Rumours That Tony McGahan Has Quit Munster

What’s this we hear?  There are whispers that Tony McGahan has quit his job as Munster coach.

Could this be true, and does it hint that not all is well in the Munster camp?

I have no confirmation yet, but if anything else emerges, you’ll be the first to find out.

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Rumours and whispers have been leaking for sometime. Quinlivan walking out of training after been dropped, Flannery and Wallace having a difference of opinion, Flannery barging into refs rooms after AIL games. No smoke without fire.

Bock, timing aside, would it be such a loss if true? I know Kidney was always going to be a hard act to follow but I never thought McGahan had it. I know that the chassis of the squad is still there, but to me they’re in a right state and not the Munster of a few years ago. Which is sad to see, and this is a Leinster supporter saying this. Irish rugby needs a strong Munster even if only to give us a little competition!

Word on the street in Reading was of a player argument last week after the match. Quinlan and O’Leary involved, and O’Leary’s broken thumb may have been the result.

McGahan would be no loss in my view and letting the players choose the coach was a mistake at the time.

There has been a lot of discussion and speculation going on over on throughout the day.

The clearer picture of what happened is now beginning to emerge.

Aparently Quinne beat O’Leary on the hand with a lump hammer in the dressing-room after the Leinster game breaking his thumb.

Then at a team meeting last Monday to ‘clear the air’ it appears that Quinnie head-butted Jerry Flannary in a dispute over a team jersey and stormed out of the room.

During the ensuing commotion Paul Warwick jumped up and bit Tony McGahan on the nose.

After the game in Reading, McGahan discovered a death threat fabricated from cut-out newspaper lettering and intended for him. Fearing for his life, Tony refused to travel back with the rest of the team is a mine of accurate and timely information.

Soccer is a game for gentlemen played by thugs
Rugby is a game for thugs played by gentlemen
Gaelic football is a game for thugs played by thugs.

would love to know where you heard that rumour, have not seen nor heard it anywhere and dont believe it to be helpful nor true

The vast majority of footballers are not thugs, likewise with rugby players being gentlemen, it always was a bullshit saying. Gaelic footballers are neither, mainly because of the voices in their heads from first cousins sleeping with first cousins.

GAA is probably more middle class than rugby nowadays. EVery county GAA player seems to be a professional… you just get posh thugs playing rugby.
Remember when there was always an oversized 10 yr old in your house in chinos and decks, and he was just awkward and restless, and never stopped jumping around, and always knocked over some fine china or something or threw a brick through a glasshouse window. well, those kind of kids grow up to play rugby….

You give examples, but could you define a professional? I’m not trying to be clever here. Just perplexed.

What differentiates a professional from a mere worker?

I reckon I used the wrong word “professional” . I could be wrong, and probably am, but isn’t there a catch-all phrase to describe people who don’t hold a shovel or drive a tractor, as “professionals”……?

I think it’s a very artificial term. For example, farming is a highly skilled activity, these days involving a great deal of science, but also considerable physical work. Archaeologists spend much of their time shovelling muck, yet fit the traditional definition very neatly.

Why shouldn’t a plumber be considered a professional?

To retuirn to your original point: “Every county GAA player seems to be a professional”.

I don’t know what sort of professionals they are but I’m wondering if they’re the kind of professionals that brought our country to the state it’s currently in. How professional is that?

haha, true enough Bock. I’d have more respect for a guy hunting cattle than I would for any douche in a suit these days….
I myself feel I should have been a plumber. I know I could be on the dole now, but I wouldn’t have to use buzzwords everyday….

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