Limerick Bands at Gig for Gaza

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Nov 092010

Here are some of the acts at the Gig for Gaza in Dolans Warehouse.  More to follow.

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    Move over Sandy Denny. Think Ger Costelloe might give you a run for the money there! Magic !


    The Al Jazeera revelations on Abbas and company


    Interesting spin on that story, Mervyn, but hardly an Al Jazeera piece, is it?


    Not really the correct thread but check out ” The Napkin Map “


    Boldpilot: I’m not implying it is an Al Jazeera piece; but a comment on the information exposed by Al Jazeera.
    The issues involved are essentially the same as we face in Ireland. Nationalism leads to nowhere except defeat.

    Norma: I’m sorry but this thread was the most recent I could find by search, on Palestine. Where is the Napkin Map?



    There are more “issues” in Gaza than nationalism, I’m sure you will agree. As bad as things are here, I don’t see how anybody could equate our position with the residents of the Gaza strip.

    With reference to the “Napkin Map”, here are a couple of links. One from the Israeli media, the other from Al Jazeera.



    Thanks for the links. I havent looked at them yet.

    There are differences of course; but they are secondary to the fundamental issue of the struggle for freedom.

    Freedom from what? The Brits! The Zionists (or the Jews)!
    Or freedom from capitalism?

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