ECB — European Cheese Bank — Sends Aid

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Nov 202010

The first of the ECB loans has arrived.

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    Probably a lot more useful than what we have already


    It is at times like this that we must look deep inside our souls and ask ourselves what would cheeses do?


    We’re already down on our knees
    To raise us, you send us some cheese
    We thank you for that
    And take off our hat
    But send the damn money, too – please!

    You’re not gonna get off so easy
    By sending us aid that’s so cheesy
    Our “leaders” neglect us
    Supposed to protect us
    There’s something here seems kinda sleazy

    You sent us Bavaria Blu
    Red Windsor and Tête de Moine, too*
    But do us no harm
    We got Cahills Farm
    Ardagh Wine’s just fine – no thank you!

    (Amazing what you can find out with a little internet searching!)

    * That’s one each from Germany, Britain and Switzerland. I would have loved to use Stinking Bishop from Britain instead, but it didn’t fit here – good one for another limerick later, though…

    Oh, and the Haiku:

    Frost in the Midlands
    They send cheese to ease the pain
    Thanks, but where’s the cash?


    Cheese`s LOVES you.

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