Viva El Presidente!

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Oct 182010

Three ways the president of Chile is better than Brian Cowen.

1. The president of Chile digs holes to get his people out, not in.
2. The president of Chile can speak English.
3. The president of Chile can stay up all night without getting drunk.

This man is not Brian Cowen

This man is not the President of Chile

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    Seems to be a bit of a character. Hugely wealthy man, friends with Pinochet, lost my vote. Like Berie he claims to have attended a prostegious foreign university, unlike Bertie oul Seb can prove it.


    4. You wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eatin taytos. He’s easy on the eyes.
    (Cowen…lets not even go there)


    “The president of Chile can stay up all night”.. Very good!! He gets my vote.


    FME, I’ve noticed over the last while that your libido seems to write most of your posts. I am just saying that I am discreet an hung like a horse. Sebastian is probably easier on the eye but I have a gsoh.


    Hung like a horse .. well giddy up No.8.. what more could a girl ask for !
    I’m not sure we’d get over our differences though, with ROG keepin his hands in his pockets meeting her majesty..Could we?! I bet he didn’t say to her he was hung like a horse.. :)
    You have to admit Mr Pinera is easy on the eye though. It’s difficult not to notice the difference put next to a photo of our very own beefcake of a leader. I wouldn’t even mind if Biffo was charming in some way, but he’s a brute. Pinera has some style, Biffo has none.


    And there was I willing to let bygones be bygones. Ah well, back to the drawing board.


    Always bygones No. 8.
    Especially for a man of your attributes. :)


    The two pictures say it all.The Chilean leader is smiling having done his job well.Cowen is spouting more drivel about how he is going to do his.A case of one can walk the walk and the other can only talk the talk.


    Well, the Chilli (that is hot!) president is indeed goodlooking, a mature woman’s crumpet or such like.
    But that’s no wonder compared with Cowen. Almost every man must be more sexy than the Irish tea-shock.

    But as any mature woman should know, looks aren’t everything.

    Senor Presidente was a crooked banker, though with a PHD from Harvard and hence cleverer as any McGreevy, Cowen, Lenihan, and he had a real professorship in Chile University for economics – unlike our Bertie alright.

    But: He fiddled as a banker with fortunes he didn’t own (sounds familiar?), he went into hiding to avoid prosecution – at least there was a prosecution. But came out squeaky clean (sounds familiar?)

    He supported a protege of Pinochet for presidency, he made billions of Dollars with business I wouldn’t know about, he knows his way around to power and smells a good publicity.

    He’s on top of the world right now.
    Because he has a nose for the media.
    I doubt he gives a shit about the mineros, but he knows how he can fool the people to believe he is the greatest.

    He’s all public relation, power-conscious and manipulative.
    So don’t be fooled.

    I’d give my vote to Hugo Chavez any time. At least he would shut down that bloody RTE… -)


    FME. You are at it again ….Some woman for 1 woman, I’m very sceptical though about ” discreet ” and ” hung like a horse ” in the same sentence !
    Methinks you have the penchant for ze greyer gentleman ! and now your debate about ROG and his pockets all makes sense !
    Just stay away from mines, I know what you’re up to !


    There are reports that the Chinese are suing El Presidente for interfering in their internal affairs. They accuse him of placing too high a value on miners’ lives and giving bad example!


    Seems some,possibly many are impressed by superficial populist style in the public arena.No wonder we are in a political and economic mess.Depth,integrity are not, it seems, in Fashion!


    And some are unimpressed by the occasional joke, it seems.

    We’re doomed.


    Haha Norma, I’d say you’re a bit of kinky little minx yourself somehow.
    Admit it, if Pinera came knocking on your door, you wouldn’t be displeased.. let’s put it like that. I could say worse but I’ll be good.
    Yes ze grey is nice.. distinguished older gentleman is how I’d put it.
    I wonder is Pinera a silver surfer? :)


    “Seems some,possibly many are impressed by superficial populist style in the public arena” No in private is all that matters Bruno.
    I wonder how he could have gone about seeming more sincere? He obviously failed to convince some.
    Honestly what could he have done differently? Stayed away from the mine?


    FME, So sorry to dissapoint im really very boring, I would be very dissapointed to find Pinera on my doorstep, Would be hoping for someone far more interesting !
    I will happily leave all the minxy fun up to you, I know when i’m outclassed !
    On another note if Pinera was’nt there people would be saying something else, You cant please all of the people or even some of them none of the time.


    Bock said: “And some are unimpressed by the occasional joke, it seems.
    We’re doomed”

    Yes, you are right. I’m one of those being unimpressed of jokes which are ill-informed and ambivalent.

    And yes, I was laughing about the funny comparison between Pinera and Cowen. It was funny, really.

    But no, I cant’ leave it at that, if comparisons are not funny funny but only ignorant funny, if there are serious issues behind it.

    And yes, I’m German and don’`t have a sense of humour according to Irish funny jokes, before you are going to mention it…

    Yes, you’re doomed, as long as you don’t take politics seriously and still make jokes about it because you consider it funny instead of fighting it. All talk, no action.
    And believe me, it’s not funny to wait for another infamous 800 years until you find out, that it’s not funny anymore.

    I’m not in a funny funny mood anyway, had to deal with Irish bureaucracy all day. It’s not funny at all…

    I’m done. And not in a funny way. Full stop.


    You’re a regular visitor, and you don’t think this site takes politics seriously?


    I do, that’s why I’m a regular visitor. The only intereresting site in this regard.

    Ah, well, as I said before, I’m in no mood for jokes today and certainly not for ignoring the glorification of a president, who is just the better-looking, better-educated and cleverer version of any Irish politician.


    Carrig no one has ever mentioned your nationality other than yourself. Your humour or lack of has nothing to do with our nationality but with your personality. As for being doomed for making jokes about politics. This country has been divided and subsequently brought to its knees by politics and inept, corrupt politicians. Very serious I’m sure you’ll agree but sometimes you have to laugh or you’d go crazy. Oul Seb is an economics graduate from Harvard, wonder how afforded that, even with a part scholarship. Biffo is a lawyer. Both are trained, however this is no guarantee of an education. You need an open mind to be educated, Biffo certainly doesn’t have one and given Sebs leaning towards Pinochet I doubt if has one either.


    Well folks I surely reacted naively,didn’t read all of the posts and was probably conditioned by my experience on where triteness abounds on many topics.You certainly take important issues seriously here and of course we have to laugh to maintain sanity.Yours blushing greenly,Bruno


    In the US, there are some good satirical yet informative shows on politics. The Colbert report and The Daily Show. We can get the Daily show here weekends on More4, if you have that channel.
    Funny, informative and Jon Stewart is a bit of all right.. which can’t be bad. :)
    You have to have a laugh at politics and politicians, it’s too ridiculous sometimes not to.
    “Would be hoping for someone far more interesting” hey Norma. I knew it. :)


    Bruno — Welcome to Hell



    Good god woman, where do you get the energy? If we could only find a way to plug you into the grid we wouldn’t have to worry about peak oil.

    P.S. Don’t stop, I like it!


    haha Pope. it doesn’t take too much energy to type. That’s about as exciting as it gets really. All talk. :)
    Not to say I don’t get offers of some lovins, but my inclination after a night out is to come here and talk more shite.. you never know with people in real live! :)
    (I meant to say in my earlier comment, we can get the Daily show here *weekdays*, (8.30pm I think) on More4, if you have that channel.)


    Cowen should orchestrate the collapsing of a house in a ghost estate and have 33 builders trapped under the rubble.

    Then the world media will talk a load of condescending shit about Ireland like they’ve done with Chile and Cowen will be hailed as the most inspirational leader on the planet.


    Lets give credit where it is due and the Chilean president deserves credit in this case regardless of whether he leans towards Pinochet or read Maos little red book or whatever the fuck else.I would give Cowen credit too if he done anything right but he never has and never will…and thats the difference.If the miners were in that situation here they could kiss their arses goodbye.And this is supposed to be a first world country at least in name if not in reality.

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