Skewed Views of Science

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Oct 152010

This is one from an excellent series of videos on clear thinking and prejudice.

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    The catholic church actually had one of their scientists disprove the theory of evolution through a study of garden peas. Of course he was dead when they found out about his work but they still maintain his peas do exactly as they say was on that tin.

    True story.


    I like the bit about where “the bees became so vicious they had to be destroyed” explains perhaps what happens in certain sectors of human society.


    The various types of bias we are all guilty of explained in song.


    I came across this lot one morning whilst heading up to belfast. I tuned into radio ulster and some backwoods man from the boondonks of Fermangh was being given air time to my disbelief. I thought it was a joke, but it turns out to be for ‘4 real’ as the kids say. He came up with all sorts of theories such as bendy light, why when planes take of do the trollies not just roll up and down the plane, his way of explaining why the earth cannot be curved, truly bizzare stuff, I think the chaps name was Ichabod Mc Someting or other, perhaps Minister Lenihan Jnr should consult him.


    Where would we be without the likes of the Flat Earth Society to brighten up our gloomy little lives?

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