Limerick Gig for Gaza

 Posted by on November 6, 2010
Nov 062010

Don’t forget.

Limerick gig for Gaza is in Dolans tomorrow, Sunday 7th November from 6 pm.

Be there.

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    Nice poster.
    Nice Cartoonist.
    The “anti-zionist ” mask is beginning to slip in Ireland. I wondered how long it would take.


    If you’re going to start characterising this sincerely-motivated event as anti anything, you can leave it at the door. This is about people who are disgusted by injustice. I’m not going to let you turn this post into another political rant, so you can forget right now about taking it any further, and before you say it, yes, it is censorship because I am heartily sick of the Israeli propaganda machine. Tough. There is no freedom of speech on a privately-funded website.


    Lighten up, lapsedmethodist. I mean, what’s wrong with a little holocaust denial here and there as long as it’s for a good cause, eh? eh?


    At the risk of this post turning into precisely what Bock doesn’t want it to, what the fuck does the Gig for Gaza got to do with holocaust denial, Mr “eh”?


    The designer of the picture on the poster, Latuff, won 2nd prize in Iran;s Holocaust cartoon competition. – surely it is possible to find another artist to use in your publicity?


    The best you can come up with is to complain about the person who designed a picture in a poster?


    Look, this is an ad for a gig, not an excuse for a wank. Comments closed.