Re-electing New Crooks

There’s a lot of shit going on in the papers today, isn’t there?  Especially as those thieving, corrupt  fuckers, otherwise known as our government, go into secret conclave to decide how much they’re going to rape us in the December budget in order to pay off the criminals who have been flinging them brown bags full of money for the past ten or twelve years.

How many children will go without an operation?

How many old people will go without a house?

How many poor and weak and old will suffer so that the billionaires who own these fucking criminals don’t suffer for their stupid, failed investments?  That’s very important.  You couldn’t have a wealthy pal of a government minister losing money just because some sick bastard needs an operation.

Let’s squeeze the Irish people for as much as we can.  Let’s tell them it’s €3 billion until we can’t say that any more.  Then let’s say it’s €4 billion.  Then 5.  Then 6.  And finally, let’s reassure them it won’t be fucking €7 billion, even though that’s how much we need to cut.

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with the Irish people?  Is it because they spent years in schools that beat them into compliance?  What the fuck is wrong with you Irish people? Are you fucking blind or are you stupid, or do you just not care when a bunch of fucking crooks are boning you up the fucking arse?

My money is on the last option.  Irish people just don’t give a fuck.  All of me.  Why not take all of me?

What the fuck is wrong with us?  Where’s our pride?

God knows, I’ve spent enough time here writing about this shit, but still, let me continue to remind you. You won’t get your operation, and your kids won’t get into college because this government is using all available money to pay the people who bought them years ago.

Your money.

You are being fucking robbed, right in front of your eyes.

And you know what’s amazing?

According to a recent poll, eighteen per cent of Irish people think these fucking crooks are the best candidates to form the next government.

Can you imagine that?  One in five of the Irish people are so fucking stupid that they can’t recognise a bunch of thieving gobshites when they see them.

Eventually, after all these years, we finally hear talk of amalgamating the two main political parties, for the very good reason that they’re identical.

This is both a good and a bad thing.  It’s good, because finally there’s a recognition that politics in Ireland is broken.  But it’s bad because, when Fianna Fáil are kicked out of office, as they surely will be, they’ll be replaced by another bunch of gobshites who are exactly the same.

The very same ignorant, illiterate, self-serving power-base as FF.  The very same half-witted unprincipled crowd of county councillors all snuffling at the trough.

Jesus Christ, forget the general election.  What difference will it make?  You’ll just be replacing one bunch of pot-bellied, shiny-arsed con-men with another.  A new crowd of dishonest leeches to suck the  country dry.

Christ.  It’s time to fucking emigrate and leave this miserable patch of grass to the morons and the crooks.

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Bock, that’s exactly what THEY want. THEY would love if all of the thorns in their sides just fucked off and emigrated. Than THEY could continue with all of their corruption. Phoney phone bills, made up mileage expenses! My stomach is sick thinking of what this shower of cunts has done to this country of ours. Recession? Take Anglo Fucking “Irish” Bank out of the equation and this country would not be suffering like this at all. Its all about the elite, and protecting their asses at the expense of Joe soap. We are fucked. Roll on the I.M.F. 18%That is a gross exaggerated in my view. I simply don’t believe that 18 in 100 would still vote for these Langers!!

Rob. The IMF are’nt going to arrive on white chargers and rescue us, Have we sunk so low as to believe anyone is preferable to whats there ? The question will be, Not when will the IMF arrive but when will they leave ?
All eyes on France and the sense of solidarity right across the board, Students demonstrating in solidarity with pensioners as they have their eye on the big picture.
When the pensioners demonstrated here last year, They were alone.
But we are used to expressing our anger in other ways, Should the dam ever burst !

I’m not advocating some of the violence we have seen in France but the gulf we are experiencing from doing nothing visible is only getting wider.

Are we getting near the stage where advocating a violent revolution may be the only option left? Not a nice observation. But……

Whats wrong with us is one side is completely bewildered as to why we’ve done nothing, the other is saying we shouldn’t be reducing ourselves to the behavior of the French, and the youngins are playing with their xbox! We’ve been divided and conquered on every level. We have been put in competition with each other and are being pitted against each other. Phrases like “violence solves nothing” and “sure what good does taking to the Streets do” etc etc…. Well sitting on our arses hasn’t done much fucking good now has it. I’m sick of hearing, you’r lucky to have a job, you should be so lucky, you should be thrilled, SCHNELL, SCHNELL… All the while increasing duties, reducing pay, and offering absolutely nothing else only a pig face to look at!

I think the Irish believe that its just going to go puff and its all better, i really do, either that or the accusations of fluoridation in our waters is true. Its making the population retarded…. either that, or the whole, “well now YOU took us up on our offer to give you a 200% mortgage even though you work in McDonalds, so YOU were greedy, YOU should have known you wouldn’t be able to pay that back….. keep quiet my little debtor…. its all your fault, even though you were receiving offers of credit cards and loans and finance in the post…. WE gave you the money, but its YOUR fault for not snapping out of the dream we convinced you off.

I don’t condone violence, but surely Paddy can think of a few tricks? We did create terrorism after all, and unfortunately, i think a violent revolution is what’s going to happen. I think us Irish will stand up and take it for so long. Just to see how fucking far they really want to take it. Just to see how nasty these assholes can be, and then smashy smashy, Paddy’s like a bull in a china shop and the world is looking on at frothy, foaming at the mouth citizens with veins popping, and thinking its akin to Planet of the Apes. Some of us are worried what we will look like to the rest of the world (the financial elite) and the rest of us will want to show the rest of the world what should be done with these fuckers.

I dont think 18% is a valid %, neither do i believe ANYTHING i read or watch in the newspapers/tv respectfully, although with the inbrededness of our government, maybe thats the amount of the population connected with some retard of a senator or TD?

NON CO-OPERATION. tiofaidh ar la

I fear bock is right, we will be trading one set of hucksters for another set with a nicer logo on their letterheads.
On a another note but somewhat related, did any one see the clip of the procession of 100,000euro chauffeur driven cars heading to farmleigh, bringing government ministers, to sit in oppulence and discuss slashing welfare, tax hikes etc…

sit down protests, the whole country should grind to a halt, until the politicians actually listen to what the people want…
For a country who had been the thorn in the side of the British for so long, we seem to be so passive about it all, even though everyone moans about the govt. (me included in the passive bit), but as Johnny Butler sang “something’s gotta give right now”…

barry, I agree with your sentiments but… the vast majority of people are apathetic about all thats going on and are more interested in x factor than anglo. What has happened to Ireland in the last decade or so is a massive treasonous crime deserving of a swift sharp coup d’état, it took the British 100s of years to grind this place down it took FF a generation or so.

I don`t normally read The Sunday Business Post. David McWilliams has an article in 24/10/10. Another thing i don`t normally do is agree with David McWilliams, to my everlasting embarresment, his article sums up the fears of the monied and what passes as the political classes here in Ireland. I find myself in total agreement with his anaylsis.
I am unable to give a link to this article, maybe some will take pity on me and post it here, thanks.


I don’t think there is a THEM there is only US. We elected incompetent people and enjoyed the fruits of their folly (so did they by the way). Don’t be fooled by what you see and hear on your TV when they show you social unrest in France, it is nothing more than business as usual for them and some of their politicos are as inept as ours. We can all look back and say “did you see that” but who the hell has a solution? A realistic solution. It makes me look back to the GW Bush reign and all the protest we saw at his running of the economy then the euphoria after Obama’s election but now while they are trying to fix the problems all of a sudden he is shite so again if someone could come up with an alternative please stick your hand up.

Wasn’t it funny to see Denis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond giving out about Mick McDowell being appointed to the Moriarty Tribunal. The two multi billionaires complained that there was conflict of interest in this appointment. Yeah, the conflict was it conflicted with Dermot and Denis’s propensity to get their way.

Two comments from me on this Bock…

1…. I reckon there will be some sort of “proper” protest when the budget is delivered later this year, if there isn’t I will emigrate with you because we’ll only deserve what we get.

2.. As I have pointed out in a previous comment, they can start reserving my cell ‘cos I sure as hell won’t be paying any property tax etc etc etc etc.

I’m also trying to absorb the throat choking possibility that one of my best friends is really close to upping himself and his family and moving far, far away from this shit hole. This saga is affecting the Irish people in many ways, not just financially.

This will make you angry, very very angry… (whilst off topic and nowt to do with FG it’s very relevant)
I advise any resident of this state to watch this very carefully

I watched that…jesus christ is Ryan on drugs or something.Surprised he did not claim we were the envy of the world again !!!!.

Éamon Ryan is easily the stupidest man ever elected to public office anywhere in the world. He is dense. He’s an idiot. A walking dictaphone, programmed to repeat whatever his handlers tell him.

He’s a fucking robot.

We’re fucked.
Thanks Rank..
@ 9:34
“Yeah you say on your blog Mr Ryan, you say ‘I will do whatever I can to make sure our recovery plans are fair’. Lets think about that word fair. I mean what we’ve seen in your government’s various emergency budget packages already are public sector pay cuts of up to 15%, we’ve seen child benefit slashed, we’ve seen unemployment benefit slashed, we’ve seen unemployment already rise to well over 13%. You’re now talking about another huge swath of public spending cuts, that is the public.. the Irish people are baring the brunt of all of this and is that fair given who caused the crisis. I’m thinking of the bankers and the property developers.”

And listen on for the answer. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thanks, RO, for the linky. At least Éamon Ryan is semi-articulate (much as it pains me to say so), imagine if Biffo had been in the “hotseat”. Stephen Sackur was too gentle with him, IMHO. I met Stephen once, and I would regard him as an accomplished investigative journalist and as having a sound nose for bullshit.

I’d dearly love to see the outcome of such an interview conducted by John Humphrys of BBC Radio 4. Why do we not enjoy journalism of this category in Irish media?

I’d have to disagree with you on that. Éamon Ryan can barely pronounce his words, and only manages to string a coherent sentence together when it has been prepared for him by his handlers. Even when he does manage to speak a coherent sentence, it has no meaning because the man is a fool who understands nothing.

I can’t argue with you on that one. It’s all a matter of context – imagine our “illustrious” leader in the same interview, if you can?

“Why do we not enjoy journalism of this category in Irish media?”

BBC journalists are amongst the best in the world. John Humphrys being top of the list IMO. I would love to see him have a go off Enda……………….. Although maybe not, the mortification would be unbearable.

Its all over the papers and the radio like a re-run of a simpsons show

“Won’t somebody please think of the children”? Everyone wants someone else to stick their necks out!

The reason that there hasn’t been any protests is that there is no leadership. The strikes in France have been organised by the Unions who place the workers first. Our Unions on the other hand have been corrupted in the Galway tent, have been payed off by government slush funds, and presided over the boards of semi state organisations found to be wasteful etc.

Irish Unions have sold themselves out to the highest bidder. What we need is a new political party, comprised of members that have not served in government previously, one that will solve the problems and then leave office.

“BBC jouralists are amongst the best of the world” Why is conferring with the publications office of the British Parliament considered great journalism??? Journalist are not allowed to enter whilst proceedings are in order. They go to the door, a person with paper reads to them whats going on and they come back and tell the world what they’ve been told. Well done journalists!!!

Ryan can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. He first emerged on the political scene from John Hurt’s chest in Aliens 1. I imagine FF wheel him out and laud him for taking one for the team. You’d think that given all the years of lying that FF would be able to groom someone to stand in front of a camera and tell bare-faced, coherent lies without blinking.

Eamon Ryan is Irelands version of Comical Ali….. Ali “American tanks! there are no American tanks in Bagdad” .Ryan “economic disaster! there is no economic disaster in Ireland”..

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with the Irish people? Is it because they spent years in schools that beat them into compliance?

You answered your own question.

A person would go mad trying to understand this system, never mind reform it. The entire fucking thing needs to be torn down and replaced in totality.

The question of “What With?” is another topic entirely. Better to start with perfection and work down, than start from chaos and work up.

Then again, that’s the kind of thinking that can start all sorts of mischief.

I went along the whole LUAS line placing posters up that told the truth about some of these fuckers that the paper won’t print. I put them up at four in the morning before heading off to work at eight, and that evening all of them had been taken down. Fast work by the thought police.


Theres an idea, take ads out in the trains, along the dart, luas etc… why not, need someone to bankroll you but frig it, it has to start somewhere, it has to start sometime as RATM are fond of saying – some nice bold typography and the truth, though your poster idea has given me food for thought…

I’m just an arsehole on a bycycle at four in the morning with a laptop, a printer and a few home made posters. Imagine what an organised campaign of public area truthing could do. I pray to Jaysus that Ant is right aboout the budget sparking the ire of the people. Did you see that supercillious fool Dick Roche sneering at Joe Higgins on tv the other night. That sneer that says, ” We are in control of the country, we will fix it our way, and there is fuck all you lot can do about it” And while we continue to be terrified of what might happen if we actually stand up and shout “ENOUGH”, there is fuck all we can do.


When oh when will *somebody* do *something* about the state of this country?

(Somebody else, obviously, not me.)

Hi Bock,
I agree largely with anti-corruption and anti-government sentiments.Certainly the banking debacle is huge.Much emphasis is now given to politicians exes and mercs.But most recipients of government and political largesse are to be found in our public service.Fat-assed underworked Garda sergeants on 90k,ESB van drivers on 80k,HSE whatsits on 100k,the list is endless.Ireland has among the highest paid civil servants in the world.This country has been run by civil servants for civil servants with little consideration for ordinary workers or small business.In the past,if you could’nt get into the civil service,the government and unions were quite happy to see you fuck off abroad.
And if you did stay here,the main rule was attend mass,learn Irish and don’t touch your willy.Nothing changes until something changes

The difference is the private sector are the wealth producers,majority of the civil service produce sweet fuck all and yet have the best pay and conditions.Obscene pay rates compared to most workers in the private sector.Totally the opposite of every other nation on the planet.I absolutely agree with mad dogs post on this.


So travel agents, bankers and lap-dancers are wealth producers, but road-builders and electricity producers are not?

I’d say you need to refine your model of wealth production.

Point taken but we have among highest electricity charges in Europe .ESB pay rates are 30% higher than Norn Iron and we are paying 14% more for our power,great for our comfortable,cossetted underworked over-pensioned ESB staff.All this at the expense of hard-presed workers,pensioners,unemployed and small business.

Bock You are being selective.I was thinking what a factory worker in the private sector on a low wage produces compared to what as an example a Garda sargent on four times the pay rate produces in the public sector.That there are destructive crooks in the private sector is not in doubt.That there are productive people in some sectors of the public sector is not in doubt.But lets look at the overall picture and see which sector has the most overpaid non productive.Just the average person who makes up the bulk of each sector and the pay and conditions they receive.

Mad are right even they are way overpaid and cosseted compared to what they would be if they were working for a private company

I agree ,William.Its essential that we have a public service,but do we have to pay them so excessively?.

It’sd a common fallacy, put out by IBEC, that the private sector is wealth-producing and the public sector is not.

The reality is that both sectors have workers who could be described as wealth-producing and both sectors have workers who might be regarded as overheads.

The definition of wealth produce, in this country at least, has to do with money.

I say that our wealth is our people, educated, healthy, understanding and compassionate. Strong in their ideals and resolute in the application of justice.

The man at the helm ( or indeed the woman ), is only as good as the crew s/he commands, therefore all have the right to be treated with equality and respect.

Those that would want to keep all, to appear as benificient, or to make judgement on others to keep their places above others, deserve to fail and fall.

I do know that this sounds like utopia, far from it. Respect, understanding even love are great goals. Money, greed, lust for power over others are a very base achievement, if indeed achievement they can be called.

The truth will always out!

There is good in all peoples, the bad needs to be brought out into the open and exposed for what it represents and villified for what it is. The good needs to be nurtured, grown among the young in order to meet the future needs of humankind.

Ah, i em, get like that after a couple of bottles of wine, it brings out the eternal optimist in me.

Interesting debate,there are many things that will have to change in the public sector but our real problems are caused by the crazy bailout of the banks and particularly the bond holders.I am a labour supporter and all political parties,including sinn fein voted for the bailout with the exception of the labour party,its not good enough just to slag off all political parties.We must try at least to find a solution and i would like to see those that comment suggest how best we might use our votes in the next election.Remember it may be better to use a vote against those that we wish were not in the dail,not voting will only help maintain the status quo.

I would urge everybody to vote. I would also urge everybody to spoil their vote. This is the only way to inform politicians that the whole system must be changed. Simply voting for the opposition (or not voting at all) is a lazy attitude .We have to be responsible for our own destiny as a population and this starts with sending an unequivocal message to ALL politicians.

Hey Ant, do you really think that people who vote are that stupid? You say all other options is a lazy attitude? By doing as you advocate would send a message alright, these people desreve all that happens to them message.
The politicians would be delighted if you did not vote at all, that would be a huge worry off their backs.
People have been murdered and people have murdered to allow me the right to vote. You would have to murder me to take my vote away.

“The politicians would be delighted if you did not vote at all, that would be a huge worry off their backs.”

“People have been murdered and people have murdered to allow me the right to vote. You would have to murder me to take my vote away.”

Sodacake, how can you read my post and suggest I stated the complete opposite to what I actually said……….I’ll try again!
I clearly pointed out that people SHOULD turn up to the ballot box. I suggested we send a message to the political system as to how pissed off we are with the whole feckin’ lot of them by spoiling the vote. Spoiled votes are counted and are included in the overall percentage turnout.

Spoiled votes are exactly that ,they are counted and then thrown away.The only message you send by spoiling your vote is carry on governing us any way you wish.

Well then, I have a problem. I want to exercise my right to vote but I don’t believe any of my local politicians really give a shit about me or my family. And even if they did, I’m convinced they don’t have the intelligence to do anything about it.

Ant, i read your post several times before i responded. I have been a personating agent for a candidate in the local elections here in Limerick, all returning officers, personating agents and candidates see a spoiled vote as at best, a total waste of time for all involved. They never refer it to as a wasted vote as it is never counted in the ACTUAL returns that elect candidates.
As Shocked has said and as i also said, people who do that ( spoil votes ) deserves all that happens to them. Carry on governing them as you wish in any way.
Spoiling a vote sends no message, at least any message you are trying to convey here.
You have a right to vote, you don`t have any right to spoil it just because you have a grievience.
The only person you are frustrating is yourself, no one else including the local politicians who don`t give a shit really don`t give a shit about spoilt votes either!
The only time a politician really gives a shit is when you ( A ) tell him or her that you are voting for the other guy and ( B ) you actually do as you say! Then they get a full dose of the shits, both barrels.
Politicians like to come across people that say i won`t be voting or i`ll spoil my vote rather then give it to you, they are delighted to hear that! Why? Because it means the other guy won`t be getting it either! One less to worry about!


Well at least I’m more educated now than I was yesterday and I won’t be spoiling my vote. Thank you for going to lengths to explain the error of my ways. But I am seriously suffering from voter apathy, I switched off “The Week in Politics” last night, I can’t listen to them any more, even the presenters/journalists are beginning to get on my nerves.

Ever hear the expression listen with your eyes. Look Ant, we all switch off, actually i prefer the Simpsons, there is a reason that all these presenters and political progammes are bland looking and sounding. It`s because they are bland! They are meant to piss you off, get on your nerves, throw the telly out the window reaction. So long as you don`t turn on the politicians they are happy, Willy O`Dea told me personally, in front of witnesses, ” I don`t need your fucking vote “.
He still turned up at my wifes funeral and the funerals of my brothers and commiserated with me on my loss. I think that “The Week in Politics ” is very bland and tame after all that, don`t you?
Course I, nor indeed any of my family have ever voted for any Fianna Fail people in our lives, let alone Willy O`Dea.

Hey Ant, the politicians are happier to have you in the state you`re in and any others in the population also. What makes them afraid is when you show determination to demand real change, to expect real change, to insist that they be monitored on their performance, that they produce results, be answerable. In this case to the ELECTORATE.

Glad i could help by the way.

It seems you do have a problem,could i suggest you list the candidates you would like to see beaten in order of your preference and those you want to see beaten most you leave off the ballot paper.That way ant you would be making a point.

On RTE radio last night the HR manager of the HSC said that when they consolidated the health services in 2005, he inherited 2000 HR staff. He only needs 800 to do the job, he said this himself, live on radio! So, for the last 5 years we have been paying 1200 people to do nothing? Even if I take an average of a total cost of 50k per person, that means that us, the taxpayer, have forked out 300 million into the bottomless pit of the HSC administration, while they were laying off nurses, closing wards and putting people on trolleys? Ms. Harney says they can afford to lose 5000 admin staff before Christmas – that makes my 300 million more like 1.25 Billion! Why now Ms. Harney? Why the big hurry and total disorganisation? Whole departments can walk out, no selective process. Why was this not done 5 years ago? We could now have more hospitals open (not being shut down), more nurses, more wards, better equipment? How many people have died Ms.Harney by this governments inability to govern? No wonder this country is down the toilet.

A lot of people do not understand Irish people at all . A cursory glance at history would show them what we are like. We are a very tolerant people and will take a lot of shite but suddenly all hell breaks loose and there are no half measures. So I would say to all those crooks BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID.

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