Back on the horse

After four days of craziness, it’s time to get this thing rolling again.  There will be more craziness, as befitting the circumstances, but a little further below the horizon.

And what’s been going on in the wide world while we were all away grieving the loss of our friend?  Why, craziness, of course!

There’s Bertie Ahern, for instance, announcing to the Polish media that he wants to run for President.  It seems he has a lot of time on his hands these days, and a lot of time to think — which must be a new experience for Bert .  But what’s this about having a lot of spare time?  Last time I checked, he was a full-time member of parliament, paid a full-time wage to do a full-time job.  Has Bertie inadvertently let slip the secret we all knew  — that these TDs are sitting around scratching their arses most of the time?

What else?  Well, we now discover that Yehudi Lenihan was quietly slipping a few billion to Anglo’s bondholders while telling us how awful the condition of the country is.  And we find that the amount of money to be saved annually is now €15 billion, instead of the €7.5 billion Yehudi quoted. Why?  Because they got their guesswork wrong.  Lovely.

David Drumm, meanwhile, off over there in the United States, is filing for bankruptcy, and has to value all his assets.  How much does the little Drummer boy reckon his dog is worth?

A dollar.  That’s how much.

Or to put it another way, a dollar more than he values the lives of the people who have been ruined by his jiggery-pokery at Anglo.

I look forward to seeing an extradition application for Davey-Boy to come here and explain himself, preferably wearing an orange Baby-gro.

Meanwhile Mary Harridan had a bottle of red paint thrown at her by some Shinner woman, who should have a little insight into what it means to have blood on your hands.  But at least it gave us the wonderful picture of Mary, the grimmest of reapers, digging a hole while covered in red gore while wearing an unfortunate Morticia-style dress, though clearly not worn with the same panache as Mrs Addams.  The gloom without the style.

At a more local, and some would say parochial, level, we had the unedifying spectacle of a Limerick city councillor snarling at the visitors’ gallery, It’s our democracy, not your democracy.  I thought such an utterance from the this long-standing member was revealing of the sense of entitlement that pervades all elected representatives in this country.  In its own, mean-spirited, parish-pump way, it echoes the arrogance and hubris of the ministers in their Mercs.  The Gimme-People.

Extraordinarily, I imagine this city councillor would be quite unaware of anything wrong with his statement.

L’État c’est moi, he might say, though I doubt many of these buffoons would be familiar with the term.  But it’s what he meant in his own small —  very small — way.

It’s time to regroup in every sense and resume the fight against the forces of boredom, the ethics-free gobshites like Ahern and the imagination-free ideologues like Harridan.

I was chatting with a member of a well-known local band outside a popular hostelry the other night, and I asked him if they were going to play next Sunday’s Gaza gig, despite the loss of their gifted guitarist.

Time to get back up on the horse, he replied.

Indeed.  Precisely so, my friend.

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Exactly what I thought when I heard that, Bock!
I hope he does run for President, I’d love the chance to kick him while he’s down.
Mind you, I think we should postpone the next President until we can afford him / her.
The current lady costs us a bomb.
She waved at people hereabouts who lined up dutifully for hours for her state visit (!), only to watch her wave from the comfort of her state car. She had 4 other cars in her entourage and a helicopter. Roads were closed and she had a whole restuarant closed for her to eat lunch also. People say it cost 40K, and we were only a half day job. She was somewhere every day.
We can’t afford that crap.

I agree Máiréad. I don’t see why we need a figurehead. It reminds me of the line somebody trotted out after the war of independence “we’ll have our own gentry now”. I could do without the template speeches as well when receiving or being received by foreign dignitaries – historic links between our two countires, bonds etc, blah blah blah…now here’s a guy who wants to sell you some stuff.

We have had our own gentry for years. They are the same gentry who will demand of the government that the Metro be built at a huge cost to the state because it will be their ill-gotten land that will be procured. The same gentry(or sisters) that will see the childrens hospital being built in a concrete cage with no clean air or greenary for sick children to breath or see. Went to see Celebration by Harold Pinter recently. Pinter had that wonderful knack of painting the New Wealth as vile and revolting. Not even Cromwell gutted us the way this shower of “Dumbwaiters” are gutting us.


“L‘État c’est moi”. Oui.
Le pouvoir absolu corrompt absolument. Ces clowns ne sauraient pas parler francais meme si ca leur mordait le cul. These clowns couldn’t speak french if it bit them in the arse. Actually you could add anglais to that sentence.

Was it Louis XVI that said ” L‘État c’est moi” and look what happened to him.
Is it time to take some inspiration from the French maybe?

Some thoughts on the presidency prompted by the foregoing.

The idea of Bertie Ahern as president seems to me to make sense in only one respect. His embodiment of sleeveen values unfortunately reflects the mentality of a lot of our citizens.

But Mary McAleese is similarly representative to a large extent. The only thing Mary McAleese has in common with Mary Robinson is her gender. Unlike Mary Robinson, whose presidency was generally representative of Enlightenment values, Mary McAleese’s presidency is representative of Irish middle class Fianna Fáil Catholicism, which in my view is the antithesis in many important respects of Enlightenment values.

Actually it was Louis XIV (14th) not XVI (16th) that said L‘État c’est moi. He was the Sun king.
Excusez moi. :)

Regarding Bertie for president. That shameless cunt needs to get back in his cupboard. I’m with Mairéad. Said the same on the David Norris thread. We can’t afford it. It’s bull anyways.

“”these TDs are sitting around scratching their arses most of the time” But they do have big shiny arses to keep them busy.

Bertie boy, what in the name of god was he doing out there, gathering a few Zloty for his Cheltenham races war chest, this boy should not be let out of Ireland to embarrass us any more, indeed a far better cost effective stroke would be not to let him back in here , and while we are at it , we could apply that rule the FF/Green en masse, weed them out as they leave, no return guys, fork off.
Related to your point re the time on his hands, these are the same politicians that tell us THEY have no time to hold by-elections, such is their burden of “important matters of state” “heavy existing workload”, you know, all that sweat and toil. Take poor overworked Brian Clown, today’s important work was to open a forking Tesco, a forking supermarket. There was prob no cut-price offerings like spag and mash on his plate out there today. And painted Mary, what entitlment had she to be cutting the tape today, its cutting services she is good at and then the red carpet is rolled out for her to open a long overdue facility,. Fork off Mary and just give the labourers and tradesmen a free bar for an hour in the local pub. I dont agree with pouring paint over her, its a waste of paint..

I agree with you, FME, about the indefensible extravagance of our ruling classes in general. Many holders of high office – probably the majority of them – are wasters in every sense of the word, all of them get paid far too much and the body politic is corrupt to the core.

The disastrous state of the country is proof of all of that.

We don’t have democracy in any real sense in this country. However, I think it is important that in spite of everything that we still have the institutions of democracy.

As bad as things are, given the appalling mentality of a substantial proportion of the population, it seems to me that if we didn’t have the checks and balances of democratic institutions we would have total chaos.

As Winston Churchill said, “Democracy is the worst form of government – until you try to think of a better one.”

I love the title of this thread because it embodies the human will to conquer fear and adversity, while embracing past traumas now seared in our hearts, To pick up the reins, feel the pain and move forward.

It feels like a blight to mention ” Bertie ” but maybe thats part of moving forward, It is unfortunate that this Country is pickled with the deitrus of his ilk, Who will seek and find new audiences and willing victims, In his address to the Polish media, He said he deeply regretted what had happened on his watch ( not his precise words ) He said this to the people of Poland not the people of Ireland and therein lies the true deviousness of which his cohort the late CJH spoke.

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