




    The Horslips weren’t a Limerick band but the truly great Johnny Fean is from Shannon, which is close to Limerick. Limerick has always had an abundance of talent and right now, it is positively vibrant. You won’t see the likes of Donal McIntyre speaking about positive things like that. Limerick is alive. Get out and sample some of the many great Limerick bands.


    The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra and Walter Mitty and The Realists shall be getting a listen at home just because they are brilliant names! Mind you, I got out with that before with Shotgun Messiah


    you forgot Rathkeale’s finest, The Driven!


    Limerick`s own Ger Cusack and Tutti Fruitti


    yeah, the Driven! I remember hearing that song on daytime radio in France in 1997 (or was it 98…?)
    Brendan is still tipping away too! (playing in the Loft in November)




    How could you leave out Shaun O`Dowd and his permed hair singing his ding-a-ling


    The Rhythm Sector, 16 Tons of Jive, This One is For Her, Out of the Fog, Average Contents, later to become Toucandance, Up the Down Stairs, The Groove are others from the 80s/90s era.


    Johnny Duhan.Not my kind of music but he seems to be a success.


    jeez Bock, well done on the archiving.. amazing talent here.


    Most of it was done by one of the amazingly talented people in these vids who was too modest to be named.


    this has me scratching my head for the past few days…Vox Populi, are they still going? And oh yeah the deadly Seadog are also from Limerick ::


    BFH. Outside a town which still contains the ” House of merrymaking and good cheer ” Which dates back to 1263, For which the proprieter, One Dame Alice Kyteler was accused of being a witch and handed down the sentence of being burnt at the stake by the then Bishop of Ossery, After being whipped through the streets, She escaped and disappered, Thats my clue !!


    Catscars is from Limerick…


    Nice post here. I remember the older groups but not the new ones and there are clearly some great young groups in Limerick at the moment. Some other groups I remember were Joe Browne, Willie Browne, One September, Cava Cava, The Giant Kites, The Barflies, Easy Singles, The Pedestrians and Brian OConnor. Talking of Brian. I’m a huge Brian OConnor fan and I heard he was home and playing in Dolans in the bar early this year but wasn’t expecting the line up he had with him. Jim Hanley on keyboards, Ralph Lindhyme on bass, didn’t know the drummer but he was class, John Steel and Dave Keary playing behind Brian O’Connor. It was unreal. Limericks first supergroup. I really hope they do that again but I was chatting to Brian afterwards and he said the line up happened by accident at the time.


    Nick Carswell and the elective orchestra HAS to be there….Maighread Neligan makin great shakes in London…Dubliner”Ivan st John”‘s band. i.e.Ray Murphy and Liam Marley both Limerick heads and don’t know if you’d remember them but “Jester” were an amazing band knockin around the Royal and the like about 15 or 16 years ago…Cian Nolan from FSV was on the drums.
    As was pointed out to me about Limerick before…it’s the weather….there’s fuck all else to do but practice :-)


    Videos please.


    rightio some videos….here’s Nick…this vid doesn’t do him justice

    Here’s Maighread doing her thing

    Finally Ivan st John(formerly Pinky) featuring long time Limerick collaborators Ray Murphy and Liam Marley

    As for Jester,can’t find anything .Besides that,and maybe slightly off topic I think Barry Warner deserves a mention,remember him?His 80s pop releases not exactly amazing but relatively successful nonetheless.Hasn’t Mike Meskell (of the bike family)written for top American acts like Leeann Rimes etc?Can’t find any info on him though.


    …..” Scare’in’ de nation…with dere gun’s… n’ ……ammunition ……doi de doi de doi de …”…….go the Outfit !!! ….Ta for the mem’s……!….. all the rest…Cool too.


    Don Meskell is who you’re thinking about. Barry Warner wouldn’t live in Ennis by any chance?


    I put some audio tracks of Toucandance, The Groove, The O’Malleys, Garfield Soul n Blues Revue, Barry Warner and Private World on Youtube over the past week or so.


    Re. Fred – Jamin Donovan, bass player, is from Limerick, the other members are from Cork & Kerry. Great, great band.


    If you let us have the links, we can put them on the list with the others.


    Here’s those links. I just want to say that I was around for those bands in the 80s and saw Grannys Intentions when they played some gigs in mid 80s but, for me there is no competition for the greatest Limerick band – it was Giveamanakick – they were unbelievable and should have been world stars.

    Links – Barry Warner, What’s Happenin’
    Barry Warner, Dancing Without You

    The O’Malleys, We’re All Green
    The O’Malleys, Thorn In My Side
    The O’Malleys, Turn Down My Love

    The Groove, Blue Blue Monday
    The Groove, Preacher’s Paradise
    The Groove, Water From the Moon

    Garfield Soul n Blue Revue, Further on Up The Road
    Garfield Soul n Blues Revue, Messin’ With The Kid

    Toucandance, Green Eyes
    Toucandance, Never
    Toucandance, Telephone
    Toucandance, Strange Kitchen

    Private World, The Blue Gem Sea


    Thanks for that, Mike. Interesting collection there.

    Incidentally, I hope to have some broadcast-quality footage of the Toucans shortly and we’ll be putting that up for people to see.


    Anyone remember Master Hare? Seems like a lifetime ago which indeed it is. Im open to correction but it was Eddie Clancy on drums,Brian Healy Bass,Tom Jones Guitar and Sean Franklin Guitar. I think they were managed by Alec(Alex?) Jones, Toms brother. A very good band.


    I was about to put Master Hare up myself, and then I saw Tony C had remembered. Yes you’re right with the names, and I was one of their loyal groupies!!! 1975 ish I think. Sorry Bock, the video wasn’t invented back then!!!!!!


    Can anyone give me info re an album of Shannon based bands c.1990 called Blooming Thing. I have a cassette that only lists 8 tracks but there are 13 tracks on it. Anyone got a proper track listing?


    hey bock, i’ll see about gettin the next freeform foundation gig on video, maybe a lesser known limerick band, but with the list of musicians that are the freeform (all of which play on the above videos) i think it would be worth stickin in. Thanks


    rubberbandits surely?


    Isn’t it strange, Josephine, that you, Liam and Tommy, who all made comments looking for coverage of the Rubberbandits, have precisely the same IP address?


    Bock,maybe they’re all sitting together at Dillie O Weas computer.


    That s not strange Bock that s cos I’m a fan of the band and feel that for some reason you’ve continually neglected to address their work. If you disapprove of the rubberbandits air your views and let your readers respond the whole country is talking about them and even though my attempt to get a response from you could be deemed underhand and I apologise for that but it clearly worked. Honest debate is all I want.


    Josephine — This site has very few rules. One of the most important is this: don’t take me for a fool.

    People using multiple names are trolling and have been banned in the past.

    You seem to think I have an obligation to cover what you want. When and if I feel like writing about any particular performer, I will do so. Until then, I will not, and you have successfully put off the day when I write about the Rubberbandits.

    Well done kid.


    I see..wasn’t aware i had so much power to influence you…your call kid… no hassle. And by the way other than on this issue I like your work which is ordinarily balanced, credible and just. Keep up the good work. Peace.


    All you have to do is shout out.


    What about d Night Owls. Have u any videos of Ger CUsack.


    Reform, Gimik ( fronted by Jon Kenny), At the Window are all local bands I remember from the 70’s and early 80’s

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