Blaming Immigrants

Attacking the weak for the crimes of the strong

There’s a particularly incendiary post going around Facebook at the moment, possible devised by bank executives or Fianna Fáil members.

It reads as follows, with apologies for the capitals and the moronic text-speak.

U pass the north korean border illegaly, u get 12 yrs hard labour!! U pass the Afghan border illegaly, u get SHOT!! U pass the Irish border illegaly, U GET A JOB, DRIVERS LICENCE, PLACE TO LIVE, MEDICAL CARD, HOUSING BENEFIT, FREE EDUCATION, CHILD BENEFIT…. NEED I CARRY ON !! DIS COUNTRY IS A FUCKING JOKE !!! NO WONDER WE ARE A COUNTRY IN THE HEIGHT OF DEBT !!!! PUT AS UR STATUS IF U AGREE …

Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t read the papers and doesn’t know that €70 billion of our money is committed to pay for the greed, stupidity and dishonesty of the people who ran the banks in this country.  It’s easier to blame a group who cost almost nothing than to point the finger at those rich crooks who have sucked every last penny out of our economy.

Why are people so happy handing over billions to extremely wealthy businessmen, and at the same time so hostile to the most vulnerable, even if they have a few scammers among them?  At least they’re not all bankers.

50 thoughts on “Blaming Immigrants

  1. Another thing that pisses me off, is anyone over the age of 12 who uses text spelling or whatever it’s called in their emails or texts…..

  2. I suppose they’ll update their message about scrounging benefits with ” they’re taking all our jobs” – the default position of every racist halfwit everywhere.

  3. In principle, you’re right, but the posting you refer to is criticising the open arms approach we have in this country. At times, our attitudes are driven, more by the need to be seen as modern and open and all embracing, than by a factual confrontation with the fact that we are broke. Alas, there comes a time when someone must stand up and be counted. I’m not xenophobic nor racist but I am pro Irish and if I have to make a decision ragarding my attitude, I will select that side that will, in the long run, add to the quality and longevity of the country that I was born into.

  4. In fairness drawing attention to this nonsense doesn’t help any cause but instead gives credence to Sky News and other bullshit news outlets! Seriously about 1% of people read this muck and believe it the rest look and go ” oh yeah” and forget it. I don’t have an agenda but if I did it would be to ignore this crap and consign it to the spam box on my email. Re-read it Bock and ask yourself does it deserve comment!
    We become the tools of the vociferous minority when we expose the silent majority to their bile!

  5. They are taking our jobs.
    Is it just me or, is this only said by people who never worked a day in their life.

    you are a developer in nama and you cost the country billions U GET A JOB, with nama on 200,000 a year DRIVERS LICENCE, PLACE TO LIVE,in your wifes name MEDICAL CARD,if you are over 70 HOUSING BENEFIT,can’t touch your villa in spain FREE EDUCATION, CHILD BENEFIT…. NEED I CARRY ON !! DIS COUNTRY IS A FUCKING JOKE !!! NO WONDER WE ARE A COUNTRY IN THE HEIGHT OF DEBT !!!! PUT AS UR STATUS IF U AGREE

  6. they do it cos they are bullies.

    Rory you are a fucking loser. It is Irish people who are shafting you up the arse and you choose to dwell on immigrants? Pathetic.

  7. Seen this or very similiar in a posting prior to the last US presidential election saying Obama supported illegals and the border in question was the Mexican so it is not very origanal.

  8. Rory

    I’m not clear on the point that you’re attempting to make. Do you have a problem with PAYE employees receiving the benefits to which they are entitled? The benefits that they paid for in taxes, PRSI and levies?

  9. Yes Peter I also saw it in the lead-up to the UK elections..
    It’s just the bandwagon syndrome..
    But I think the racists are confusing illegals with foreign workers. Most foreign nationals working in Ireland are either European nationals or they are here on Work Permits which are only handed out in very extreme circumstances.

  10. I hope other countries don’t have the same xenophobic attitudes, when our sons and daughters are forced abroad in droves for the foreseeable future.
    (I have to say I can’t stand facebook. Checked it two days ago. A status message on one of my “friends”.. “I think I’m going to watch Eastenders”.
    Another one.. ” Mr. and Mrs Moriarty are going out for a romantic meal together” – With two fucking “likes this” underneath each from Mr and Mrs Moriarty.. WTF. haha. )

  11. Have to agree with ya Rory…. Its kinda hard to put across an opinion without being bashed as a racist.

    Is it ok to ring a person in Czech and tell him theres a painting job here rather than give it to Paddy, who’s waiting at the gate for the job? Same lad has now cost the company €7,000 cause he’s not an actual painter! But they use the matrix system so those who actually have qualifications are sitting at home scratching, but they don’t have to use a fucking plane to get home…. The whole system needs to change. And a country the size and population of Ireland cannot withstand such an influx of workers!

    “Most foreign nationals working in Ireland are either European nationals or they are here on Work Permits which are only handed out in very extreme circumstances” Very extreme circumstances me hole! Who do you think hands out the union cards? Why the man that needs to tax his car of course.

  12. In our neck of the woods these kinds of messages are usually repeated by those who have little ambition themselves and prefer to blame their lack on advancement on drummed up bogeymen. Some sort of eternal victimhood. Perhaps if you stopped playing farmville and got more constructive in your solutions there might be a bit of hope for us all.

  13. So Nevie.

    It’s just the Czechs that should leave, then. Did I understand you correctly? Or is it only Czech painters?

  14. Just using it as an actual example BoldPilot is that OK, or should i have just said Non national or what ever the fuck the correct term is. I await to be branded a racist…. I’ve personal experience and so does my fiance who is currently sitting and scratching. I have a Bulgarian best friend, a polish sister in law, many English friends to name but a few, so please don’t lay discrimination on me. The point I’m trying to make, you’ve just proved it. Ready to jump down anybodys throat for an opinion…. oh thats what such and such wants you to think. Is it so bloody wrong to say we cannot provide work for our own so please do not come? Is it?

    My polish sister in law recently got wind of a polish newspaper published here in this country and the appointments section was 4 pages stuffed to capacity…. she sent off cvs for her Irish husband, needless to say they’ve heard nothing…. She claims to be ashamed of her nationality at times…. So we’re not alone, just the small moral person being rode from every angle, even overseas!

  15. Not much discrimination embodied in that little rant, is there Nevie?

    Let me ask you this.

    What do you see as the solution to the problem that you percieve? Should all of the “non nationals” as you put it be asked to leave the state? Would you include your sister-in-law and your best friend on that list? Why stop there? What about those who can’t trace Irish roots back more than a generation or three?

    Does any of this have a familiar ring to it, Nevie?

  16. Well Nevie maybe you need to think a bit outside the box here and ask yourself…why do employers want foreign workers and not Irish?.

  17. Bold Pilot, so you do think its ok for a polish paper to be jam packed with appointments for “non nationals” only then, and you do think its ok for a non national to get a phone call a couple of thousand miles away for a job eagerly being awaited to be filled, and it wasn’t one of those so called shitty jobs that none of the irish felt they weren’t good enough for? and you do think its ok to mass move cheap labour around, you do agree with the Laval case?

    My solution, dismantle the EU, bomb the US and start afresh.

  18. Bomb the US !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….but…but Nevie they would bomb back and they got loads a bombs.

  19. “Bold Pilot, so you do think its ok for a polish paper to be jam packed with appointments for “non nationals” only then,”

    I assume that you meant to type “only them”. No, that’s not OK with me. Of course, if you can substantiate that allegation, then the periodical in question is open to prosecution for discrimination. Can you substantiate that allegation?

    “and you do think its ok for a non national to get a phone call a couple of thousand miles away for a job eagerly being awaited to be filled, and it wasn’t one of those so called shitty jobs that none of the irish felt they weren’t good enough for?”

    Yes, absolutely. I see no reason to restrict job offers by phone to Irish nationals.

    “and you do think its ok to mass move cheap labour around”

    Yes, but I recognise that it may, in extremis, distort local labour markets.

    ,” you do agree with the Laval case?” Now you’re straying into union territory, Nevie – this thread is about the maltreatment of immigrants. What’s your point?

  20. I don’t think that Facebook message is aimed at citizens of the EU. I think it’s a nasty piece of bile directed at people looking for asylum.

  21. I don’t think the original author would understand the finer nuances. But, hey, that’s *my* prejudice.

  22. It’s usually the people who never left this country in the first place that are the loudest when it comes to shouting about foreigners. Foreigners don’t seem to bother those that have lived in other cultures and societies.

    If anyone thinks that this country can get by with the amount of people employed needs to ask themselve some questions. Limerick is busier than Carrigaholt because it has more people, more jobs, more customers for business, Dublin is busier than Limerick because it has more people, more jobs, more customers for business. London is busier than Dublin for the same reasons. We need a population of approx 10m to make this country economically viable, with proper manufacturing infrastructure and no cute hoor developers. I work for myself, the more companies here the more possible customers for me and others.

    As for jobs for foreigners. I needed a plumber yesterday. Called Paddy the Plumber, “I’ll be there sometime next week, text me again”. Rang Pavel the Plumber, “I’ll be there at 16:30” 16:30 doorbell rings, enter Pavel the Plumber. Job done, fee €70. No wonder there’s jobs for foreigners.

    PS. There are 000s of illegal Irish in the US yet we think nothing of our politicians lobbying on there behalf. Imagine the uproar if the heads of various African states intervened on their citizens behalf.

  23. Well said No. 8.
    I do think though that the vast majority of Irish people welcome foreigners. I’d like to think so, anyways. Actually what am I saying. They don’t. Just thinking of a personal experience.. oh well nevermind.
    As you say if ‘Paval’ is getting the job, there’s a reason for that.

  24. The only unwanted emigrants I can see are the one from Fianna Fail who wandered in from the Land of Delusional Egos and colonised the minds and hearts of a complicit majority for so long!

  25. @lapsemethodist. Why is is racist to highlight our countrys inability to support any more people on benefit?
    @shellshock I feel you have some anger management issues you may want to address. Not really adding to the discussion.
    @BoldPilot. I have no problem with an individual receiving entitlemens earned. I do however have a problem when entitlements become enticements. They shouldn’t be there an an attraction but as a fall back position when things don’t go to plan.
    @FME The Irish abroad are not housed, funded, fed and watered. Probably why we seem to do quite well when we do go abroad historically.
    @Nevie/ Thank you being the minority who seemed to get my original point before hysteria set in.
    @EashtGalwayWoman …..I blocked Farmville et al when I first came across it.
    @No8 I lived in Spain for a year when younger. I did take the time to learn the language prior to landing. I started work on a Tuesday after arriving on the Sunday. Not comparing like with like. Your critical mass analysis only works if the mass are working, and if they’re not, it accentuates the problem of funding the masses. Oh, and whilst enjoying the plumber story, I don’t believe you. Point made all the same.
    That’s me done on this whole subject. Just glad I didn’t mention travellers on benefit ! Doh!

  26. Rory I’ll give you numbers for both plumbers if you want. I’ll also show you the cheque stub as prove of payment.

    I have no problem with anyone living / working here as long as they pay their way and contribute. I know illegals in the US who pay taxes, have bought a home yet face deportation every day, how can they live like that? If someone is here seeking assylum, they should be allowed to work until their case has been heard. You may have lived in Spain as a minority imigrant. I spent 10 years in London where the Irish are housed, sign on, sometimes in numerous dole offices, fly the tricolour and stand for Amhran na bhFiann in many clubs up and down the country. Try opening a British club here with flag and anthem. And don’t give me the whole 800 years shit. Citizens of EU countries have a right to live and work here, get used to it.

  27. @ Rory. Who says that every non-national face you see in the street is on benefits ?
    Why does America actively recruit the best young brains from around the world ?
    Why is it more expensive for a bright Indian student to study here than in an Ivy League University ?
    Why do the Irish accept backslapping for contributing to other countries but cannot visualise the
    day when the descendents of todays immigrants will be the entrepreneurs of the future?
    How much of a dent in 50,000,000,000 debt would a reduction in benefits cause ?
    Why isn’t someone with the gumption to get up and head off to another country
    in order to better themselves or escape from danger given a heads up ?

  28. Rather simple, as a nation we’re a begrudging shower of idiots who refuse to recognize talent untill it’s long gone.

  29. 8 MEN AND A FIRE (a fable)
    Following a morning spent gathering tinder and logs, eight men sat around a fire. As the weather closed in and the temperature dropped, they huddled together to stay warm.
    Some more men, attracted by the light of the fire, joined the group. The first group then began to pass back burning embers in order to spread the heat, at which point even more people joined the group.
    One of the original gatherers then stood up and said, “Hold on, these guys didn’t help build our fire, nor are they bringing wood to help keep it going. We can’t keep passing out embers like this or our fire will go out”.
    He was chastised by his friends who stated that the others came from a camp that didn’t have much wood in the first place, and that others were not trained in wood gathering so it wasn’t their fault. They accused him of being selfish in denying strangers access to their heat source. In order to be seen to be doing the right thing, he sat down and said nothing.
    So they carried on handing out the embers until all the wood was gone. The fire duly died down and extinguished and so, everyone perished from the cold……equally!

  30. Rory — That sort of crass nonsense might work well if you were talking to a bunch of National Front skinheads, but please don’t insult people’s intelligence here with such dishonest propaganda. It will be taken to pieces in seconds.

  31. Bock,
    I’m genuinely sorry you find that this analogy to be crass. Alas, it is not based on any racist attitude on my behalf. It is based on the reality that this country is broke and when, next June or July, we all fully realize this, the sanctioning of who gets what from the well, will be a moot point. There will be nothing to give at that stage. I also believe that everyone should be means tested so I assume that makes me anti student, ageist, anti traveller etc and whatever other bleeding heart movement raises it’s head above the parapet. Equality is subjective by it’s nature, and does not live as an entity on it’s own. If you prefer to watch your OAP neighbour die from hypothermia due to lack of coal so we can grant the rest of the world open access to our welfare state, then that’s your decision to make and I respect it. I do not agree with it. There’s bad news on the way for everyone. You choose to give all the bad news equally. I choose to lessen the bad news for those who have spent a lifetime paying into this economy. I think they deserve better.

  32. Rob

    While it may be a popular theme for discussion amongst readers of the Daily Mail “newspaper”, it is a fallacy to suggest that we, as a nation, “grant the rest of the world open access to our welfare state”.

    Whilst I have a natural affinity for listening to the opinions of others (and I’ve been known to hold an opinion or two myself) I have an even greater affinity for facts and verifiable data. It helps me to establish context and balance in a world of rhetoric.

    Here’s a reading list for you:

  33. “One of the original gatherers then stood up and said, “Hold on, these guys didn’t help build our fire, nor are they bringing wood to help keep it going. We can’t keep passing out embers like this or our fire will go out”.”

    So then Rory, when the EU was handing out foreign tax money to this country to build for example our roads, did you complain and ask for it to be given back?

    Also your analogy is fundamentally flawed because the vast majority of the “wood” given to these “untrained” people (would be a good FAS course, though, “Wood gathering”), anyway, that wood goes back into the ORIGINAL fire, i.e OUR economy. That’s GOOD for us economically.

  34. Rory — The comparison is crass, in my opinion, because you selected an example where people take from others while giving nothing in return. That’s a gross distortion of the way a modern economy works and it’s designed to stir up resentment. In reality there’s plenty of room in Ireland for good, talented, hardworking people to contribute, regardless of their origins.

    As I said, your little parable appeals to the non-thinking skinhead classes, and there aren’t many such morons among the readers here.

  35. Okay I’m outa here. I think there’s a huge “I told you so around the corner” but time will tell. Slan ! By the way Bock, it was not designed to show people taking from others whilst giving nothing in return. It was designed the finite amount of resourses being offered to an infinite number of recipients. That’s all folks!

  36. Actually one last comment on the subject. Annual costs of running Mosney asylum seekers centre is 90 million euro. Expected cost of doubling the old age pension for Christmas is 110 million. Expected deaths from fuel deprivation is 2000 for this year. I appreciate that there are many other socio economic factors to take into account, but this is a reality in it’s own right.

  37. I don’t believe the original Facebook message was about asylum seekers. It referred to illegal immigrants. Asylum seekers are not immigrants in any sense of the word since they must remain in a government-designated hostel until a decision is made about their status.

    I don’t know what the cost of running Mosney is, but I imagine much of it involves civil service staff who would be employed anyway. Can you break down the cost between overheads and salaries?

    As you know, asylum seekers are forbidden to work and are therefore unable to contribute. Furthermore, it can take several years to process their asylum applications, which is an inefficiency that increases the cost of the process.

  38. I agree with Bock, it pertains to illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants are actually not following something in the law. But in the post described they are given something that illegal immigrants should not have any access to. I don;t know but I think, illegal immigrants should follow the right process first before they should be given anything.

  39. The post described is just an inflammatory, empty-headed piece of nonsense designed to stir up hatred. Illegal immigrants aren’t entitled to any of those things.

  40. I wonder how these Illegal immigrants manage themselves to live so confidently and peacefully. With all the strict policies regulations about immigrants aren’t they scared to get caught and pay penalty and get imprisoned? If not – they are so brave. Or if they are and not caught – they are wise to be silent and free.

  41. Im sick of paying for Conartists partiularily Nigerians but all welfare recipients who are not Irish citizens should be given the price of a flight home

  42. ian, welfare recipients who are non-Irish should be sent home on a flight etc. Whoa there. That would include thousands who have worked here for years and paid their way in tax and PRSI and are now unemployed. It would also include hundreds of UK citizens in the same boat, though the original intention may have been directed against Eastern Europeans, with which I strongly disageee. It would cut the other way from the UK also if we are to be consistent. What a can of worms!

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