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Oct 032010

Look at this prick.  Watch to the end.

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    Simple. Leave the paper on the shelf also. Boycott the rag. The intelligence of the country can only be improved.


    Fair play to him. Earning a little cash on the side. Times are tough. More people need to follow his example and stop moaning. Get out there and try something different!!! Bertie is not afraid of a career change so go on stop reading this and go dig the garden and grow some bluebells or you could decide to grow balls and shoot the cunt in the head, either way I am off to the pub.


    You’d want to put one in the ghost writers head also.


    No chance of them stucking him in the oven instead?


    This does not surprise me. This man is has been sticking his fingers up at the nation since he left the Taoiseach job and saying “I dont give a fuck about you”.
    Blood will spill in this country in the near future.


    We need a constitutional amendment to sequester the assets of all those people responsible for screwing the country. The crime: treason.Treason and more treason.
    In former times the punishment was be hanged, drawn and quartered. [see Braveheart for details.]
    Why would anybody pay the salary and pensions of people who had robbed them blind and destroyed their future?


    Ahh leave the Lads alone, the’re only trying to make a few bob on the side. They are obviously going through very hard times too!


    The NOTW pay the best freelance rates in the country, so not only is this fuck double jobbing on God only knows how many pensions, which we pay for, he’s also denying freelancers space and income. He’s one repellent cunt.


    Christ on Pogo Stick. When oh when are we going to wake up in this tiny wee Island of ours and get rid of these f*@kers. Watching this weasel tucked up in a cupboard makes me angry, so angry. This nation is finished.


    Cashel Chamber of Commerce has copped on to the stuttering one.His invitation to address the said chamber this coming Thursday has been cancelled. Moves were afoot in Cashel to stage a big protest so it seems the chamber saw an own goal looming and grasped the nettle. Hopefully this is the start of a trend.


    I was wondering if the protest had been cancelled. It was a bit unclear on the Facebook page.

    Right. Where is the prick supposed to go next?


    What a statesman.
    It’s good to see the dignity of the office of Taoiseach is being upheld


    Can’t quite visualise Tony Blair, Helmut Kohl, Jacques Chirac, Bill Clinton, not even Berlusconi with his trousers around his ankles stooping this low. This fucking gobshite has aspirations to be the president of the nation? Wake up you slumbering Micks – this is just too much. From now on, I am going to avoid paying every cent I can to the cunts raping this country.


    So many pricks.. so little time.
    Can’t we just export all these people, Bertie et al to an Island far far away.


    will this despicable ,conniving bastard soon own our forests?


    Not a fan then Angular?

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